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Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025
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K - 12th
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District:  Cohasset Public Schools

Welcome to Cohasset Public Schools!
As we enter the 21st century, the Cohasset Schools share a common vision for their students, faculty and community. Cohasset Schools shall enable each student to understand the past, examine the present and prepare for the future.
Cohasset Schools seek to graduate students who will recognize their abilities, develop a love of learning, fulfill their potential and use their talents to meet post-high school goals. We believe Cohasset students should be confident enough to explore, discover, create, think critically, and communicate effectively. We believe that Cohasset Students, by developing a strong sense of honor and integrity, will behave ethically, act responsibly in the community, and demonstrate concern for global issues.
Cohasset Schools believe that excellent schools require excellent teachers who possess a high degree of knowledge, sensitivity, creativity, and dedication to both their students and their own professional development. Excellent schools also require a excellent and committed staff of trained specialists, counselors, technicians, administrators, and a School Committee sensitive to educational needs.
Cohasset Schools recognize that quality education is best accomplished in partnership with the parents and the community. As partners in this total school-community compact, we endeavor to create an environment that promotes life long learning. Further, Cohasset Schools recognize their unique responsibility as the town's major educational institution and facility.
The philosophy of the Cohasset Schools states that our education goals and objectives are to:
contribute to each student's sense of intellectual, physical and emotional well-being
develop communication skills
provide knowledge of citizenship in a democratic society
develop and foster values and mutual respect
expose students to arts appreciation and creativity
provide a understanding of history, humanities, math, sciences and foreign languages
provide occupational skills to the extent practical
provide technology support and training to assist learni