2235 Thousand Oaks Dr
Ste 130
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Map of San Antonio Foundation School for Autism
Phone:  210-402-0253
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Welcome to San Antonio Foundation School for Autism!
ResponsiveEd, in collaboration with the Autism Community Network (ACN), have opened the Foundation School for Autism, a tuition-free public charter school with a focus on early intervention therapy. This is the only public charter school for children with autism in Texas, and one of a handful in the US.

The school officially opened in August with three classrooms for children in pre-school and kindergarten. The school provides five hours per day of instruction on a traditional school-year calendar.

Early Intervention Focus
A child with autism lives in isolation, frequently engaging in behavior that keeps them separated from parents, siblings, teachers, and peers. If Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are left undiagnosed and untreated the ongoing emotional and financial burden on families, schools, and communities can be crippling. However, research shows that if a child receives early intervention—appropriate therapy before age six—their chance of leading a normal life doubles.

Importance of the School
Working together, Responsive Ed and ACN are providing the best education possible for young children with autism in a public school setting. ResponsiveEd provides the infrastructure and the teachers for the school. ACN provides support and specialized training for ResponsiveEd’s staff at the school, as well as supplementary therapies for the students, such as speech, occupational, and music therapy.

The Foundation School offers a small learning environment with the resources and staff to provide the intensive programs and support services needed for children with autism. The school will provide individualized, scientifically based education to children with autism that focuses on the development of social, communication, and academic skills.

The Foundation School for Autism is a tuition free, public charter school.