College Career Services


What makes SchoolSpring different from other education job sites?
Designed by educators for educators, SchoolSpring enables students and alumni seeking jobs in education to manage all of their credentials (resume, cover letter, transcripts, letters of reference, test scores, and state certifications) in one location. Best of all, when they are ready to apply to their dream job, they are only a few simple clicks away from sending their complete profile and credentials to the hiring manager.

Can my students and alumni apply to other jobs from outside SchoolSpring?
SchoolSpring offers a unique service, SchoolSpring Plus, which enables job seekers to apply for any job, anywhere.

How current are the jobs on SchoolSpring?
Very. We do not allow job postings to stay on our site past 60 days without the employer specifically renewing them.

Can students and alumni customize their applications for each job?
Yes. Students and alumni have the option to submit a standard cover letter or a custom cover letter for every job application. This allows them to distinguish themselves from other applicants. In addition, many online job postings ask candidates to answer questions specific to the employer or job opening.

What does it cost to be a partner with SchoolSpring?
Becoming a college partner with SchoolSpring does not cost your career center a thing. We simply require verification of your identity and college affiliation.

Will I have access to all education students and alumni from my college?
SchoolSpring empowers our candidates to decide who can view their profile and credentials. Therefore, we provide each candidate who registers the option to select if they wish to make their profile and credentials available to their career centers and employers.

Can SchoolSpring help my career center manage our credentials files?
Absolutely. Today, your students and alumni can use SchoolSpring to host their credentials. We are currently developing a system to assist career centers with managing their student and alumni credentials. We will provide updates as more details become available.

Who views the information in my account and how is access controlled?
As a college partner, you can authorize additional staff members of your career center to have access to your account. Without additional authorization, you will be the only person with access to the system.