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"I absolutly love this website. I had to leave my previous job and you all made that possible for me. Sent me job openings daily, made it easy to apply to múltiple jobs, made it easy to contact employers, and all the above. Thank you so much! Wish me luck on my new journey, I hope I don't have to use the site again but if needed I would be honored to. Thanks again for all your help. #5star"
Katherine D. in Stoughton, MA

"SchoolSpring was valuable in finding my current job placement. I like staying active due to it having the most current opening. Thanks."
Signe S. in Austin, TX

"They initially chose someone else, but he declined so they called me back for a second interview. NRMS has been wonderful. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Robert M. in Reading, MA

"I had applied to a few positions on this website and I was lucky enough to be contacted by [my new employer]. After meeting with them I knew this would be a place that I would enjoy working. I have accepted the position and start next week! This website worked well for me!!"
Lea L. in Billerica, MA

"I recently took a leap of faith from another career into education and SchoolSpring pointed me in the direction I needed to go to start looking for jobs. I was hired as a substitute teacher and feel more comfortable applying for other openings and updating my profile with qualifications! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Rebecca B. in Fitchburg, MA

"I was hired as an Art teacher thanks to the information gathered on SchoolSpring. It's convenient to be able to store important information in one place. Thank you."
Diane M. in Chicopee, MA

"I have signed an acceptance letter for a Special Needs Paraprofessional Aide position. I applied for this job through SchoolSpring.com. This is exactly the kind of full-time position I was looking for! Thank you, SchoolSpring. You are a great resource for educators!"
Susan D. in Westwood, MA

"This is a great site and I had two interviews because of you guys. Although I didn't get those jobs, I appreciate the free QUALITY service that you provide. I don't foresee wanting to leave where I am for a while, but when I am ready, I will be back here for sure!"
Marian R. in Spring Lake, NC

"SchoolSpring.com made finding and applying for teaching jobs that matched my specifications uncomplicated and stress free. It is very straightforward and easy to use and I would definitely recommend it as a search tool for any teacher or person wanting to get into this field."
Degenah A. in Acton, MA

"SchoolSpring is a great resource in finding a job you want, Thank you SchoolSpring for keeping me informed!"
Ava G. in Colorado Springs, CO

"Got my job through SchoolSpring. Thank you very much!"
Leslie Y. in Chelmsford, MA

"I love this site. Without SchoolSpring I would still be looking for a job. Thank you."
Karin P. in Southborough, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for your assistance!!!!"
Olivia J. in Framingham, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring.com for helping me with the job search. [My new employer] found my application online. I was invited to the interview and was hired the same day. Thank you!"
Marina V. in Baltimore, MD

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my dream job."
Kristen C. in Hudson Falls, NY

"Excellent notifications of jobs and was able to be hired by two schools. Thank you for all your help to a gal who is new in Maine."
Mary M. in Harrison, ME

"I'm happy to be a new ABA tech with Marlborough Public Schools, and I did it with SchoolSpring!"
Regan C. in Hopkinton, MA

"Happy to say that I am working Part-time for Springfield Public Schools as a Bus Monitor! Thanks for all the help!"
Chennanoah J. in Springfield, MA

"Thank you for providing a one stop service for both employers and job seekers!"
Anita P. in Leominster, MA

"I found your service very helpful and easy to use. Thank you."
Lynn R. in Watkinsville, GA

"My experience with SchoolSpring has been wonderful. I had many interviews this past summer, all through this site, but none led to job offers. Then, out of the blue, an application I had submitted in June was finally viewed three months later. The next day I got a call from an elementary principal looking to hire a 6th grade math & science teacher. We scheduled an interview for the next day and I was offered the job that day! Don't give up! Keep searching and the right position will come along!"
Cheryl C. in Hopedale, MA

"Thank you to SchoolSpring for giving the opportunity to allow employers to look at my applications. I appreciate the job alerts, which helped me to apply for jobs. I received two interviews through SchoolSpring. Now I am teaching and loving my new position!"
Megan R. in Curwensville, PA

"SchoolSpring was the first step to my success for finding a job. The system is easy to use and with the help of the search agent I was able to narrow down the jobs that met my expectations. I was able to search easily for job that met my criteria. Thank you for all your help."
Patricia P. in Gilbertsville, PA

"I am pleased to announce that my lifelong dream of being a reading specialist in a public school has materialized. To other teachers, I say be very specific and thorough in your application details, and never give up on your dream. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for spotlighting my experience and my many non-traditional credentials through your "additional info" feature. I could not have achieved this goal without your ingenious website."
Carrie A. in Danville, VT

"I checked SchoolSpring everyday for the entire summer and finally found the position I was looking for. I am so happy in my new school and look forward to going to work everyday!! I think it's amazing that there is a site dedicated to school positions so it's much easier to search for job. Thank you!!"
Courtney H. in Dracut, MA

"I appreciated the ease in which SchoolSpring allowed me to focus my job search."
Cindy V. in Danvers, MA

"So happy to have started my job in a local school system after an unexpected layoff in late June and devastating status of "unemployed." Such a wealth of jobs SchoolSpring has to offer, and I thank you once again for your postings for all employers to view my background and all I have to offer to the field of teaching!"
Margaret B. in Holliston, MA

"First Interview with SchoolSpring and got a job offer!"
Mary Ellen D. in Cumberland, RI

"I found a job through SchoolSpring. I am so grateful for this service!"
Lara W. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"SchoolSpring was very helpful! I ended up being able to choose between a few great options!"
Emilia W. in Brighton, MA

"I submitted my application on a Thursday, the principal called me Friday morning, we interviewed Friday afternoon, and I met with the superintendent and was hired the following Tuesday. Thank you SchoolSpring.com! I could not have done it without you!!!"
Stephen A. in Marlborough, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring,com!"
Melissa D. in Somerset, MA

"Thank you for posting a job that was perfect for my skill set. The web site made the application process easy and smooth."
Judith T. in Pelham, MA

"I couldn't have done it without SchoolSpring! Everyday I was given up-to-date employment opportunities and that gave me the crucial edge I needed to connect with as many schools as possible. I was hired in a full time, permanent position within two months of applying for jobs through SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Jennifer M. in Hanover, MA

"SchoolSpring you have been a wonderful tool! I love the constant up-to-date emails sent to facilitate job searching. If and when I am in need of another job, SchoolSpring is my first choice."
Julie L. in Natick, MA

"I applied for a part-time Health Specialist through SchoolSpring and got it!!! It was a very easy way to apply for a job. Thank you!!!"
Karin W. in Southborough, MA

"SchoolSpring was a great help in finding my new position. It was so easy to apply instantly to any job vacancy when everything was right there at your fingertips! "
Tammy C. in Bradford, MA

"With the help of SchoolSpring, I was able to find my dream job working with Intensive Special Needs students for grades 5-7. This website allowed me to portray my resume in an organized fashion, while allowing me to show what I had to offer to local employers. Without it I don't know where I would be today. "
Amanda M. in Mashpee, MA

"SchoolSpring allowed me to do a comprehensive search for an English teaching position. I was able to secure a position at my alma mater - 35 years after high school graduation!"
Veronica M. in Portsmouth, RI

"Great site. It helped me find jobs in my field thank you. The daily updates were especially helpful. And having a profile ready to send was perfect for getting the applications in with the documentation the prospective employers wanted."
Marie P. in North Easton, MA

"I found a job thanks to this service! Thank you. It was easy to navigate and use!"
Colleen C. in Attleboro, MA

"Great experience using SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Kerry D. in Billerica, MA

"Have been searching for an Admin Assistant position in a school setting for a year and a half and finally found the perfect fit for me. I am thrilled with my new position. I applied through SchoolSpring and had an interview within a few days and got the job."
Janice S. in Hubbardston, MA

"I was contacted by the school only a few hours after I sent my cover letter and application information to the principal of the school. Within a week, I was hired as a French and German teacher for full-time employment."
Scott T. in Peru, NY

"As a 'mature' worker, I am very excited to be starting a new job after applying through SchoolSpring. Many other online job sites sent me job postings that did not match what I was looking for. For jobs in education I highly recommend SchoolSpring!"
Heather M. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my dream job!"
Erin C. in Saco, ME

"I got a position with [my new employer] within a couple of weeks on SchoolSpring. A coworker of mine also got a position [through SchoolSpring]. We are thrilled to start this school year."
Jeffline J. in Allston, MA

"Love your site! This was the easiest way I have ever looked for a education job!"
Lorna S. in Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you for your service. The SchoolSpring side of the job search was terrific and made the process much easier than having to send out applications individually."
Frank T. in East Taunton, MA

"Thanks for your assistance in organizing, identifying and matching the many school in your site that I applied to in my quest for employment. Your agency is a great resource for anyone seeking employment; be it locally, nationally or internationally. I am very grateful for your assistance."
Thomas G. in Manchester, NH

"Great Service!"
Tammy C. in Bradford, MA

"I loved all of the job alerts from SchoolSpring, this site was exceptionally helpful! I highly recommend it and will use it to post jobs for my district."
Patricia C. in Brockton, MA

"SchoolSpring is a great service. Although job searching is no fun, this service made the task easier."
Wendy P. in Amesbury, MA

"It took way longer than it should have, but I have found the perfect job for me while I finish my Master's Degree!!!"
Todd H. in Amherst, MA

"Love the SchoolSpring site for applying for jobs. It's quick, easy, extremely user friendly, and leads to getting a position. I recommend it to anyone looking for employment in the education field."
Gregory H. in Saco, ME

"I applied for over 40 jobs using SchoolSpring, and as a recent college graduate, I found it extremely easy and helpful!"
Kerri M. in Duxbury, NH

"Thank you, SchoolSpring. I could not have done this without you. You even made it easy to send in my resume, references and certifications. What a great site!"
Linda A. in Somerset, MA

"I got the 1st job I applied to on SchoolSpring and I love it!"
Karen W. in Leominster, MA

"It was a long search, but it panned out! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Kim M. in Rutland, MA

"Through SchoolSpring.com I received weekly updates regarding job openings. During the school year I applied to job openings in a geographical area of interest, and after applying to many one came through this summer. Thanks to SchoolSpring.com I am gainfully employed in a location and job that I am content with having. Thanks."
Roger M. in Nashua, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my new job as a 6th grade teacher. I only have praise for your website. Daily job alerts are fantastic. Make sure you sign up for them. The search will come to you."
Sean N. in Gilford, NH

"Overall, I just think you guys do a really great job. Your website, service and system surpass the other search engines I have used."
Rebecca J. in West Stockbridge, MA

"Love SchoolSpring, it made my job search less painful!"
Meredith M. in Norwood, MA

"I was hired by the schools after actively pursuing jobs through SchoolSpring. Thank you for the updates and ability to easily access and navigate through my account information."
Sari J. in Haverhill, MA

"What a great way to search for a teaching job! Once everything is turned in, you can just write your application letters, send them, and potential employers can access all pertinent docs. It took awhile, but we are on our way cross country from Colorado to start my new job in Massachusetts!"
Lorna S. in Colorado Springs, CO

"Very excited for my new job. Thanks SchoolSpring."
Julie C. in Swampscott, MA

"Great tool for job search in the teaching field. I was hired at my top choice and had several interviews."
Diane K. in Beverly, MA

"SchoolSpring was a great help in broadening my search area. I found employment opportunities from private schools that I otherwise would not have known about. It was an easy tool that helped me throughout the job seeking process. While ultimately I did not use the site to find my current employment position, I did make connections with potential employers from the site. I will definitely use it again in future job searches."
Marcella M. in Silver Spring, MD

"Thanks! I got an awesome job through this website."
Susannah C. in North Springfield, VT

"Love the daily updates on new matches sent directly to my email; found the site easy to use."
Ramona D. in Stratham, NH

"Great process. This service gave me the ability to put all my information in one place. SchoolSpring also showed me opportunities I might not have otherwise been aware of. Great service!"
Jon G. in Rutland, VT

"Thank you for you help - I have my dream job as an educator!"
Susana A. in Duxbury, MA

"Thank you for you help - I have my dream job as an educator!"
Susana A. in Duxbury, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for streamlining the application process. It was great to know what positions were available instead of randomly sending packets to every community. "
Melissa D. in Weymouth, MA

"Applied through SchoolSpring, was contacted through email for an interview and accepted the job. "
Angela R. in Randolph, MA

"Through a SchoolSpring application I found my first teaching job! Starting Third Grade this week and couldn't be more excited!"
Sarah H. in Boston, MA

"After only 5 months I was hired at a local school with literally my dream job! SchoolSpring is the BEST! Thank you!"
Matthew F. in Avon, MA

"The interview schedule tool was really helpful. Thanks to SchoolSpring for connecting me to a great school district!"
Lauren B. in Wallingford , CT

"Thanks for providing a great service!! It made the job search so much easier!"
Julie B. in Barrington, RI

"I had been in a job for almost fifteen years and filling out the comprehensive SchoolSpring application helped me organize and become truly prepared for what was to come... many interviews and a new job that I was hoping to get. I start working as a reading specialist for a great principal at a wonderful school on Tuesday!"
Jeanine C. in Westport, MA

"THANKS! Through SchoolSpring i found an awesome position as an ESL teacher!!!!"
Tara L. in Methuen, MA

"I will be working as a Behavior Interventionist with children who struggle in the school setting. I did get this job through SchoolSpring.com so this educational position directory works great and is very efficient. It has made applying for positions very easy. Thank you, SchoolSpring.com."
Catherine C. in Monroe, NH

"SchoolSpring has once again assisted in finding me the RIGHT job, not just a job! I'm impressed with SchoolSpring because this service is like a one stop career center. Thank you SchoolSpring for your constant improvements and your service~!"
Brian T. in Leominster, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring! With your help, I found the job I've always wanted!"
Lilli L. in Wales, MA

"This website always makes it so easy to apply for jobs!"
Kylie T. in East Granby, CT

