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Administrative Offices
Student Alternatives Program

High Schools
Gateway Academy Sierra Vista
Gateway Academy Town Lake
Mid Valley Academy - McAllen
Mid Valley Academy - Mercedes

High Schools (cont.)
Mid Valley Academy - San Benito
Paso Del Norte Academy-Vista Del Sol
Paso Del Norte Mesa
South Plains Academy

Welcome to Student Alternatives Program!
Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your expressing an interest in job openings with the Student Alternatives Program, Inc. If we do not have any job openings of interest to you, future job vacancies are posted at the web site of local Workforce Commission employment offices in the area were each of our charter schools are located. Therefore, you should go to their web site at for information on future job postings. Also, job vacancy announcements are also posted at web site at

We also post our job openings with School Spring at and for the Rio Grande Valley, at the Region I Education Service Center at

For your information, the Student Alternatives Program, is a private, non-profit, community-based, tax-exempt organization under section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Although we do not operate any schools in San Antonio, Texas, our central corporate administrative offices are located here. Although our central administrative office is located in San Antonio, we do not have any schools operating in or near San Antonio, Texas.

In 1998, the State Board of Education approved SAPI’s application to operate four open-enrollment charter districts under Chapter 12 of the Texas Education Code (TEC). On January 10, 1999, all four charter districts became operational. Now, SAPI operates eight public, open-enrollment, charter high school campuses as follows:

Gateway Academy, Townlake Campus, Laredo, Texas
Gateway Academy, Sierra Vista Campus, Laredo, Texas

Mid-Valley Academy, Mercedes, Mercedes, Texas
Mid-Valley Academy, McAllen Campus, McAllen Texas
Mid-Valley Academy, San Benito Campus, Texas

Paso Del Norte Academy, Mesa Campus, El Paso, Texas
Paso Del Norte Academy, Vista Del Sol Campus, El Paso, Texas

South Plains Academy, Lubbock, Texas

How to Apply for Job Openings at the Paso Del Norte Academy: Apply in person, or mail, email or fax letter of interest with resume and/or application, credentials and three reference. Original college transcripts and teacher service records are required before the start of employment. In general, job posting request you submit your application directly to the Academy Director at each site. You may also submit your application or resume directly to the HR Director.

Open enrollment charter schools are state-supported educational institutions in Texas. Thus, these academies can be described as a state-supported, public, open enrollment charter high school in Texas. Combined, these schools have a maximum enrollment capacity of 2,600 students. Normally, all four schools reach an enrollment of approximately 80 percent of their maximum capacity by the end of the first six-weeks of each school year.

Although the charter schools have become the corner stone of the organization, SAPI has also operated community-based dropout recovery and dropout prevention alternative educational programs since 1992. Again thank you for your expression of interest.

For more information regarding program operations, contact:

Mr. Cosme J. Barcelo
Director of Human Resources
P.O. Box 15644
San Antonio, Texas 78221-8844
Fax: 227-7879

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Bachelors $35,000 $40,000
Employer    Employee
Medical 100% 0%
Dental 0% 100%

Additional Benefits Information
Our charter schools are TRS eligible employers and offers a great retirement benefit. We also offer Paid Time Off (PTO), jury duty leave, military leave, extended leave of absence, FMLA leave (if qualified)