118 Alden Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01109
Map of Springfield Public Day Middle School
Phone:  413-787-7261
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Web Site:  http://www.sps.springfield.ma.us/websites/SAFESpringfieldAcademyMS.asp


6th - 8th
Enrollment:  Not provided
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District:  Springfield Public Schools

Welcome to Springfield Public Day Middle School!

To accomplish our mission and vision, we will need the support and assistance of our entire community: students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and the public. Through an aligned management system, each of the following strategic priorities will serve to help ensure system wide accountability:

• High Academic Achievement For 21st Century Success
Goal 1: Increase district wide proficiency in ELA (English Language Arts), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
Goal 2: Increase attendance rate.
Goal 3: Increase post secondary options.
Goal 4: Increase participation and performance in AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) programs .
Goal 5: Increase participation and performance for all students on PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Test).
Goal 6: Decrease dropout rate.
Goal 7: Increase graduation rate.

• Safe Learning and Working Environment
Goal 1: Create and maintain a nurturing, respectful safe environment for the Springfield Public Schools students, staff and families.
Goal 2: Ensure an accountability system that holds all staff, students, parents and the community responsible for the safety of the SPS
Goal 3: Assess, update and maintain all SPS facilities and surrounding grounds to ensure safety.

• Highly Qualified and Effective Staff
Goal 1: Attract and retain highly qualified staff at all levels.
Goal 2: Use timely and accurate performance data for all decision making.
Goal 3: Create a performance management system that ensures accountability for all and rewards successful outcomes.
Goal 4: Provide professional development that is differentiated, targeted and monitored for results.
Goal 5: Ensure all staff is accountable for achieving clear and aligned system wide performance goals.

• Effective Parent and Community Partnerships
Goal 1: Assist and support parents and guardians to help improve learning.
Goal 2: Create a structure for families which provides referral services to help them be effective partners in their child’s education.
Goal 3: Develop a comprehensive system that supports, encourages, values, and manages community partnerships.

• Appropriate Use of Resources and Equitable Funding
Goal 1: Provide 21st Century technology to support teaching and learning, ensure technological literacy, support system wide management needs.
Goal 2: Pursue alternative and supplemental funding that support district goals and priorities.
Goal 3: Assure an equitable distribution of funding aligned with district priorities.
Goal 4: Provide for and equitably distribute approved instructional materials and supplies to support teaching and learning.
Goal 5: Improve and maintain district buildings.
Goal 6: Recruit, hire, retain and equitably allocate highly qualified diverse personnel.
Goal 7: Provide student/staff support services as needed.

• Accountable Leadership
Goal 1: Develop and support a high performing educational culture.
Goal 2: Develop and support effective leadership skills.
Goal 3: Develop and support a culture of shared accountability.

• Effective Communication
Goal 1: Establish a common understanding of shared goals and challenges.
Goal 2: Improve community engagement and commitment to district goals and mission.
Goal 3: Develop an interactive communication system that is respectful and responsive to the needs of staff and the community

Strategic Priorities (Printable Version) - SPS Strategic Priorities (PDF)

A Mandate for Change - A Mandate for Change (PDF)