"Thanks for taking the anxiety out of a job search!"
Peter D. in Lawrence, MA

"I found a job within 5 miles of where I live, it is such a nice school and has a great faculty! This website has helped so much! It really worked like a charm. It's a really nice interactive website which allows both employee and employer to contact one another. Job well done! Thank you so much, this has been such an awesome experience! "
Matthew B. in Randolph, MA

"Found a great job in the infant toddler room through this website!"
Erika S. in Milford, MA

"Due to your website I was able to find a position in a terrific district that is excited to have me on board and supports student learning to new and exciting levels. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Ryan P. in New Bedford, MA

"I am very happy with SchoolSpring services. Whenever I had a question, I always got a quick and thorough reply. I was lucky enough to have a previous relationship with the school I got hired at, but because my SchoolSpring application was so organized and up to date, I think that helped in getting called for an interview. Thanks."
Tina T. in Pittsfield, MA

"I was hired as an ELL teacher. This is my first full-time teaching position and I am so excited! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Joel P. in Portland, ME

"I found my job on SchoolSpring. Thank you for connecting me."
Janice P. in Brookline, MA

"I checked SchoolSpring often, and applied for many jobs. FINALLY, I got one that seems PERFECT for me! I am really excited. Best of luck to everyone, and thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Marie R. in Spencer, MA

"Thank you so much for all you do for educators!!!"
Paul S. in Norwood, MA

"SchoolSpring effectively led me to an off site posting for a teaching position. The email submission of a letter and resume was enough to get an interview and a new teaching position. SchoolSpring is a well managed site which is easy to navigate and useful for teachers open to relocating. "
Kathryn S. in Wauwatosa, WI

"Thanks for sending me job alerts on a daily basis!! Was very easy to fill out applications and send them out right away!! Very happy with the job I was offered!!!"
Marian W. in Grafton, MA

"SchoolSpring really helped the search process and made applying efficient. I landed my new job through SchoolSpring and can't wait to start!"
Erik W. in Easthampton, MA

"19 applications, seven interviews, one great job. It took longer than I had hoped, but each school system is looking for some particular combination of traits and experience. Like a serious, long-term relationship you only need to find your one best fit. Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Donald C. in Natick, MA

"I depend heavily on SchoolSpring for job openings. Best site to find a job if you're an educator."
Patrick G. in Boylston, MA

"I had a great experience with SchoolSpring. Your process was clear and your support, helpful. I'm looking forward to an exciting new job thanks to SchoolSpring."
Beth B. in Natick, MA

"Thanks for all your help! "
Katherine B. in South Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring really came through! I was sure I wouldn't get a job before this fall but thanks to all the available positions found on SchoolSpring I was lucky enough to find a job in a place I never would have thought to look. Thanks for helping me find my first lead teacher job!"
Benjamin C. in Holden, MA

"I applied daily on SchoolSpring. It was easy and convenient since I only had to fill out the forms once. Employers were able to easily contact me for interviews."
Kristian M. in Springfield, MA

"Through the help of SchoolSpring and it's user friendly and comprehensive interface I was able to quickly find search hundreds of local jobs, and within weeks found the perfect match for me! Thank you SchoolSpring! "
Robbin B. in Boston , MA

"Love your services! "
Robin C. in Bristol, RI

"Thank you for the wonderful program that you have here. It was amazing in assisting me to find those hard to find jobs."
Robin S. in Shiocton, WI

"Thank you so much for having such a comprehensive and high quality service. My experience with your site was rewarding and pleasant. THANK YOU and all your staff."
Sharon P. in Kingston, NH

"Thanks for all the good work you people do on this excellent site."
Jennifer B. in Pittsfield, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring for being here to provide school jobs. The search agent is a blessing weeding out all opportunities I do not qualify for. Communicating with potential employers is a breeze!"
Thomas G. in North Chelmsford, MA

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in helping me find a teaching job."
Nick B. in Wayland, MA

"I just signed my contract as a kindergarten teacher in a wonderful school! I wouldn't have known about the job without SchoolSpring. Thanks for making the process organized and efficient for applicants."
Cassandra D. in Burlington, VT

"Very helpful!"
Kevin W. in Easthampton, MA

"I loved the in fact that there was a website that one could search for and apply for jobs in the education sector specifically. The whole process was so easy and efficient to use. Your search agents made it easy to be keep aware of open positions that met my criteria. Once I found an open position, in a couple of clicks, I could submit a resume, cover letter and letters of recommendation. What could be easier! In addition, my online account helped me manage open applications and track their status. Thank you!"
Denise D. in Lexington, MA

"After years of experience in Special Education, I have found a role within a setting where I'm best suited to serve youths. Finding a perfect job and knowing you are the best person to be educating youths is a daunting task. I thank SchoolSpring for assisting me in my exploration process. I look forward to working with other educators who have used SchoolSpring in the future!"
Brian S. in Waltham, MA

"Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me to locate teaching positions in my area."
Michelle B. in Wenham, MA

"You did it SchoolSpring! I found my new job through you! Thank you!"
Teri H. in Southbridge, MA

"This is the second position I have had because a principal saw me on SchoolSpring. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Conda A. in Carson City, NV

"I received postings through my e-mail. I followed through with many. The one I wanted came through. I am very happy."
Carlene H. in Mesquite, TX

"I found my new job on SchoolSpring.com! What an amazing resource for job listings. I am so glad I found this site. It was especially helpful because I was applying from out of state."
Bree L. in Bellerose, NY

"This site helps make the difficult task of matching job seekers with employee seekers one step easier. Thank you!"
Sarah V. in S. Acworth, VT

"Thanks to SchoolSpring [my new employer] had all my information on file and could easily access it anytime. No longer does anyone have to bring hard copies of a resume, cover letter, or letters. It's all online. It's easy for employers to access any time."
Olivia W. in Westminster, MA

"I received an email with a job search match, and applied through SchoolSpring. I was called for an interview and a week later was signing a contract! I had applied to many positions, but this one met all my criteria. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Alisha I. in Leakey, TX

"Great site, easy to navigate with up to date listings. So happy I found SchoolSpring.com and my new job!"
James C. in Auburn, ME

"Thanks for making the job search a little easier. You were my main search engine."
Joel B. in Baytown, TX

"Thank you for all of your help! Your website was integral in helping me to find my position."
Maggie L. in Stoneham, MA

"I would like to thank SchoolSpring for making it a lot easier to apply to different schools without the hassle of filling out numerous applications. It paid off! I'm looking forward to a great school year!"
Oscar S. in Angleton, TX

"SchoolSpring has really been a blessing! I heard about SchoolSpring and tried it out and in a matter of days I was notified about a job. I applied and got the job! Thank you staff at SchoolSpring."
Aaron C. in Colorado Springs, CO

"SchoolSpring was very helpful and influential in the job process. Thank you!"
Wesley S. in East Hampton, CT

"Thank you so much for your website and after more than eight long months I found a great job. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend SchoolSpring to other job seekers and I will keep working hard to make all my dreams come true!!!!"
Claudia B. in Burlington, MA

"SchoolSpring was very helpful. I highly recommend using it."
Frances S. in Ingleside, TX

"I used this search engine to help find jobs and found the daily emails useful."
Erin K. in Portland, OR

"I accepted [my new] job and I am thankful that I saw the original posting through SchoolSpring.com!!!"
Kristen K. in Hanover, MA

"I am very excited to start my new job! SchoolSpring made it so easy to find jobs all over the state and I didn't have to visit every school district's site to check for availability."
Kymberly G. in Baldwinville, MA

"Thanks for you help. I saw a post on SchoolSpring and contacted the school, had an interview, and was offer the position."
Kia D. in Brandywine, MD

"I felt confident that SchoolSpring would ultimately lead me to a job by keeping me up-to-date with the latest postings. It was like I had a recruiter working for me, constantly scanning the internet for the latest opportunities. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
John L. in Oregon

"SchoolSpring gave me so many opportunities with real and interested schools that made the process of finding a job right after graduation easy and simple. Thank you for all the resources! "
Benjamin W. in Dover, NH

"SchoolSpring is the BEST site for educators searching for teaching positions!"
Kimberly C. in Chicopee, MA

"SchoolSpring kept me up to date on all the latest job offers in my area and made it easy for me to keep my own information updated so I was prepared when I met my future employer. I look forward to starting this new opportunity. Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Kendra D. in Somerville, MA

"SchoolSpring was such an organized, helpful platform to use for my job search! Thank you!"
Sarah B. in Arlington, MA

"It was so helpful to get timely updates on job openings, and to have all of my information in one spot so I could easily send to prospective employers!"
Judith V. in Chester, VT

"I finally landed a teaching post in my own neighborhood! The new school looks beautiful and everyone I've met friendly and helpful. Thank you to SchoolSpring.com! Excellent site, it's really the best place to find posts!"
AnneMarie D. in Westminster, MA

"Praise! I had 3 job offers in the past week; all through this website, including the one I have accepted!"
George S. in Plymouth, MA

"You have been a life line for me and yes my job came through you. Thanks!"
Susan W. in Virginia Beach, VA

"SchoolSpring was very helpful to me in finding a job. Thank you."
Peter M. in Brighton, MA

"This site is amazing! I found my first teaching job using this site."
Jessica F. in Illinois

"I found the perfect job at the school I wanted to work in!!! I have had the best first year!!"
Samantha M. in Christiansburg, VA

"SchoolSpring is a great way to have all of your application and résumé information all in one place. The daily digest of job postings made looking for the right position very easy."
Andrew S. in Leicester, NC

"I was hesitant with the whole online application process, but it really got my name out there. I had 5 interviews and 2 job offers. Thank you!"
Fara B. in Temple, TX

"Thanks for your assistance with my job search process."
Carolyn S. in Malden, MA

"SchoolSpring was an excellent medium for making connections with employers. It was very user-friendly and made the job search as quick and painless as possible!"
Corrinne K. in Syracuse, NY

"SchoolSpring is a wonderful resource for teachers. It makes finding and applying for teaching opportunities quick, painless, and possible. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Rebecca T. in Byfield, MA

"SchoolSpring made it easy to apply to multiple openings with just a few clicks from my PC. They also made it easy to keep track of the status of pending applications as well as scheduled interviews. I would highly recommend this site to anyone seeking employment in the field of education."
Janet B. in Westford, MA

"Actually, I heard about the job through a friend before it appeared on SchoolSpring, but it was nice to have all my info on the website; it made applying a breeze."
Alicia J. in Milton, VT

"Super user friendly and current. Thank you!"
Kathryn R. in Wolfeboro, NH

"I appreciate being able to keep so much information in one place--applying this way saved me lots of time! Additionally, the frequency of emails was just right. "
Sarah E. in Seattle, WA

"This site is wonderful. It saves time in researching available educational opportunities in a particular state especially if one is relocating. Best part it is free! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Denise B. in Arizona

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my first job in education!"
Amanda S. in Boerne, TX

"SchoolSpring has been an incredible resource and unique way to connect with many districts within my state. I have found 2 of the 3 teaching jobs I have held and I just found my first job using my license through the site. The weekly emails I received helped me to narrow down my options for applying, and the features of contacting employers was also beneficial. I recommend this site to any fellow teachers. I am so excited to begin my career!"
Christine B. in Somerville, MA

"Thank you for your help. SchoolSpring was a wonderful method for staying current with job openings and applying for positions."
Jayne J. in Holliston, MA

"I found this wonderful job on this website. SchoolSpring was fantastic in finding me a job!"
Kaeli R. in Buffalo, NY

"I am so grateful that SchoolSpring made the process so easy and commend you on a job well done on setting up this website for educators. "
Netta K. in Linthicum, MD

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was able to have a wonderful interview with a private school in my area! I was offered the job and accepted it. I love how SchoolSpring made the process so easy. SchoolSpring is great for when you are relocating across the country!"
Courtney G. in Annapolis, MD

"Great help to help get my information out to my dream job!!!"
Megan H. in Boston, MA

"I am so happy that I use SchoolSpring or I would have never been informed of this opportunity."
April S. in Worcester, MA

"Thank you!"
Robert P. in Christiansburg, VA

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Sarah D. in White River Junction, VT

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Kaytlyn A. in Somerset, MA

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Alice M. in Colorado

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Jon B. in Barnard, VT

"Got a job alert and applied for the position of Student Services Secretary on June 9,2014. Happy to say that I got an interview on 6/16 and accepted the position on 6/17. Can't wait to start on this new journey! Thank you for your service, it was a huge help!"
Susan R. in Plainfield, CT

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Zilfa O. in Fayetteville, NC

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Alessia S. in South Easton, MA

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Chanette H. in Baltimore, MD

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Nancy D. in Brewster, MA

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Keshia M. in Amherst, MA

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Krystina M. in North Charleston, SC

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George A. in Colorado Springs, CO

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Kimberly L. in Fall River, MA

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Kevin K. in Woonsocket, RI

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Douglas T. in Rochester, NY

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Christine M. in Winchester, MA

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Ryan K. in Southampton, MA

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Molly B. in Palmer, MA

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Carra H. in Brighton, MA

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William H. in Leominster, MA

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Lisa F. in Montpelier, VT

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Deborah Z. in South Lancaster, MA

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Cassandra D. in Quincy , MA

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Robin P. in Douglas, MA

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Caren B. in Andover, MA

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Elizabeth E. in Hampden, MA

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Jennifer S. in Southampton , MA

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Natalie G. in Taunton, MA

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Errick G. in Everett, MA

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Jennifer H. in Wayland, MA

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Meaghan B. in Bridgewater, MA

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Patricia E. in Merrimack, NH

"I was hired as a full-time Art Teacher and I could not be happier! SchoolSpring makes the process streamlined and straightforward. It is easy to edit information and view the status of applications. Schools have instant access to my recommendations, qualifications, and transcripts without me needing to upload or print for each individual school. I wish all districts used this system because it is more user-friendly than [other online application systems] and the postings usually offer a good amount of information about the positions. THANK YOU, THANK YOU."
Brittany G. in Marlborough, MA

