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Enrollment:  6000 ('19-'20)

Administrative Offices
Academies of Math & Science Network Office

K-8 Schools
Academies of Math & Science - Avondale
Academies of Math & Science - Camelback
Academies of Math & Science - Desert Sky
Academies of Math & Science - Flower

K-8 Schools (cont.)
Academies of Math & Science - Glendale
Academies of Math & Science - MASSA
Academies of Math & Science - Peoria
Academies of Math & Science - Prince
Academies of Math & Science - South Mountain

Welcome to Academies of Math & Science!
We are a group of 9 highly performing K-8 charter schools in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, serving 9000 students, 81% of which qualify for or receive free or reduced lunch and 76% of which are ethnic minorities. Our schools dramatically outperform other schools serving similar demographics.

We use the best methods, systems, and programs available to us at any time to reach our mission of sending kids to college. Our major assumptions are that no matter what difficulties students face in their homes, their achievement largely depends on us and that no kids are too different or too tough to teach. Students' geographies are not their destinies. All students with the desire for a better life can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college. Our program is built to transition motivated students in grades K-8 from a teacher to a student directed education, providing them the skills to succeed in extremely competitive high school programs and ultimately, college.

Our expectation for students is to pay it forward: to use their education to become mentors, to volunteer, and to take on a personal lifelong mission of improving the human condition for the rest of the world.

To provide students the education students deserve and to provide the nation, a generation prepared to deal with unsolved and new problems, join us. Help us to turn all students, regardless of their background or the neighborhood they live in, onto the path to college and a better life.

Let's improve education together.