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Administrative Offices
Bob Hope School District (Port Arthur, Texas)

Elementary Schools
Bob Hope Elementary (Beaumont, Texas)
Bob Hope Elementary (Port Arthur, Texas)

Middle/High Schools
Bob Hope School (Port Arthur, Texas)

Welcome to Bob Hope School!
Bob Hope School is an open-enrollment public charter school with a current enrollment of 1,900 over three campuses in grades Pre-K through 12th. A fourth campus is being added for high school beginning in 2020-2021. Bob Hope School has provided a very rigorous academic program which has led to STAAR results that have surpassed the state's averages. For the 2020-2021 reopening, teachers will have three (3) weeks of remote instruction followed by three (3) weeks of in-classroom instruction with only five (5) students present.

Additionally, Bob Hope School elementary campuses are Montessori / Dual-Language. Instruction is conducted in a two-way immersion program, where teachers fluent in English teach ELA and those fluent in Spanish teach SLA and are supported by teacher aides with a strong command of both languages. A Specials class now offers an introduction to a third language, Mandarin Chinese.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
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Additional Benefits Information
Bob Hope School pays $225 monthly towards pre-taxed medical insurance premiums through online payroll deduction for qualified employees.