"This is a great resource for finding a job in a school!"
Lynn I. in Grafton, MA

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Elizabeth M. in East Thetford, VT

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Matthew P. in Lincoln, MA

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Rebecca S. in Portland, ME

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Denice R. in Springfield, MA

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Felicia S. in Leominster, MA

"I did not apply for the position, however, the district found my resume on SchoolSpring and contacted me for an interview. I was hired as a .5 Title 1 Reading Teacher."
Janice M. in West Bridgewater, MA

"I learned of them through your website and emails and registered with their district. I don't think I would of learned of them, if I did not register with you, first. Also, during my job search, I had more job interviews through your website than any other. Thank you for your prompt emails and connections."
Rhonda W. in Lavon, TX

"Very pleased with your website. It was through your website that I first heard about the vacancy that I have since filled."
Martha H. in Bel Air, MD

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Elizabeth H. in Greencastle, PA

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Amber H. in Boston, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Carrie B. in East Dennis, MA

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Rita G. in Worcester, MA

"SchoolSpring was a Godsend. I am so happy that this service is available for educators. I was able to go on interviews, work part-time as a substitute and finally land a job that is perfect for me. This site is very easy to navigate and organized to let users edit and update information. Thank you."
Sally P. in East Wareham, MA

"I start my new job in a week. I knew that my application was being looked at, thanks to SchoolSpring. Having all my information together on your site, made the process easy. They called my references and I did not have to give them the names and phone numbers since they were already in my SchoolSpring information. Thanks for your help. I have the job that I've been aiming for. I recommend your site to anyone looking for teaching jobs. "
Teresa T. in Norton, MA

"I was notified of the opening through your emails. So, I was able to apply quickly, I believe it was a big help. Thank you!"
Rhonda W. in Lavon, TX

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Elizabeth C. in Lombard, IL

"I found this job in SchoolSpring and I applied to it. I attended the interview and on the spot got invited to meet the teacher and classroom. I was offered to move on to the reference being called the next day and they did. I was offered the positions on the third day after my interview."
Jayquanna C. in Marlborough, MA

"Less than 1 week after posting my application with SchoolSpring for the position, I received a call from the school. I interviewed, got the position. Now, I am happily teaching 6th grade social studies and I love it!"
Lanece C. in San Antonio, TX

"Thanks SchoolSpring.com!!!!"
Linda L. in Converse, TX

"The best thing that ever happened to me. It is so much easier to be contacted and schedule an interview through SchoolSpring."
Catalin T. in Indian Orchard, MA

"Found my job through SchoolSpring! Thanks for the updates!"
Gary K. in Asheville, NC

"Thank you!"
Diana H. in New Ipswich, NH

"You're very up to date with information. I am always hopeful to go to SchoolSpring. I know that whatever position that is available and need to be posted, they will have it there."
Yolette M. in New York, NY

"After 3 years of searching I was surprised when I went in for a long-term Kindergarten interview and ended up with a full-time math position! Very happy with this site. Will come back if or and when ready for a change! Won't be for a while though because this is my very first teaching job :)"
Patricia P. in Brownsville, VT

"So very helpful!! Couldn't have done it without SchoolSpring."
Karla K. in North Andover, MA

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Jobee O. in Londonderry, NH

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Grace R. in Chestnut Hill, MA

"SchoolSpring afforded me the opportunity to be hired for the job I wanted. Thank you for providing an online format to house all of my documents, files, certifications, and job history. SchoolSpring also provides a snapshot of the current job market. Kudos to being so efficient!"
Diane S. in Newport, RI

"SchoolSpring is amazing. It has been a breeze to search and apply for jobs. I am so excited to begin my long term sub position that I wouldn't have known about without SchoolSpring!"
Brittany K. in Winooski, VT

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Alison W. in Maine

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Jose-Anthony C. V. in Phillipston, MA

"Your website was a great help. It was very easy to use."
Frank C. in Millbury, MA

"Tons of gratitude for the untiring service you rendered to help me and the incalculable number of search hours you saved. Keep up the good work providing us with a way out of the stressful predicament of joblessness. Thanks."
Kasiya P. in Massachusetts

"I had been searching for a job in the education field for 2 years. I wanted to give up, but now i have found a great job, thanks!"
Monique J. in Parkville, MD

"Excellent support from SchoolSpring.com and loved the weekly Job Alert Notifications!"
Kristen F. in Boston, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I found a job through other means, but I really appreciate all you have done for me! Great service!"
Hanna B. in Allston, MA

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Hillary P. in Scituate, MA

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Kim D. in Dorchester, MA

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Maria D. in Peabody, MA

"My success story is to keep on trying. It took me two months to get a job after approximately 200 applications and many interviews."
Robin R. in Keene, NH

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Werly R. in Melrose, MA

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Carol S. in Swampscott, MA

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Emmett B. in Washington, DC

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Mallory E. in Vermont

"I missed out last year on an opportunity for a school job because I was on a bad search/notification system. I signed up on here in August and a week later a notification came to me about the schools in the town I live in, my dream job! I interviewed, accepted, and started yesterday!!!!! Thank you a billion!!!"
Mandy K. in Mankato, MN

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Lisa C. in Norwood, MA

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Suzanne K. in Fairfax, VT

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Lindsay P. in Wakefield, RI

"I applied in early July and got the call for the interview mid August. I thought I bombed the interview, but with a little faith in God and his grace (and good references and a thank you note), I got the job! Thanks to the Lord and SchoolSpring.com! Amen!"
Daniel R. in New Bedford, MA

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JoAnne M. in Framingham, MA

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Stephanie W. in Roslindale, MA

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Kriss A. in Jamaica Plain, MA

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Kristin P. in Indian Orchard, MA

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Brandon H. in Brockton, MA

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Kate D. in Bedford, MA

"If you put in exactly what you want, this website will give you what you need. I placed my information on my profile and saved all my hard copies with me. I put in everything I do and what I'm doing now and found me a job. Persistence and patience is key. "
Jina W. in Capitol Heights, MD

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Taylor H. in Ankeny, IA

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Gregory J. in Westborough, MA

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Julie F. in Marlborough, NH

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John O. in Brookline, MA

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Kathleen T. in Cape Elizabeth, ME

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Lynn G. in Sharon, MA

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Janna K. in Canada

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Kelly L. in Ipswich, MA

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Brad M. in Burlington, VT

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Emily L. in Norwood, MA

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Sarah Y. in Rumford, RI

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Meredith K. in Sandwich, MA

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Kelli C. in Halifax, MA

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Richard B. in East Granby, CT

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Jordan G. in Charlestown, NH

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Melissa P. in Sturbridge, MA

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Maryanne B. in Humarock, MA

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Jonathon L. in Lithonia, GA

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Emily H. in Chicopee, MA

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Judy C. in Tewksbury, MA

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Jennifer C. in Quincy, MA

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Allen B. in Baltimore, MD

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Simone B. in San Antonio, TX

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Lori B. in Lewiston, ME

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Aaron A. in Fall River, MA

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Kimberly L. in Bristol, VT

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Sherry P. in Killeen, TX

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Rebecca K. in Dorchester, MA

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Andrew D. in Manville, RI

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Dorian P. in Lynn, MA

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Justin C. in Plymouth, MA

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Beth P. in Spring Grove, PA

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Matthew B. in Easton, MA

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Bronwyn P. in Concord, NH

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Kwon F. in North Eastham, MA

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Clayton H. in Lawrence, MA

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Alexandra M. in Stamford, CT

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Melissa A. in Del Norte, CO

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Noelle J. in Rochester, MA

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Nicole S. in Boston, MA

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Rick S. in Dolores, CO

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Justin R. in West Seneca, NY

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Eugenio O. in Providence, RI

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Gabriela M. in Jefferson, ME

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Lauren P. in Newburgh, NY

"SchoolSpring was a big improvement over applying to many local districts. I found the initial input time-consuming and somewhat confusing, but well worth the time. I was glad so many districts used this site, and wish that [my new employer] did, too."
Eve S. in New Bedford, MA

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Holly B. in Rehoboth, MA

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Brianna G. in Portsmouth, NH

"I have decided to leave school administration and return to the classroom. Thank you for your help."
Mary R. in Lampasas, TX

"I am happy to report that I got my dream job in a school that focuses on best practices and arts integration. I did a direct application to the school on this one...however, I was pleased with the response I got from my other applications submitted through SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Nanci D. in Providence , RI

"Thank you so much for helping get my name out to school in my area. I applied at [my new employer] almost a week ago; the principal called me in for an interview and after a few hours I was offered a position. I am so excited to start this career!!"
Samantha D. in Peabody, MA

"I found SchoolSpring extremely useful for applying to teaching positions in MA. I applied to several schools and got several interviews. I was fortunate to have multiple offers and selected the best offer. I am thrilled with the job I got and want to thank SchoolSpring for making the task of finding a job easier for me compared to sending out individual applications to schools on my own."
Deepti S. in Lexington, MA

"SchoolSpring was a highly effective way of not only finding a good career, but also organizing and submitting my information in an easy-to-use format."
Clayton W. in Jericho, VT

"This was the best job search for teaching that I have used this year. I am registered with 5 different job search websites where I entered job search criteria to a search agent. SchoolSpring is the only site to send me emails that were specific to my search agent. All of the information collected was pertinent to the job application process. As an educator, I appreciate your service."
Michelle M. in Lanham, MD

"I found a wonderful job with [my new employer], as an ELL instructor. I would not have found this position without SchoolSpring!"
Violet A. in Springfield, MA

"The wonderful thing about this site is that they have enough offerings that it is hard to get discouraged! I am very happy, I found exactly the type of job I was looking for!"
Sheryl C. in St.Johnsbury, VT

"After many months of job hunting, and doing a great deal on SchoolSpring, I interviewed for an ELL teaching position that I had found on SchoolSpring! Two hours after the interview, I was offered a job. I signed my contract today and couldn't be happier about my new position!"
Sarah O. in Brighton, MA

"It was not through SchoolSpring, although this is a great site! It definitely gave me somewhere to start."
Taylor M. in Nantucket, MA

"After three interviews with BPS I was hired as their new Special Education teacher. Thank you SchoolSpring for getting my information to the right people!"
Jenna Z. in Dorchester, MA

"Your job alert email led me to the perfect job. Thanks!"
Betsy W. in Harvard, MA

"This site is great. It helped me find charter schools and other avenues for teaching jobs. The job I found was through this site, but I had to apply externally."
Jennifer H. in Kyle, TX

"Using SchoolSpring.com makes applying for teaching positions quick and easy. When questions arose regarding my account, I was able to call SchoolSpring and speak directly with a representative. The representatives were friendly and knowledgeable. If all districts would use SchoolSpring or a similar program, the entire application process would be pain-free as well as stress-free. Thank you!"
Lynn W. in Westford, MA

"The SchoolSpring system made applying for jobs - dozens of them - much easier than it otherwise would have been. Once I was offered a position, the fact that my transcripts had been verified by SchoolSpring gave me one less hoop to jump through on the way to signing my contract. I recommend everyone take the extra time and money to get their transcripts verified! The peace of mind is valuable. Thanks for a great experience!"
Jessica B. in Cambridge, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Patti H. in Larkspur, CO

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Natalie W. in San Diego, CA

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Hery R. in Springfield, MA

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Susan R. in Thetford Ctr., VT

"This is a good site. I was only interested in jobs with the Archdiocese of Washington and they use this site."
Mary B. in Silver Spring, MD

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David E. in Weare, NH

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Paul L. in Peterborough, NH

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Jessica D. in North Providence, RI

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Bruce S. in Hollis, NH

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Logan O. in Somerville, MA

"I had a very positive experience using SchoolSpring for my job search this summer. Applying for jobs in Massachusetts while living in Texas, it was wonderful to have a central location where I could apply to many jobs and see postings immediately. I was hired for a dream position that I most likely would not have found without SchoolSpring."
Heather A. in Dallas, TX

"I found a great school in the region I wanted. Thanks for your help!"
Jason G. in Albany, NY

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Kathleen M. in Northfield, MA

"This website was great!!! I found a job in Virginia."
Samantha S. in York, PA

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Kate R. in Milford, MA

"I didn't use SchoolSpring for this position. I would have loved it if [the employer] used SchoolSpring, but I'm sure glad I found a job."
Kimberley M. in Scarborough, ME

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have found my dream school and would not have had this opportunity had it not been for SchoolSpring! MCPS uses this service to find and review applicants and it was so easy to use! It will be praised and recommended to anyone I know who is seeking a teaching position. Thank you again!"
Kristin S. in North Chesterfield, VA

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Jerusha J. in Kaysville, UT

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Caroline M. in New Boston, NH

"Found a posting on SchoolSpring for two positions in a particular district and applied for both. Interviewed for one and they decided I was actually better suited for the "cooler" of the two jobs. In the fall, I will run the choral department at Hingham HS. Success!"
Jonathan A. in Lowell, MA

"Thank your! Your service helped me keep up-to-date on job openings."
Alice P. in Sonora, CA

"I submitted my application to Cristo Rey via SchoolSpring. They e-mailed me to schedule an initial phone interview and then I was invited to come in for an interview with other teachers and the principal. It was a wonderful experience and I'm very thankful for SchoolSpring."
Kristen T. in Urbana, IL

"Once I set everything up in the system, it was very easy to click and apply for jobs. I think being able to apply for many jobs quickly helped to increase my chances of employment."
Lisa G. in Peabody, MA

"SchoolSpring was very valuable and a great way to manage my job search."
Diane T. in Wenham, MA

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Helen V. in Northampton, MA

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Shannon L. in Washington, DC

"This was my first time applying to teaching jobs in 13 years. I found the online application process daunting at first as the internet was not commonly used last time I found a job! I came to appreciate how user-friendly SchoolSpring is set up and found a fantastic job very quickly. Much better than circling newspaper ads and licking envelopes! "
Ellen C. in Richmond, VT

