415 State Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01105
Map of High School Of Commerce
Phone:  (413) 787-7220
Fax:  Not provided
Web Site:  http://www.sps.springfield.ma.us/schoolsites/commerce/index.htm


9th - 12th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Not provided
District:  Springfield Public Schools

Welcome to High School Of Commerce!
Mission Statement

The High School of Commerce will provide students with the opportunity to acquire and master the knowledge and skills necessary to select and prepare for rewarding careers in areas such as law and government, health and medicine, finance and entrepreneurship. Students will have the opportunity to pursue an International Baccalaureate Diploma and become lifelong learners in an ever-changing global society. The faculty and staff of the High School of Commerce will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment supported by parents, the Springfield School District, and the community.


Expectations for Student Learning

Students of The High School of Commerce will be able to:

A. Academic Expectations
1. Demonstrate substantive knowledge in all content areas.
2. Develop critical writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills.
3. Develop research skills using a variety of resources.
4. Develop critical thinking skills analytical problem solving skills.
5. Apply their skills and abilities in real-world settings.

B. Social Expectations
1. Work cooperatively with others.
2. Use peaceful means of dispute resolution.
3. Form personal and academic goals for success.
4. Use skills of time management.
5. Appreciate a climate of diversity and internationalism

C. Civic Expectations
1. Participate in a democratic society of responsible and caring citizens.
2. Gain skills necessary to thrive in a dynamic, technological world.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of environmental conservation


Be Bold. Stand Out. Make a Difference.
Become a Forward 5 Teacher!

What is a Forward 5 School?
The Springfield Public Schools’ Forward 5 initiative is a bold approach to help drive rapid and significant increases in student achievement at five of the district’s schools: Chestnut, Kennedy, & Kiley Middle Schools, High School of Commerce, and DeBerry Elementary School.

Forward 5 Schools use strategies and best practices from successful elementary and secondary schools across the nation. Five best practices have been identified by Harvard University’s Education Innovation Laboratory, Springfield Public School’s partner in the Forward 5 program. These practices are:
•An Effective Principal and Effective Teachers in Every Building
•More Instructional Time
•Use of Data to Drive Instruction
•A Culture of High Expectations
•Small-Group Tutoring during the School Day

Teachers at Forward 5 schools are provided with a targeted professional development program to support their growth, extra compensation to provide increased instructional time, and bonuses if they meet performance goals.