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9th - 12th
Enrollment:  Not provided
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District:  Springfield Public Schools

Welcome to Liberty Preparatory Academy!
Welcome to the Recovery High School

If alcohol and/or other drugs are interfering with your student’s schooling, family relationships or even causing legal problems, we may be able to help. If your students wants to stop drinking and drugging, Springfield Recovery High School may be the place for you. If your student has the desire to change their life and confront the addiction, wonderful things can happen.

Our vision is transformation. Our educational and therapeutic services support student achievement both academically and in recovery. Springfield Recovery High School is a substance free environment that meets students where they are in their recovery.

There is a solution to Addicition - RECOVERY!

Eligibility Criteria for Springfield Recovery High School

The Springfield Recovery High School (RHS) is somewhat different from the other recovery high schools in Massachusetts and the rest of the country in that while we encourage prospective students to have completed a treatment program and be clean and sober for 30 days prior to entry into the school, that is not a mandatory requirement.

The eligibility requirements for entry into the Springfield Recovery High school are:
1) Willingness to acknowledge that alcohol and/or other drugs are a problem in the student’s life, or have caused a problem in the student’s life.
2) Express a willingness to stop using and become clean and sober
3) Make a commitment to participate in the recovery activities organized by the school, both during the school day and in the community after school hours.