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Elonia L. in Northampton, MA

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Deborah F. in Somerville, MA

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Daniel R. in Pasadena, MD

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Alexandra C. in Somerville, MA

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Jemet P. in Athens, GA

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Jenna M. in Chalfont, PA

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Vivian H. in Attleboro, MA

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Billy Ray P. in South Hadley, MA

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John S. in Shrewsbury, MA

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Aaron K. in Cooperstown, NY

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Betsy K. in Nashville, TN

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Judi S. in Hollywood, FL

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Jessica S. in Lewiston, ID

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Sarah G. in Miami, FL

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Elizabeth C. in Ashland, NH

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Alicia G. in Warner Robins, GA

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Sara H. in Concord, MA

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Henry M. in Rawlins, WY

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Emily M. in Georgia, VT

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Lisa D. in Fall River, MA

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Patricia D. in Walden, NY

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Suze N. in Baltimore, MD

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Jennifer O. in Kingsley, MI

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Linsey B. in Try, MI

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Kerianne T. in Saco, ME

"SchoolSpring posted a teaching position, which I applied for via this website, and within a day was contacted for an interview. What impressed me is how well the filtering process of SchoolSpring worked on both my, and the school's, behave to help us "find" each other so quickly. Thank you so much. (My tip: the more I had posted in the account, resume, certifications, references etc. the better I looked in the interview.)"
Clarissa F. in Hopkinton, MA

"Very helpful!"
Kevin M. in Denver, CO

"After getting all of my information uploaded, SchoolSpring made the (30+) application(s) process virtually effortless. I don't expect to ever need another teaching position, but if I do, I'll be using SchoolSpring."
Wade D. in Ann Arbor, MI

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Bradley M. in Royersford, PA

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Jennifer G. in Fairfield, ME

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Jazmine P. in Methuen, MA

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Patrick E. in Saint Johnsbury, VT

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Joseph C. in New York, NY

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Tiffany C. in Sterling, VA

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Andrew P. in Dunstable, MA

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Seth W. in Pittsford, VT

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Judy M. in Dallas, TX

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Kimberly B. in Marshfield, MA

"Thank you, your extensive listings were very helpful. They were a bit TOO extensive at times, risking my missing the gold among the dross. I should perhaps have limited my search more narrowly. Having materials on file was very useful, as was the ability to tailor the cover letter to each individual case."
Ann M. in United Kingdom

"I was hired at the school that I am currently student teaching in for a third grade position and couldn't be happier! The staff and students are so wonderful and I am excited to fulfill my passion and future with what I was meant to do."
Anna C. in Richford, VT

"I was afraid I was going to have to start looking outside of the teaching field when I received a call from [my new employer]! They had found my resume here on SchoolSpring and was interested in interviewing me. I started in September of 2012 and am extremely happy."
Casey T. in Springfield, MA

"I found my dream job!"
Elizabeth Y. in Rochester, MA

"I love my new job. I would not have found it without SchoolSpring."
Mary M. in Princeton, MA

"Thank you! This process was so easy once I entered my information online! It took a while to enter but after that it was great! Wish more schools in Maine used it. It was great to find a mid-year job!"
Angelique L. in Lewiston, ME

"I am getting married and subsequently leaving the country in September. My goal was to find a long-term subbing position. SchoolSpring was the perfect tool to help me do just that! I am so pleased!"
Marsha H. in South Lancaster, MA

"Thank you for posting all open positions. This is a very competitive period in education due to budget cuts in Texas. I'm very appreciative of SchoolSpring!"
Vanessa D. in Cleburne, TX

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Kenneth H. in West Springfield, MA

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Bridget M. in West Kingston, RI

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Ted G. in Framingham, MA

"Thank you guys for helping me on my job search, it has been rough but exciting, I will make sure that I tell all my friends if they ever need help with finding a job sign up at SchoolSpring. I used the resume that you helped me build and it helped me so much THANK YOU GUYS for all the help."
Julie B. in Lynn, MA

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Laura P. in Laurinburg, NC

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Sarah C. in Bedford, MA

"Signing up for SchoolSpring was the best thing I ever did for my career! So many opportunities, and it made the actual interview process a breeze. I was hired within a few weeks of my sign up. My husband has a profile now as well- we may yet realize our full potential!"
Kelly R. in Hampton Falls, NH

"I recently moved across the country and was completely unfamiliar with SchoolSpring or a similar system. I have to say that I really enjoy being able to search for jobs and receive email notifications of potential jobs. I love being able to set the specific parameters for the jobs I'm seeking. A great resource that I will be utilizing as spring job openings come up. Many thanks!"
Melissa T. in Jericho, VT

"I learned about the career fair from SchoolSpring back in December. I'll be doing exactly what I want to do! Thank you, SchoolSpring!"
Judy P. in Kensington, MD

"The site has been a terrific help. Very well done."
Kevin F. in Springfield, MA

"The concept and technology you use to connect people with jobs are solid, and I thank you for your support in finding employment possibilities."
John M. in Worcester, MA

"While SchoolSpring is an amazing resource for Educators, I used another tool at an Educators disposal-Networking-to land my new position. I will continue to use SchoolSpring to keep my records updated and I encourage other Educators to check this site regularly."
Brian S. in South Boston, MA

"I decided after struggling to find a Guidance Counselor position in the US for the last 3 years to search overseas. I found a job in Saudi Arabia and it is a perfect fit. I will continue to use SchoolSpring as I feel it is an awesome site. Many thanks..."
Matthew F. in Tarrytown, NY

"After being on SchoolSpring for only a month! I was able to apply, interview, and land a full time teaching job, really close to my house! This is a great/helpful website and all schools around the country should hop on board!"
Jared K. in Bridgewater, MA

"After two years I FINALLY landed a job in Iowa teaching high school Language Arts. I love my job! I'm the happiest I've been in a VERY long time. Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Drew B. in Branson West, MO

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Louise K. in Hope Valley, RI

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Barbara K. in Rutland, MA

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Frances C. in Waltham, MA

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Rachel A. in Northampton, MA

":) Got hired through you :) THANK YOU I absolutely love everything about my new job."
Cindy S. in Whitman, MA

"I am now a full-time teacher. I am very pleased with the outcome and with SchoolSpring. Thanks for all of the help. You not only helped me with my resumes and job hunting, you gave me my confidence back again. Thanks again and again."
Sallie P. in Baltimore, MD

"I applied through SchoolSpring and just took over a 7th grade math position. I never would have gotten this job if it weren't for SchoolSpring."
Christopher B. in Worcester, MA

"Amherst Public Schools found me through SchoolSpring.com and had my application and my answer to their short essay questions at the job interview. Thanks to SchoolSpring.com I am now a full-time paraprofessional and love my job!"
Jacob M. in Greenfield, MA

"I have a 3.5 paraprofessional job. I was initially hired to sub for the position I now have. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Ann R. in Wakefield, RI

"Very functional website, I loved being able to manage all of my applications from one place. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Amy W. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"Thank you for providing access to so many jobs on your website. SchoolSpring is a great way to find current postings. It is so easy to apply to postings, and more employers are using SchoolSpring to find new hires every day!"
Donna M. in Southborough, MA

"I signed up for SchoolSpring because it was a free search engine for teaching positions. As a result of SchoolSpring I was able to find my dream job. I couldn't be happier with the website. Thank you SchoolSpring!!"
Katherine M. in Frederick, MD

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Zachary B. in Greenfield, MA

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Jae J. in Plymouth, MA

"I just got a job as a middle school science and social studies teacher for sixth grade!"
Chelsea M. in Brighton, MI

"SchoolSpring provided timely, detailed application to support my job application. It allowed me to respond quickly and professionally to the districts request for candidates."
Barbara B. in Longmeadow, MA

"Really like the way you had openings posted and sent to me quickly, even before my local agency did."
Mary Jane Z. in Connecticut

"SchoolSpring is a great source of job postings in the education field. I recommend it to everyone I know who wants to be a teacher!"
Danielle M. in Westford, MA

"I applied for a teaching positon on SchoolSpring.com's website on December 09, 2012 and was called for an interview on December 11, 2012. On January 4, 2013, I was offered the job I was seeking. I am very satisfied with the whole process of SchoolSpring.com's job search capabilities. Thanks so much for your service to educators like me."
Rozi P. in San Antonio, TX

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Maria S. in Plymouth, MA

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Shawn R. in Greenland, NH

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was notified about an opening for a position as a library media specialist and I applied and got the job. Within two weeks of my application being read, I was in the library."
Lori B. in Topsfield, MA

"This site is EXTREMELY User Friendly. Really appreciate the convenience of not having to complete a new application for each position I apply for, but still having the option to update any portion i may need to. My favorite part are the updates I receive whenever there is a new position available that matches my criteria."
Davalas H. in Pikesville, MD

"Thank you, SchoolSpring. You guys helped me turn my life around and allowed for a great job to find me. Thanks so much, SchoolSpring's the best!"
Casey B. in Granby, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I found my job through your services. Your services make a very hard process much smoother and easier. Thank you Thank you."
Aline C. in Wrentham, MA

"SchoolSpring is a great tool. I appreciate the use of the site."
Kimberly H. in Wakefield, MA

"SchoolSpring.com has been a great job seeking tool for me. I recommend it highly."
Lester K. in Salem, MA

"SchoolSpring was extremely helpful in providing a website aimed at assisting educators, counselors, etc. in finding employment opportunities. Thank you."
Michael M. in Middleton, MA

"SchoolSpring was helpful and made it easy to apply for many jobs quickly. I found a full time job and LOVE it."
Kathryn L. in Stowe, VT

"SchoolSpring is a superb website for searching jobs in the education field. I had many opportunities to apply and received a number of interviews. The format to set up and adjust your account is extremely user friendly. The information available about the positions from the employers contains all necessary information needed to evaluate if you want to apply for the job. Thank you SchoolSpring, you are a great resource and do an awesome job!!!"
Kimberly H. in Dracut, MA

"Thank you! This is a terrific resource for those looking for jobs in an educational setting."
Alexis S. in Shelburne, VT

"SchoolSpring was highly instrumental in obtaining my current job. I found the service easy-to-use and greatly effective in my search for employment. It is a terrific service. Now I am using SchoolSpring [as an employer] to search for an applicant for another position in our department. It is as easy to use as an administrator too! Remembering the old days of "paper applications," it is wonderful to be able to utilize technology to speed up the process of applying for a job, both for the applicant and the employer. Kudos to SchoolSpring for all that you have done."
Barbara H. in Robinson, TX

"I used SchoolSpring to find my new job. It was quick and easy. I love this website compared to the other teacher application sites I looked at."
Cynthia R. in Huntsville, AL

"Thank you SchoolSpring. You make job hunting so much easier for all of the teachers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I believe almost all of the cities and towns are using SchoolSpring.com to advertise their job openings. I am so happy in my new teaching position."
Madilyn R. in Woburn, MA

"After many interviews and rejections I finally received this job offer. It is the best thing that ever happened to me."
Meta T. in Union Mills, NC

"Process worked very well. Thanks."
Beth M. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"Used SchoolSpring as a job search agent. It has been the best one that I have found so far. It has led me to my first teaching job and I will use this site again if I ever need it!"
Esther W. in Waco, TX

"Excited about my first day as a principal at Greene County Middle School. Thanks to SchoolSpring for sending me emails on principal vacancies."
Norman M. in Southport, NC

"Thank you SchoolSpring for facilitating my job search. I got the job I wanted!"
Susan J. in Wells, ME

"Thank you so much for opportunity to gain employment through your web site!"
Margaret P. in Auburn, ME

"I was subbing at this school and applied through SchoolSpring for the position. I was hired in October. SchoolSpring is a great resource in the education job search. Thanks!"
Mary H. in Worcester, MA

"I found this position through SchoolSpring. It took me many months, but stick with it! This site works!"
Jennifer M. in Somerville, MA

"SchoolSpring was a hugely helpful organizational tool for my job search. All of the job and contact information, as well as interview schedules, were available to me from any computer so that I didn't have to print and file loads of paper. SchoolSpring was very timely in updating my transcript information, too. Thank you!"
Alyson C. in Marlborough, MA

"SchoolSpring is awesome! I have gotten my last 2 teaching jobs through it. Thanks to whoever thought of it and followed through!"
Eve A. in Middleton, MA

"I want to thank SchoolSpring for my new job. I love it. I had a lot of success using SchoolSpring for other jobs that were posted. Thanks again."
Kathie B. in Chelmsford, MA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring I have found a wonderful job at a wonderful school system!"
Liana P. in South Lancaster, MA

"Your website was very helpful and the people behind the scene quick to alert and keep me updated. I have told my friends about you and will continue to spread the word. Many thanks."
Irene M. in San Antonio, TX

"Interviewed in August for teaching position. Hired on the spot! Thank you for giving me the route to success."
Christine H. in Rochdale, MA

"Thank you so much for helping me find my dream job!"
Kelley G. in Burlington, VT

"Within days of updating my status to actively seeking a full time job, I received a job alert email about [my new employer]. I immediately updated my resume and references and sent them away. The next day I had an interview. Three days later I was hired! Thank you SchoolSpring for helping ease the process of finding a job!!! I couldn't be happier!!"
Ashley C. in Winooski, VT

"I used SchoolSpring to find my current job as an Instructional Assistant. It was a very smooth and efficient process. "
Cynthia M. in Amesbury, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for your help."
Jane T. in Dunlap, TN

"I'm so happy. After countless tries, applications, and a few interviews I finally got a job working for a school. Please, for those of you out there who are still trying, don't give up. Be patient. Apply to as many jobs as you can that fit your criteria. This site actually helps. I promise. Best wishes. :)"
Jomary R. in Holyoke, MA

"Very thankful for this website! I am now a family liaison and this website helped me reach this amazing goal."
Jessenia R. in Holyoke, MA

