3333 Bering Dr.
Houston, Texas 77057
Map of Southwest Schools (Educational Leadership, Inc.)
Phone:  713-784-6345
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Administrative Office
Bissonnet Elementary School
Discovery Middle School
Discovery Middle School and Empowerment High School-6400 Westpark, Houston, TX 77057
Empowerment High School
Mangum Elementary School
The Phoenix School (Archway Academy)- 6221 Main St., Houston 77030
The Phoenix School (The Center)- 3722 Pinemont, Houston 77018
The Phoenix School (The PaRC)-3043 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77080
The Phoenix School (TLW Transformation Center) 1550 La Concha Ln. Houston, TX 77054
Young Learners School

Administrative Offices
Southwest Schools (Educational Leadership, Inc.)
The Bridge School

Elementary Schools
Southwest Elementary -Mangum
Southwest Elementary-Bissonnet
Young Learners School (Leaders in Education, Inc.)

Middle Schools
Discovery Middle School
Discovery Middle School @ Nehemiah Center-5015 Fannin, Houston, TX 77004
Discovery Middle School at Nehemiah

Middle/High Schools
Discovery Middle School & Empowerment High School

High Schools
Empowerment High School

K-12 Schools
The Phoenix School

Welcome to Southwest Schools (Educational Leadership, Inc.)!
Southwest Schools

Southwest Schools is a premier open-enrollment charter school district of choice that meets the diverse needs of students Pre-K through 12th grade by creating an inclusive community that fosters a strong sense of self-worth.
We understand that true learning is not based on standardized testing or college entrance, but on offering a fulfilling educational experience that can be differentiated to meet the needs of all students.
We recognize that a successful education is one where boundaries are overcome, opportunities are experienced and possibilities are realized. Our mission is to prepare college and career-ready students for life-long success.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Bachelors $53,000 $68,000
Masters $54,100 $69,100
Employer    Employee
Medical Not specified
Dental Not specified