"Thank you so much for this wonderful website."
Katherine S. in Greenfield, MA

"I found a para educator position in VT, which enabled me to relocate from PA. A great outcome for my job search efforts through SchoolSpring and a major, very positive "game changer" for me. "
John J. in Pennsylvania

"SchoolSpring helped me a great deal in finding my new job. It's easy to use and really works. Thank you!"
Maria L. in Brighton, MA

"Overall I thought SchoolSpring was easy to use and very helpful. I am happy that I found a job."
Christine B. in Norwood, MA

"After trying for a year I finally got a great job teaching 7th grade Texas History! I could not have done it without SchoolSpring.com Thanks."
Berta H. in Brackettville, TX

"It only took three years but I'm picky. Excellent service, hope I don't need your services soon. ;)"
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Margaret A. in Dorchester, MA

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Alisha I. in Leakey, TX

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Margaret O. in Scituate, MA

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Carol M. in Concord, NH

Grady B. in Farmville, NC

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Susan A. in Salem, NH

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Shelley T. in Marlborough, MA

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Courtney L. in Mattapoisett, MA

"I found this website to be the most comprehensive during my job search. I would recommend it to any teacher seeking employment."
Alexandria D. in Swampscott, MA

"Though I found my job elsewhere, SchoolSpring does an excellent job sending out e-alerts about possible jobs, and storing valuable information related to my resume, like references, transcripts, etc. Thank you."
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"Thank you for providing this service."
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Brenda C. in Cumberland, RI

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Catherine C. in Monroe, NH

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Thomas L. in Maybrook, NY

"I applied to 30 school-based positions in just this last year. I was finally called for three interviews the week school started. I am so happy in my new position. My gratitude is endless for the people who make SchoolSpring what it is."
Holly L. in Colchester, VT

"Thanks for the help!"
Kristie S. in Jericho, VT

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Cecelia B. in Newton, MA

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Jennifer T. in Enfield, CT

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Erik S. in Burlington, MA

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Michael S. in Haverhill, MA

"It was a joy everyday I got an email [from SchoolSpring] saying - Good News! We've found.... - Your site kept up my hope that I would be hired by the correct school for me. Thank you!"
Sondra D. in Powell, TN

"Thank you very much for helping me land a job. I did not have to worry about purchasing newspapers and scanning the net. Although I initially learned about this job by going to a job fair, you also posted this and others where I was at least called in for interviews. THANK YOU."
Giselle R. in Somers, CT

"This is a wonderful organization. I am grateful that SchoolSpring allowed me to connect with them. My SchoolSpring experience was great!"
Tiffany R. in Cambria Heights, NY

"I found my position that will support my passion of working with Title 1 schools through using SchoolSpring."
Hope M. in Laurel, MD

"Your site is a great way to contact many different school districts."
Virginia T. in Framingham, MA

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Jennifer L. in Kennebunk, ME

"After seeking a position for almost a year, I finally landed the position I have wanted for some time. Thank you so much for your website. It has helped me so much. The webinar you presented several months ago was very helpful."
Lorraine B. in Reading, MA

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Rhonda J. in Minnesota

"SchoolSpring is a great resource for job hunting. It's one-stop shopping :)"
JoAnn S. in Newtonville, MA

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Nancy S. in Kennebunkport, ME

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Nicole T. in Berwick, ME

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Lisa F. in Gloucester, MA

"I moved from California to Massachusetts. I used SchoolSpring as my primary job search vehicle, starting in mid-July. Over about 45 days, I submitted approx 40 applications...this led to 3 interviews and one job offer. And it's a great job. To jobseekers...be patient, keep applying, keep updating. You know you are a good teacher - there is a job out there for you. To SchoolSpring.com - thank you. I am thrilled I found your site. "
Robert L. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"A big thank you to SchoolSpring! I was interviewed and hired by a school that was listed in your search results. I could not be happier. SchoolSpring works! I love that all of my information is viewable to the employer. It makes the process that much simpler. SchoolSpring is like a safe deposit box for all of my important papers too. everything can be found in one place, I never have to go looking for anything. I love that about this site. Thanks again for helping me get my dream job in teaching!"
Laura K. in Berkley, MA

"I applied for 24 positions through SchoolSpring and unfortunately I was only called by the school I am currently working at. SchoolSpring did a fabulous job of posting new jobs every day and making the application process very easy. I will definitely be coming back to SchoolSpring when looking for a full-time classroom teaching job in the Spring."
Marissa R. in Cromwell, CT

"I have found my present teaching position via SchoolSpring that always notifies the applicants whenever their applications have been initially reviewed. From the fact that SchoolSpring also provides applicants with the email address of their application reviewer, I was able to always forward a brief letter as well as my resume directly to the administrator. That might look simple but made a gigantic difference since hundreds of candidates are applying for the same position. WAY TO GO SchoolSpring!"
Charles D. in Randolph, MA

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Susan J. in Beverly, MA

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Whitney B. in Latham, NY

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Lissa H. in Plymouth, MA

"Thanks for your service."
Cheryl H. in Lebanon, ME

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Lindsey S. in Bellows Falls, VT

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Dolores M. in Peoria, IL

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Casey T. in Springfield, MA

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Mary M. in Dedham, MA

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Paul H. in Hudson, MA

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Katie S. in Cincinnati, OH

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Daniel L. in Rumford, RI

"Thank you for helping me find not one but two jobs that are exactly what I was looking for!"
Elaine S. in Brighton, MA

"What I really like the most is the flexibility of the program to apply and to contact prospective employer. I really appreciate the updated information posted daily in the website and the systematic signals through the application process. Thank you!"
Salvador A. G. in Orlando, FL

"SchoolSpring is relentlessly on task. They have been my window of hope to opportunity and peace of mind. All of you seeking a job, don't ever give up, just like SchoolSpring doesn't give up on any of us. I would like to thank their dedicated team for their unwavering help and commitment, especially during those times when I felt so low, but "job alerts" would still pop up. Each "job alert" is a light at the end of what looks like a real long and dark tunnel. The light was real for me, it will be for you too."
Dorian P. in Lynn, MA

"Thank you for making the job hunt easier. Although my current job did not come from here. I did get a long-term sub job last year off of SchoolSpring. I highly recommend this site to all my friends still looking for teaching jobs. "
Kathleen W. in North Easton, MA

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Kirsten J. in Greenfield, MA

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Alice Y. in Acton, MA

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Sandra B. in Barre, VT

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Kristi A. in Boalsburg, PA

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James S. in Longmeadow, MA

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Sonia V. in Randolph, MA

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Jo-Ann G. in West Warwick, RI

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Despina D. in Warwick, RI

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Melinda D. in Amherst, MA

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Lynn C. in Sunderland, MA

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Jason S. in Framingham, MA

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Eva S. in East Greenwich, RI

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Elizabeth K. in Hopkinton, MA

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Bonnie G. in St Johnsbury, VT

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Kristen V. in North Adams, MA

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Catherine L. in East Wareham, MA

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Andrew C. in Middleboro, MA

"I love this site. I got a bunch of jobs through you guys over the years. This is by far the best job site out there, the only one i have actually found work through repeatedly even in this economy. It's also fast as employers have all my information ahead of time. I got this job offer less than week after it posted."
Sean N. in Rutland, VT

"Found the job listed in the extended search results section, so thank goodness for that. I had been mostly ignoring them because it was so much easier to submit the applications through SchoolSpring. Thanks for posting extended search results!"
Seve I. in Canby, OR

"Thank you! I would recommend SchoolSpring to anyone looking for a teaching job!!"
Raymond C. in Bordentown, NJ

"SchoolSpring allowed me to consider different school districts that I wouldn't have in a traditional job search. It took some time upfront to prepare my initial account, but was well worth it. Very easy to apply for jobs! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Allison B. in North Andover, MA

"I could not have found my new job without SchoolSpring! It made looking and applying for jobs so easy and convenient. They had a comprehensive list of all jobs available in my area that no other website compared to. I can't wait to start my new job! I'm definitely recommending SchoolSpring to anyone looking for a job in a school system."
Emily G. in Providence, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring you have been a wonderful source of information in regards to local teaching jobs available. Earlier this summer I saw two resource teacher postions advertised. I applied, had an interview and got a job! I am thrilled and appreciate this website! "
Gayle D. in Foster, RI

"Thanks for providing such an comprehensive job search resource! It is such a timesaver to not have to scour the web with keywords or check each district and school website individually. Thank you!"
LeAnnette G. in Springvale, ME

"SchoolSpring has been a very valuable tool in my search and I would highly recommend this website to anyone interested in a teaching position in any capacity. Thank you for this valuable service."
Judith K. in Narragansett, RI

"I lived in Arizona but wanted to move to the East coast, specifically Maine. I never would have found this job without this website and subscribing to daily email updates. Thank you so much for having this available for teachers."
Amy T. in Yuma, AZ

"SchoolSpring is an excellent site to find your new teaching job. I used SchoolSpring Plus and was contacted by several principals by directly sending my application to them. I love the email alerts. This was awesome as it updated new schools needing teachers daily! I eventually found my job by applying to the school district that I am at. People who are looking for teaching careers should use this site :) Thanks SchoolSpring :)"
Stephanie K. in El Paso, TX

"This website works wonderfully! I wish more schools would be a part of it."
Thomas C. in Las Vegas, NV

"SchoolSpring is just great because it is a one stop shop for available teaching positions."
Jennifer R. in Brockton, MA

"After just about 3 years of substitute teaching and job searching I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of my teaching career with third graders :) Thank you SchoolSpring for all your help!"
Melisa F. in Westerly, RI

"I love this website, it helped me to find a teaching position in Houston, Texas as a 1st-3rd grade teacher."
Charity S. in Marshall, TX

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Sandy B. in Rockingham, NC

"Thanks for making my job search so easy!"
Elizabeth S. in Essex Jct., VT

"SchoolSpring is great! I got a job in just two weeks after beginning my search! Any questions I had were answered right away, and the job alerts were helpful in letting me know when new, relevant jobs were posted."
Kristel C. in Malden, MA

"Great system...very helpful and I would recommend to others!"
Christopher K. in Fairfield, CT

"I found my new job using SchoolSpring."
Jennifer Y. in Everett, MA

"SchoolSpring was pretty sweet, but it wasn't a factor in my job offer. Thanks, though."
Justin P. in Falmouth, ME

"SchoolSpring has been a quick provider of immediately released job openings and opportunities. I highly commend your work and thank you for all your reminders, quick and to the point announcements."
María F. in Worcester, MA

"Finally make the final cut!!! So excited, thank you so much SchoolSpring!!!! "
Ryan J. in Ipswich, MA

"SchoolSpring offers one of the most efficient ways for prospective teachers and employers to connect here in Vermont. It eliminates so much of the search legwork involved in seeking jobs in education that is common in other states. I highly commend your process."
Ila L. in Charlotte, VT

"I checked SchoolSpring every day to see new listings, and mailed out many applications. Thank you for your great resource."
Marilyn J. in Hillsborough, NH

"I have been using your site for about a year now trying to find a paraeducator job in my area. Thanks to SchoolSpring for getting these postings to me so quickly and allowing me to apply immediately!! I would recommend this site to anyone actively looking for a job in this field."
Zachary T. in Manchester Center, VT

"SchoolSpring supplied access to a large number of job openings in my area of specialality. The application process was quick and easy. SchoolSpring is a fantastic tool in the success of employment."
Prudence R. in Charlton, MA

"Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Sheila K. in Littleton, MA

"After two challenging years during which I was unemployed for 18 months and laid off from a FT teaching position after just 6 months I have landed the job of my dreams!!! I am greatly indebted to SchoolSpring for making this opportunity possible!! Thank You SchoolSpring!!!"
Jonathan B. in Boston, MA

"Excellent process. SchoolSpring was a huge help."
David L. in Barrington, RI

"So excited and happy about my new job! I would not have got it without this website! Thanks so much! =)"
Gina G. in Hampden, MA

"After graduation I found a substitute teaching position through SchoolSpring. It was easy and straightforward! "
Amanda P. in Little Compton, RI

"SchoolSpring was an awesome support resource. It made marketing my career and job search very efficient. The webinars and customer service were top notch. The centralized repository of my personal records allowed me to efficiently network with the education community and quickly respond to educator job postings. I will continue to recommend your services. I am very excited to begin my new career as an educator and I sincerely appreciate SchoolSpring."
Michael N. in Otter River, MA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I am in a new position and am absolutely thrilled with it!"
Kerry C. in Billerica, MA

"SchoolSpring was a godsend that made this sometimes excruciating process of job hunting just a little bit easier. I can't imagine having to individually submit each of those applications, and I appreciate the streamlined search engine. Thank you so much."
Heather S. in Austin, TX

"Thank you so much! The daily updates were tremendously helpful and ultimately led to my dream job!"
Karie W. in Beverly, MA

"SchoolSpring is a very thorough job search. I was able to pinpoint jobs in my area and applied to those. Thanks for being there for teachers."
Donna N. in Spring Branch, TX

"I am so excited about my new position as Principal of an elementary school, the posting of which I found on SchoolSpring. The process was easy and organized, and I would highly recommend it!"
Kathryn T. in Smithfield, RI

"This is the second time I used your services and in both occasions you have successfully found me the right job. Thanks!!!!"
Teresa L. in Revere, MA

"I saw [my new employer's] posting on SchoolSpring.com last week, applied to the position and was accepted right under the wire. I could not be more excited to start tutoring high school students and working on my teaching certification and skills right away!"
Alexandra D. in Boston, MA

"Nice, user-friendly, effective."
Terence B. in Sherman, TX

"SchoolSpring was very helpful in my job search. It takes the arduous task of job hunting and simplifies it, while providing numerous daily updates. You are kept updated throughout the process, as SchoolSpring lets you know your status for each application. If I need to search for a new job, I know I'm coming to Schoolspring for help. Highly recommended."
Justin D. in Cambridge, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me with my job search, you were an invaluable resource!"
Mark H. in Holden, MA

"SchoolSpring was extremely helpful in helping me find job postings that were targeted to my needs. I was able to find a position in the state of MA before I moved. Thank you!"
Carolina C. in Chicago, IL

"Just think this is an awesome site. It took time and many applications (Persistence is the key!) but finally found a great job!"
Thomas B. in Ames, IA

"Your website has been such an asset during this process. I also used your webinars at the beginning of the process which I found very helpful in getting started. I am excited about my new position and will continue to recommend your site."
Coleen S. in Warwick, RI

"Thank you for having this web site. It made my life easier when applying to places. I didn't have to wonder if my application got to a place on time. Searching for jobs was easy. And once it caught on with school districts in Rhode Island, it made job searching a breeze."
Ashleigh M. in Pascoag, RI

"Nothing to improve on, SchoolSpring's system worked wonderfully!"
Michael D. in Fall River, MA

"I used SchoolSpring for about 4 months in order to search for a staff position. Meanwhile, I was also applying to schools using other methods. I went on a total of 4 interviews. Each interview was due to a SchoolSpring posting. I recently received an offer for a staff full time position and I could not be happier! Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
Frank B. in Atkinson, NH

"I love this site. It has been so helpful in alerting me to positions that are out there. Thank you. I have told many people about it."
Jessica L. in Boston, MA

"SchoolSpring was a helpful search agent in my process looking for new employment. Once the initial application is completed, it was easy to search and apply to new opportunities every day!"
Elizabeth W. in Attleboro, MA

"This is the best way to locate a teaching position in another state."
Frances T. in Roanoke, VA

"The online application process was a bit tedious, but in the end it worked out and I've been very happy with the results as I love my new school!"
Melanie K. in Burke, VA

"This morning I was named principal at [my new employer] in West Virginia. I would like to thank SchoolSpring in assisting me in finding opportunities. The electronic resume made the difference!"
Russell C. in Knoxville, TN

"SchoolSpring made finding jobs I was certified for simple and stress free and applying was pleasantly quick and easy. "
Debra D. in Lincoln , RI

"A great source in the digital age. Thank-you"
Donald S. in Peoria, AZ

"SchoolSpring made it so easy to find a job. I now have the most perfect job!"
Kristin T. in Hampden, MA

"Great web site! Thanks so much."
Stephen W. in New Bedford, MA

"I saw an ad for the Memphis City Schools on SchoolSpring that interested me, even though it was out of my search area. I am now gearing up for my move to Tennessee."
Lori P. in Lancaster, PA

"I appreciated the email alerts. Very helpful and made the process less daunting. Thanks!"
William G. in Sharon, MA

"Thank you, SchoolSpring! I found my new library media specialist position through your site. It was one of the jobs that my Search Agent found for me, and the principal contacted me because she was impressed with the cover letter I uploaded when I applied for the job. I am very excited to start next month, and I will spread the word about SchoolSpring to other educators who are searching for employment!"
Erin B. in Pittsfield, MA

"SchoolSpring made the application process so easy and convenient for me!"
Eric O. in Danvers, MA

"Your expansion into publishing jobs outside of your direct source connections was wonderful! Through that I found many more opportunities that would not have crossed my screen. I cannot praise or thank you enough for your efforts."
James R. in Melrose Park, PA

"Much appreciated... Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Austin S. in Sunderland, MA

"This website was very helpful in keeping me updated with the most recent job opportunities that were offered in my community."
Joanna R. in Holyoke, MA

"This was the most useful search engine for teaching positions that I found. I spent an entire month using other search systems with no luck. I signed up with SchoolSpring, and within 2 weeks, I had a job. Thank you!"
Christine L. in Round Rock, TX

"Your daily updates made me aware of the openings that I got interviewed for, districts that wanted to interview me, and the one that finally hired me. Thank you so much for this website! It was so helpful!"
Sarah M. in Huntsville, TX

"I was so happy to see a local elementary school was hiring and the day I applied, I was called to interview and hired the next day! SchoolSpring made that all possible! AWESOME!"
Andrea P. in South Duxbury, VT

"I'm thrilled to have been hired. So glad I saw the posting on SchoolSpring!!! It is a dream come true. Thanks!"
Caitlin W. in Wellesley, MA

"I saw an opening, applied through SchoolSpring, interviewed, and got a great new job. Thanks so much!!"
Sarah L. in Concord, MA

"I followed a posting on SchoolSpring and applied for the position. I quickly received an email for an interview and subsequently hired. SchoolSpring made it easy to keep track of the positions that I did apply for directly through SchoolSpring."
Tom G. in Norton, MA

"After a few months of very simply sending off my information to several employers, one district phoned for a job I wasn't even aware was available. It was and is my dream job. SchoolSpring was my foot in the door and the interview solidified my position. Can't wait to start!"
Jami W. in Chicopee, MA

"Thank you for connecting us SchoolSpring!"
Trudy T. in South Boston, MA

"The job alerts helped me focus on finding a job."
Lisa C. in Hewitt, TX

"SchoolSpring helped me a lot in finding my job. Your website is the greatest and I can't thank you enough for everything done for me in finding this job."
Li S. in New Jersey

"Yeah! Got a job!"
Gail T. in Scottsdale, AZ

"SchoolSpring was a big help in my job search for a health and physical education position. They were the first to alert me when the job became posted. Even though The job I endend up getting wasn't posted through SchoolSpring, it still was an awesome help!"
Rob H. in New Jersey

"SchoolSpring helped me find exactly the job I was looking for! Thank you!!!"
Colleen C. in Marshfield, MA

"Having all of my documents uploaded made applying for jobs so much more efficient. I only wish more schools would use SchoolSpring."
Cheryl L. in Lewiston, ME

"Hired as a Spanish/French teacher. Thanks for your help! Your job alert emails really helped."
Laurie F. in Longmeadow, MA

"SchoolSpring was wonderful. All interviews that I had scheduled were a result of applications on SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Christina C. in Pleasant Valley, NY

"I found my new job on SchoolSpring! It's close to home, and will allow me to work with some wonderful colleagues! I can't wait to start teaching second graders!"
Christina S. in Methuen, MA

"This process made job hunting much easier. I am thrilled to have this new position!"
Sharon J. in West Chesterfield, NH

"I was hired as a 5th grade teacher! Thrilled that I was selected! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Tiffany C. in Ludlow, MA

"I saw the posting through SchoolSpring and applied. I was hired for the job a few weeks later :)"
Tina L. in Maryland

"I was able to apply for a dozen or more jobs at once, got many interviews and was offered still more, all thanks to SchoolSpring. I recommend it to every teacher I know. Thanks so much!"
Amy C. in Marlborough, MA

"I appreciate and thank the SchoolSpring program. "
Brian P. in Westborough, MA

"Applied here online, through SchoolSpring for the first time. Went for interview and got hired. Thank You for your services."
Sheila B. in Whitehall, NY

"Really enjoyed using SchoolSpring. Thanks for a great experience!"
Andrea C. in Hopkinton, MA

"I just signed up on SchoolSpring not too long ago and I found a job!!! SchoolSpring is a great online resource to find a teaching job. I am not from the state I got hired in and it allowed me to apply to jobs near my home that were just across the border. I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Heather O. in Hudson Falls, NY

"I'm so appreciative and excited!!!"
Jennie M. in Agawam, MA

"As a result of my job search, I came to realize the advantages of keeping my position. I received a plethora of interview requests [through SchoolSpring] and strengthened my teaching practice by going through the process. By actively searching for a new job, I was able to feel the pulse of education in America today. I will definitely stay on the site, and will use SchoolSpring again when I take another stab at transition. "
Denice C. in Bedford, NY

"After barely a month of applications, I had over 15 interviews in two weeks and multiple job offers in one weekend, all through SchoolSpring. Thank you for the intuitive set up of the website and the professional appearance of your applications on the school end. Much better than other teacher application sites I have used. "
Danina G. in Hyattsville, MD

"This is the second time that I have used SchoolSpring to find employment. I am so excited to start my new job closer to home. I felt that the website gave me easy access to all local employment opportunities, the application process was fast, and the communication between myself and potential employers was immediate. Everyone I know uses this website! "
Ericca L. in Holden, MA

"Your website was extremely helpful as I job hunted from overseas. It took much of the stress away from moving home and finding a job. Thank you for the help!"
Sara C. in Wilmington, MA

"I was applying for jobs as a teacher and director of curriculum. I was surprised to see the school I was working for part-time was looking for a principal. So I applied through SchoolSpring and got the job!! I am very excited about my new position and will be using your site to hire my staff. Thanks for your help in moving my career forward."
Yvonne W. in Lyndonville, VT

"I found [my new employer] on your site and it changed my life. I scheduled the interview Tuesday, interviewed Wednesday and had the job offer Thursday. It's amazing how your life can change in the blink of an eye. I am extremely anxious and excited and SchoolSpring made it happen. Thank you SchoolSpring!!!"
Brian B. in Port Matilda, PA

"Thank you!!!! It worked!!!!"
Catherine H. in Enfield, CT

"Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
Alecia K. in Westfield, MA

"Don't give up - the right job is out there! While mine wasn't found through SchoolSpring, I did find several I wouldn't have otherwise here. "
Kirsten F. in Lewiston, ME

"Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me find my new job as a teacher. The site is easy to use and helps alleviate some of the heavy lifting that comes with applying to jobs. I've already started working during the summer term, and I love my new school. I never would have found it without you!"
Lisa C. in Allston, MA

"SchoolSpring was very helpful during search for a language arts position. This website made it a breeze to search for jobs in the states that I was interested in teaching. I was able to find a job that was in my home state and close to my current home. Thank you SchoolSpring for your help!"
Justin H. in Rapid City, SD

"Thank you very much for your valuable site!"
Sol K. in Topsham, ME

"I am very excited about getting my job as Vice Principal. SchoolSpring is a great resource and makes the job application processes much easier. Thank you."
Carol K. in Agawam, MA

"Loved using SchoolSpring. With all the jobs I was able to apply to I was able to find the one I wanted. Thanks!"
Patrick C. in Hampton, NH

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I just signed a contract for the upcoming school year. I will be where I want to be and doing what I want to do!! Thanks again."
Michael M. in Klamath Falls, OR

"SchoolSpring is great for those willing to relocate. Lots of options. "
Lauren B. in Saint Charles, IL

"Thank you for making the process of looking for a new teaching position in the New England area much easier. Once my account was set up I found the task of finding job possibilities much easier to accomplish. I was matched up with several good possibilities and as it happens I got the job I really wanted. Thank you fro providing this excellent service."
Wilma W. in Littleton, NH

"I applied for a position on SchoolSpring and was offered the job! "
Linda L. in East Windsor, CT

"I was very satisfied with the job postings and the information that the website provided. Thank you."
David G. in California

"I applied to a number of different jobs here on SchoolSpring and got a nibble. That nibble led to me being hired full time for the 2012-13 school year. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Nicholas C. in Lincoln, RI

"This service has been very helpful. Good information."
Theresa L. in Lewisville, TX

"I did not find my job using SchoolSpring, but it was definitely worth the experience."
Jessica G. in College Park, GA

"It was great. SchoolSpring was a big help. It was easy and simple to use. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Timothy N. in Blooming Grove, TX

"In a hard market, I was able to easily find openings and juggle many applications. Ultimately, I was able to chose the school that I felt best matched my goals! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Brian H. in Burlington, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I grumbled over the tedious process of uploading all of my documentation, but it was well worth it! I didn't receive any interview activity until after one school district asked me to complete the college transcript page. As soon as my transcripts were verified, I started receiving phone calls for interviews! I wish every school district in New England used SchoolSpring!"
Lucy C. in Meredith, NH

"I really appreciate SchoolSpring.com. This website has helped me organize my application materials and keep everything in one place. SchoolSpring has become the go to site for the majority of schools in my area."
Amanda M. in Natick, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for delivering me fast and accurate search results! I couldn't have done it without you!"
Kyle P. in Center Barnstead, NH

"I found Baltimore county on your website and they contracted me about their multiple positions. I loved all the options for schools around the country."
Christopher C. in Bartonsville, PA

"I depended on you daily to help me apply to as many jobs as possible. Thank you for your valuable help!"
Lou-Anne C. in Plymouth, NH

"I had my first interview through SchoolSpring and did not get the job. I was called for a second interview and got it! I am so thankful I used SchoolSpring and feel truly blessed I got the position. This was a great way to get my resume out there and I am happy I used this site. "
Natalie C. in Plymouth, MA

"SchoolSpring helps me a LOT!! Thank you! "
wan W. in Easthampton, MA

"Thank you to SchoolSpring for being such a great resource for teachers. I found my special education job on the listings, and I think it will be a perfect match for me!"
Janet B. in Groveland, MA

"Really wasn't looking for a new position. I was directed to your site by a friend who say the posting and thought of me. Went on the interview and felt it was a great match."
Maureen C. in Holden, MA

"SchoolSpring was a great site!!!! Although, I didn't get my current position from the site, SchoolSpring was instrumental in finding several possible positions. It took the stress away of finding a position in another state. Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
RoxAnne J. in Seguin, TX

"I love that I can see job postings from all over the state."
Seth M. in Grafton, MA

"I liked the way you pulled information from multiple sites. It made searching easier."
Jules O. in Yuma, AZ

"I am so pleased with my new employment. I am so grateful for this new opportunity!!!"
Kimberly W. in Belleville, MI

"Thank you!"
Cynthia T. in Nashua, NH

"As far as the convenience of looking for public teaching work in Vermont, it was the simplest job search process I have ever encountered seeing as all the districts were conveniently using this same website."
William W. in Aurora, CO

"Thank you for making the process so easy after the initial set up."
Christopher A. in Springfield, VT

"SchoolSpring was a great tool in my job search. I really appreciated the status updates."
Clayton C. in South Boston, MA

"Thanks for your help. Your process made it easier to get work out and to apply for what interested me. Looking forward to starting work as a school nurse in the fall."
Elissa C. in Starksboro, VT

"SchoolSpring has streamlined the job-hunting process. Easy to apply and maintain an updated profile."
Adam R. in N. Clarendon, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring, for making my move from New York to Rhode Island so much easier! I wish every profession had a site like this (it would make my husband's job that much easier!) I found the perfect position for myself. Thanks!"
T.B. in Brooklyn, NY

"SchoolSpring helped me tremendously in the job seeking process. I especially appreciated the updates when employers had reviewed my resumes and also gave me contact information for the leadership at the individual schools. I hope I never have to use SchoolSpring's services ever again, but if I'm ever in need, or have a colleague in need, they'll be the first one I suggest. Thank you so much."
Tammy D. in Gaston, SC

"I loved using SchoolSpring.com. I found viable job offers and within 5 months of actively looking I found the perfect job for me."
Heather Z. in Northfield, VT

"This a great website and very comprehensive. The regular notifications and updates are such a valuable tool. I was able to do everything right here and recently got hired for my perfect job! Thanks SchoolSpring! "
Treg V. in Essex Junction, VT

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Heather L. in Websterville, VT

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Aline C. in Wrentham, MA

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Laura M. in Winchester, MA

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Amber B. in San Antonio, TX

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Mary Jean J. in Worcester, MA

"I am very excited about my new position! Thank you so much for the ease of applying and interviewing for this position."
Tonya R. in Trinidad, TX

"Was able to find a position in my current district, but this website helped with finding other jobs if I moved out of the state."
Drew O. in Dover, NH

"I got the job alert from SchoolSpring, applied that day and was hired within the week. SchoolSpring is the best way to be informed of multiple teacher opening and it's simple to apply."
David M. in Edgartown, MA

"I am going to be teaching physics to inspire students to think more critically about the world around them. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks to your site for aiding my search, it is such a powerful tool."
Michael W. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"SchoolSpring has been an incredibly valuable resource in helping me find a job. I have used other websites, both in the US and abroad, and this has been the most efficient, useful tool I've found. I have already recommended this web site to several other friends and will continue to do so. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Karla P. in Saint Paul, MN

"I'll be teaching 3rd grade in Essex Junction, Vermont. Exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks, SchoolSpring! "
Leslie P. in North Cambridge, MA

"I applied for [my new position] through SchoolSpring. I think SchoolSpring is a great job searching tool! I look forward to keeping my account with SchoolSpring and finding additional after school part-time positions. Thank you very much!"
Kristen L. in East Bridgewater, MA

"After what seemed like a very long time, which really wasn't, I got a job at a terrific school. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Bruce L. in St. Johnsbury, VT

"I was afraid I wouldn't find a job. I signed up with SchoolSpring, and several similar websites. The most helpful thing about SchoolSpring was the webinars. I listened to one early on to help me develop my resume and cover letters. I also liked the Search Agent. It showed me jobs all over the country, not just those in the SchoolSpring system. As it turned out, I was offered two positions one through SchoolSpring and one through the Search Agent. I took the one with the warmer climate :)"
Tammy E. in Azalea, OR

"I have 22 years of experience. There were times I wanted to give up trying to get rehired in Texas but I searched on SchoolSpring and never gave up. This website was very helpful. Thanks, SchoolSpring."
Melissa N. in Alvin, TX

"Being able to have all different types of jobs that were available was great."
Margaret F. in Sutton, VT

"I went back to school and received a certification in education. Thank you for all the job postings."
Janet R. in Middleton, MA

"Thank you very much for the job updates. Although I was able to land this new job as a result of going to a job fair, the emails you sent alerted me to the many opportunities in my field, thus making this process much easier for me."
Giselle R. in Somers, CT

"This website is great. The search agent was very helpful in finding the types of jobs I was interested in. The one school that did call me turned out to be a great fit for me and they gave me the job! I would definitely recommend this site to friends...and I already have."
Michael G. in Orange, MA

"The whole job application process along with the interview process was very simplified. I went into looking for a job with great dread because I knew that just filling out the application would probably take more time than I had available. However, I found that everything was very quick and painless with SchoolSpring! Thank you so much for making this dreaded process so simple for me...and I am very excited about my new position!!!!!"
Tonya R. in Trinidad, TX

"Schoolspring was a fast and convenient way to search for employment and stay in contact with potential employers."
Kathleen F. in Haverhill, MA

"SchoolSpring rocks! I just got a job teaching English and Theater outside of Boston, and I sing the praises of SchoolSpring all the time. It is GREAT to see how the company continues to grow."
Christopher G. in Newport, RI

"I've been quite impressed with this site, particular when I found out about a job on my own campus through SchoolSpring before hearing it through word-of-mouth. Now I'm a school counselor!"
Beth H. in Valley Mills, TX

"SchoolSpring was easy and so convenient to use. Thank you. My job was not found through SchoolSpring, but I did get several interviews and one offer from this site."
Mary B. in Florence, MA

"Keeping in touch with potential employers, notification of status, etc. was very smooth with SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Eric H. in Richmond, VT

"Through SchoolSpring I was able to find a job I love."
Deanna D. in San Jose, CA

"Thank you for helping me with your great search agent engine, this is a wonderful opportunity for me!"
Anthony C. in Oceanside, NY

"This site is easy to navigate and it continually listed new positions for me to consider. The alerts coming to my email were also very appreciated. SchoolSpring cares as much as I do in finding a job. Kudos!"
Donald J. in Ronan, MT

"I love this site. It gave me encouragement when jobs seem to be disappearing."
Henry M. in El Paso, TX

"I was able to find this fantastic opportunity only through SchoolSpring!! I am so excited to start my new job as a Children's Residential Director!!"
Donielle T. in Ashburnham, MA

"Found my dream job in Kindergarten and will be happy if I can stay there for the rest of my career. Thank you for making this long and difficult journey a more accessible and succinct process."
Caitlin H. in York, ME

"I did not find my new job on SchoolSpring but I REALLY liked that when I was unemployed I could apply so easily for positions once the initial application was completed."
Dawnnette B. in Joppa, MD

"SO EXCITED!!! I got a call today. I am going back to work. Thanks!"
Tanya H. in Norwood, NC

"SchoolSpring made it easy to find a job. Thank you."
Michael S. in Nashua, NH

"Thank you for making my job application process so much easier! Your system allows prospective teachers to send their information quickly and efficiently. I cannot wait to start teaching in September!"
Michael P. in Tewksbury, MA

"I found a new career here at Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School as their new Career Coach. Thanks for the posting SchoolSpring!"
Anne T. in Lunenburg, MA

"SchoolSpring really helped me to find the right job for me! The filters for my job search were easy to set up and they allowed me to look at only the jobs that I wanted to apply for in the area I chose. I'm so excited for this new endeavor and I thank SchoolSpring for helping me to find this job!"
Cynthia C. in Garden City, KS

"I was hired as the Executive Director of a charter school in January. The SchoolSpring application process is solely responsible for this success!"
David C. in Manchester, NH

"I found it very helpful to have the weekly updates of possible job opportunities in my area. I would recommend this site for others."
Caitlin S. in Exeter, NH

"Although SchoolSpring did not lead me directly to the job I have been hired for, I went on numerous interviews and phone conferences through this site. I love the way you can see the status of your applications, and receive notifications daily."
Constance R. in Easton, PA

"Great resource for administrators. This was the first time I have applied for employment in 33 years and I enjoyed using SchoolSpring. We use it at my current district and I look forward to utilizing it in my new district."
Kevin F. in Yarmouthport, MA

"I did not get my job through SchoolSpring, but I did enjoy the daily job alerts and the format for applying. If I am ever a job seeker in the future I would definitely use SchoolSpring again. Awesome job SchoolSpring!"
Sharon N. in Fort Worth, TX

"This site is great. I even had a school contact me. Thanks for the free service."
Pamela S. in Caldwell, ID

"Found this school in the links for schools that do not have a SchoolSpring application. Wasn't sure they would even look at it considering my lack of experience, but I was just offered the job! I couldn't be happier!"
Cailin F. in Bethlehem, PA

"Thank you for keeping me so well apprised of all job openings in my field! I also love the way that SchoolSpring keeps all of my information in one online place, ready to update and/or submit to a potential employer."
Carolyn M. in South Berwick, ME

"I got a job in July 2010. It was the first place I sent my resume to and my first interview, and they hired me on the spot. Very happy with SchoolSpring."
Bernard A. in Worcester, MA

"Received a job offer as a first-time BA in North Hero, VT. Thank you SchoolSpring for the initial connection."
Candy C. in Bellows Falla, VT

"Thank you schoolspring for helping me to obtain a position as an ABA Therapist. I believe I will truly be happy!"
Melanie B. in Nashua, NH

"I have just accepted a Middle/High School English teaching position in Vermont. Applied for the position through SchoolSpring about a month ago; this is my first job out of graduate school, and am thrilled to have the process complete with such a great result."
Jory H. in Cambridge, MA

"Very accurate. Used daily! "
Christina P. in Pennsylvania

"Once your information is online, the application process is so easy for new jobs. When I was applying for new jobs, all I had to do was change my cover letter some and submit my application. Scheduling interviews was nice through the site as well. Definitely saved me time and I didn't miss any application deadlines!"
Tiffany D. in Canton, ME

"I found SchoolSpring very helpful in my job hunting process. I was provided with possible positions that matched my criterion weekly."
Patricia J. in Tewksbury, MA

"Excellent experience. Great communication and follow-up. Well worth the effort."
Richard T. in South Berwick, ME

"Very happy with the search agent service, it pointed me to the position I recently accepted!"
Beth T. in Illinois

"Didn't find my job through your site, but LOVE it as a tool. I plan to use it again in a year or two if my family decides to move to Oregon."
Craig H. in Marquette, KS

"I loved that SchoolSpring.com sent me updates whenever a new job became available. THANKS SCHOOLSPRING.COM FOR EVERYTHING!"
Eugene B. in Crosby, ND

"SchoolSpring was very useful in my job search this year. Having all my verified transcripts, documents and references together on one easy to use website was especially helpful. Thank you!"
Mary Alice O. in Italy

"This site was wonderful. There were plenty of links to districts and schools looking for people, and there was a lot of great information. Plus, some of the premium services offered through SchoolSpring were phenomenally helpful, too."
Michael W. in Cedar City, UT

"SchoolSpring.com has been an invaluable tool throughout my search for a new position. I found this site easy to use yet thorough and have recommended it often to colleagues. I began to receive inquiries shortly after completing the online application and chose two districts for interviews. Within one week I was offered positions in both districts. Thank you SchoolSpring.com for offering this FREE, stress-free, and effective service."
Sharon M. in Sayre, PA

"Thank you so much for a wonderful website. Most states have separate websites for teachers, but this was a great place to come to find them all brought together. Very useful for someone who was looking across the country, and ended up getting a job in a state I've visited only twice. Thanks."
Beth P. in Iowa

"Thank you so much, SchoolSpring.com! Your site was incredibly helpful in my job search. Thank you!"
Mallory G. in East Stroudsburg, PA

"SchoolSpring made it easy for me to apply for positions and helped me land my dream job."
Justin M. in West Rutland, VT

"Thank you very much for your help and the opportunity to find a better job."
Alejandro S. in Toa Alta, PR

"SchoolSpring was and continues to be a great resource for seeing what jobs are available in the field of education! Good luck to any and all who continue to look for the job of their dreams!"
Brian B. in Westborough, MA

"[My new employer] contacted me for an interview, and I received a job offer on the spot! This surprised me quite a bit, but nevertheless, I was extremely thrilled! Thank you for all of the work you put into connecting potential teachers with potential employers. This site is user-friendly and highly effective!"
Lauren P. in Provo, UT

"I just love the site that you have created, it is easy to use and makes applying for a position quite easy. This is a wonderful format for school districts as well as applicants. I also found that the few times that I had questions, you were quick to respond and were very helpful."
Melinda R. in Horseheads, NY

"SchoolSpring enabled me to manage 38 applications, participate in 24 interviews, and become a finalist in 6 high school principal and superintendent positions in RI, MA and NH. The simplicity with which SchoolSpring enabled me to facilitate all these communications with various school and community leaders during this time frame made my personal and professional time much more effective and meaningful. Thanks!"
Christopher L. in Portsmouth, RI

"I had a long-term sub position in another town when [my new employer] contacted me for a full-time elementary special ed position - my dream job. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Deborah S. in Franklin, MA

"... an amazing website and job resource!"
David C. in Hanson, MA

"SCHOOLSPRING is AWESOME! Thank you so much for your diligence and wonderful site. "
Patricia R. in Baltimore, MD

"I loved the daily new posting of jobs! Very helpful! Thanks!"
Valerie C. in Concord, MA

"I found the SchoolSpring website to be absolutely fantastic for searching for and applying for jobs around the country. When and if I start seeking my next job, I will be eager to use SchoolSpring.com again. Thank you!"
Rebecca D. in Surprise, AZ

"I felt much more productive applying to specific jobs advertised on SchoolSpring than standing in lines all day at a job fair just to be provided with the school's web address (to apply online)."
Devon D. in Acme, PA

"SchoolSpring is the best online source for teachers to find employment!"
Michele G. in Marlboro, MA

"I found it very helpful to read a lot of the postings for the type of administrative job I was seeking before updating my resume. This exercise helped me to use current language and terms to describe my work experiences. I found the SchoolSpring website very user-friendly."
Irene C. in Ayer, MA

"I first got the job posting [for my new job] through a SchoolSpring email notice so I have to be thankful for that!"
Steven A. in Moundsville, WV

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I am so pleased about how easy you make it for us to find all of the active job opportunities in our area. I have done a job search before you existed, and I can tell you it was much more work. Keep up the good work!"
Madilyn R. in Woburn, MA

"My new employer hired me to substitute teach in their night school for testing. I am excited to have this part-time opportunity which allows me to keep my full-time day job while assisting a school with their substitute teacher needs. Thanks to SchoolSpring I can finally place my foot in the door of public education."
Susan E. in Bastrop, TX

"SchoolSpring has made it possible for me to easily view available jobs, and apply for them through a "click of a button." Having all of my information in one place for employers has made this experience the most positive job search experience I have ever had. I love SchoolSpring!"
Elizabeth O. in Warren, RI

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I was hired as an educator for the Roca program in Chelsea, MA. I couldn't be happier. Thank you!"
Quinn E. in Oswego, NY

"I love SchoolSpring!!!"
Melissa M. in Littleton, MA

"I applied on SchoolSpring because I had recently moved to the area and within a few tries I landed the job of my dreams. I am now an ED-Tech at [my new employer] and I love the hours, the people, and the closeness to home. I am so thankful for this job and website!!!!"
Teresa E. in Windham, ME

"The application went through quickly and I love my new job!"
Phyllis B. in Waco, TX

"SchoolSpring was easy and quick to use which was important to me in my job search. The efficiency helped me save time instead of spending hours updating information online. The site has connections with many reputable schools nationwide. This made me feel like I had a real "chance" of landing a job and I did!"
Claudia H. in Lancaster, PA

"Thanks for all of the leads. I think I have found my dream job!"
Mary S. in Massachusetts

"Thank you SchoolSpring! Because of you, I was notified of a job in a town near me as an elementary teacher. I applied through SchoolSpring, networked, got an interview, and was hired! Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful opportunity."
Megan R. in Norton, MA

"I found a position as a Math Interventionist Teacher in Arizona. I love living here. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Myron D. in Canton, NY

"Awesome. This is the only job site I found that actually works. This will be the 5th job i got thru y'all over the years and had many interviews/offers from your site as well. Thank you again. This site is very user friendly and effective, keep it up."
Sean N. in Proctor, VT

"SchoolSpring played an important role in my success i finding an excellent teaching position. Thank you SchoolSpring for all your help."
Shelby H. in Madison, CT

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I am now happily serving as the new Assistant Head of School at [my new employer] in Raleigh, NC! I never would have discovered this little gem of a school and all the wonderful adults and children I now work with if it hadn't been for SchoolSpring! Thanks, SchoolSpring! I highly recommend this site to people seeking employment in education! SchoolSpring simplifies the application process by making it easy to submit all the paperwork to various postings. Do all the paperwork one time, and then it is easy to submit all documentation to different companies/schools with just a few clicks!"
Barbara G. in Mount Juliet, TN

"Thank you for all of your help. It was greatly appreciated."
Hellen B. in Austin, TX

"I love SchoolSpring! I saw this listing [for my new job] by scrolling down to the bottom and seeing "other jobs" and found this perfect match!"
Sonja B. in Stoneham, MA

"Thank you for keeping current listings and for daily notifications. I would not have known about my job without them! Many thanks again."
Patricia P. in Bridgewater, MA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I found the listing for the position I now hold teaching Elementary Music in Greenville, MS. I found the position listed here, contacted the district for an application, and eventually got the job and am loving doing what I do best again. SchoolSpring helped me resume my career again! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Scott R. in Atlanta, GA

"Thanks, for all the job notifications. I have accepted a position. Your site was very helpful in my search."
Jennifer E. in Hollis, NH

"SchoolSpring helped me find a job! I wouldn't have known about the job if it weren't for SchoolSpring."
Michelle F. in Thorndike, MA

"SchoolSpring is great. It is inclusive and thorough. I had many applications sent out and was scheduled for a few interviews. I am glad to have found this resource and I gained employment in an educational facility that seems to fit me perfectly! Thank you very much!!"
Kymberleigh R. in Randolph, VT

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Dale C. in Worcester, MA

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Stephanie H. in White Marsh, MD

"Your online job matching alerts service made the job application process very easy and straight-forward. SchoolSpring alleviates the burden of combing through websites for job opportunities. The profile questions related to experience, skill set, and desired job positions produced email job alert suggestions that accurately matched the type of position I was seeking. As a result, the interview process was positive and productive. Thank you for your service."
Eileen O. in Sudbury, MA

"I filled out an electronic application for [my new employer] after receiving a job posting via email from SchoolSpring. I interviewed with the staff their and I was offered the job! I am appreciative to all who helped me get the job and one of them was SchoolSpring. It was their constant email updates for job postings that allowed me to apply for this job and eventually get it. So thank you."
Philip N. in Millville, UT

"Thank you for posting the jobs. I wouldn't know where the jobs are without your help. Thank you."
Jamtsho J. in Austin, TX

"Thank you SchoolSpring! After months of searching, I finally found the perfect job."
Stephanie R. in Brighton, MA

"Thank you for the way you are continually updating people on what's available. SchoolSpring is an excellent way to not only save time, but see the positions that really match who I am as a professional. Thanks!!"
Violet L. in Taunton, MA

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Elizabeth K. in Brewster, MA

"Thank you, SchoolSpring. If it had not been for your devotion to helping others find employment, I would have never known [my new employer] exists. I would have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime to do what I love with others who feel as passionately about education as I do."
Deaun M. in Fort Worth, TX

"Thanks to SchoolSpring, I saw a posting which I applied for and got the job. I'm absolutely loving my job so thank you SchoolSpring!"
Sandra D. in Fall River, MA

"This is a wonderful website that really puts all the schools together in one location. I found my new job using SchoolSpring and have told others about it as well. More schools need to link here to help them and employees find jobs easier. Thanks again!"
Carla K. in Bangs, TX

"The process for applying and finding my new job was so easy! The application was very user-friendly and when I had a question the customer service rep was very helpful. Everything went through faster than I thought! I am very excited to start my new job as a first grade teacher! "
Aprell A. in Windsor Mill, MD

"If it weren't for SchoolSpring I'd still be looking for a job! Thank you!"
Mary R. in Newmarket, NH

"I found two jobs through SchoolSpring.com. I was offered both positions and had my pick. Although the school isn't an active user; and it would have been much easier for them if they could view my resources here on SchoolSpring, I love the ease of having all my stuff in one place and have such a comprehensive search tool at my fingertips!"
Amy C. in Marlborough, MA

"I am delighted to have been offered a position with BCPS! My application was reviewed on SchoolSpring and I am very thankful for your service."
Telena H. in York, PA

"SchoolSpring continues to be my touchstone as I seek part-time employment as a sub. I have spoken directly with folks [at SchoolSpring] who have pleasantly and with a sense of humor, clarified questions and generally assisted me along the way. Whenever I use this service, I always feel as if I am not alone. Thanks for everything!"
Dale T. in Holyoke, MA

"Was accepted as a 7th grade Science Teacher. Found the job via SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Ian S. in Cambridge, MA

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Anna G. in Russell, MA

"SchoolSpring.com is wonderful. I found a great job. The site is so convenient for me because of the custom search and regular e-mails of jobs that closely match my search criteria. The site makes it easy to track jobs I've applied for and the status of my application as well. Thank you SchoolSpring.com!"
Rosemary F. in Boston, MA

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Radmila P. in Rocky Hill, CT

"I am so happy this website is here. I was lucky to be contacted by [my new employer] and I have been here now 2 weeks and enjoy it so much. This is a great website - it is quick access to our information as an employer and employee."
Chantell W. in San Antonio, TX

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I was able to find work within 3 weeks of searching and start my new job this week!"
Kristin R. in Swanton, VT

"Thank you very much for all your work and help with my job search."
Steven B. in Vietnam

"SchoolSpring has been very helpful in my job searches, both in finding openings and in some cases, applying directly to the district. Thank you."
Jesse Ann W. in North Thetford, VT

"SchoolSpring allowed me to successfully find, apply for, interview, and obtain employment in Massachusetts while I was living in Georgia."
Sheila W. in Calhoun, GA

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Bonnie C. in Georgetown, MA

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Tara G. in Somerset, MA

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Heidi P. in Oxford, MA

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Amy T. in Yuma, AZ

"SchoolSpring was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to simply create my profile and apply to jobs quickly and easily. I was updated daily on new job alerts as well as the status of existing applications which allowed me to stay on top of my job search. Thank you SchoolSpring for providing me with so many great opportunities. I will see you again in the future when I am ready to move on to bigger things."
Mandy O. in Whitinsville, MA

"Your service was very helpful. Thanks."
David F. in Kennebunk, ME

"Thanks SchoolSpring!!!"
Kellen B. in Marshfield, MA

"I found the job through SchoolSpring.com - so THANK YOU!!!"
Cynthia K. in Northwood, IA

"Thank you for your assistance. While the process was slightly tedious, because most of the information is informatin that is found on my resume. The results, however speak for themselves. I landed a job in my dream district. Other than that, I liked that I could tell when someone was reviewing my application. Thanks for your help!"
Amy H. in Medford, MA

"SchoolSpring spoiled me! The website organized the job process for me, contacted employers efficiently, and even collected my references' letters. All I had to concentrate on was finding the right job and school for me. Thank you!!!"
Na-Young K. in Northampton, MA

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Alison B. in Chicopee, MA

"SchoolSpring worked for me!"
Kinsley W. in Plainfield, NH

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Marc O. in Ware, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring, your website is a wonderful service to educators all over the country."
Jennifer H. in Norton, MA

"Excellent site. If there was a teaching opening in CT it would be listed promptly on [SchoolSpring.com]."
Gregg G. in Stamford, CT

"The interview process was quick and efficient, thanks to SchoolSpring."
Elizabeth R. in Medford, MA

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Barbara A. in Ipswich, MA

"Thank you SO MUCH, SchoolSpring! Thanks to you, I now have a fantastic job teaching health. It took many applications and a lot of time, but I love my new job and wouldn't have it if it wasn't for the convenience and daily alerts from SchoolSpring!"
Christopher M. in Somerville, MA

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Kristina D. in Pennsylvania

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Bronwyn P. in Concord, NH

"When I decided to go back into teaching I scrambled to put my credentials on your website. I found it very time consuming. After I did complete my file I found it SO EASY to apply for positions! I really LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. When I was alerted by you that a Library Media position was available I immediately applied in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to thank you for the terrific website you offer us teachers. For without your help I would not have found the FULL-TIME POSITION OF MY DREAMS!"
Suzanne V. in North Smithfield, RI

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Gary J. in Monmouth, OR

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Andre P. in Townsend, MA

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Erlinda M. in El Paso, TX

"I have been using SchoolSpring for a few years and find it to be user-friendly, even though I don't love the fact that it cuts out the person to person contact. I did get my current job through SchoolSpring and am so happy that I was able to stand out among other applicants using the program."
Megan H. in Plymouth, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring! You made looking for jobs and applying to them a LOT easier. Any time I used another website or system, I would find ways that SchoolSpring was superior. It also helped keep ME organized."
Bela S. in Rutland, VT

"Very happy with the results of this process, I wish I knew about SchoolSpring.com earlier. The instructions were very easy to follow. Thank You."
Timothy T. in Fitchburg, MA

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Michael P. in Dorchester, MA

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Whitney H. in Windsor Mill, MD

Iris H. in Nashua , NH

"This one came up last minute on SchoolSpring. Thank God for email updates!"
Melissa R. in Cumberland, RI

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John P. in Glens Falls, NY

"Thanks for your help!"
Timothy H. in Mountain View, CA

"I appreciated the ease of use of SchoolSpring, but ultimately found a job elsewhere."
Alexandra P. in Katonah, NY

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Thomas B. in Gillette, NJ

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Jennifer L. in Shelburne, VT

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Gregory J. in Westborough, MA

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Robin G. in Easthampton, MA

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Becky R. in Putnam Station, NY

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Carlotta T. in Berlin, NH

"This is a great service, thank you so much. I wasted a lot of time going school system to system looking for opening, when I started using your site, my time was much better spent. I have spread the word on this amazing site. I think I was able to keep a positive attitude because of the job alert emails I kept getting."
Jane G. in Andover, MA

"Thank you so much for keeping me in touch with the national job market. I have never found another service like yours that is so thorough, reliable and easy to use. Your service is a godsend and I will recommend it to anyone I know that is actively seeking work in the education field."
Ted F. in Hoonah, AK

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Matthew C. in Newton, MA

"Although I ultimately found a job elsewhere, this site was very helpful to my hunt."
Lauren D. in Granbury, TX

"Considering I began looking for a job while I was living in the Costa Rican rainforest as a volunteer, the job search was difficult. I had my resume and application on MANY other sites, but SchoolSpring was the only one able to get me a job. Most sites had old postings that the staff had filled by the time I contacted them. Many places just gave listings that I had to contact myself. SchoolSpring put me in contact with [my new employer] and I got a job. Thank you SchoolSpring. I couldn't have done it without you."
Ryan H. in Clarks Summit, PA

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Alissa R. in North Reading, MA

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Mike D. in Valhalla, NY

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Ashling K. in Amesbury, MA

"I found my job independently from SchoolSpring; however, I believe SchoolSpring is a great resource to find jobs in education."
Philip B. in Quincy, MA

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Hogan M. in Old Town, ME

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Caryn F. in Charlton, MA

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Rebecca I. in Marlboro, MA

"After several months of looking for a new job, I found one. a colleague suggested that I use your website in my search for employment. I find your site very user-friendly and easy to navigate. As I entered the website several times during the week I was able to review the new listing of openings as well as receiving email of specific jobs related to my area. The job I accepted was one posted in your site. Thank you for the services provided."
Roberto R. in Nashua, NH

"Thanks for your help!"
Nancy O. in Quincy, MA

"This was a great tool for finding my job. thanks SchoolSpring!"
Julia P. in Watertown, MA

"I learned of & applied for a long-term subbing job through SchoolSpring & greatly appreciate the job application benefits I've enjoyed by using SchoolSpring in my quest for full-time teaching employment."
Russell B. in Westford, MA

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Tamara P. in South Burlington, VT

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Carolyn A. in Narragansett, RI

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John L. in Arlington, TX

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Kristie S. in West Brookfield, MA

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Deana C. in Putney, VT

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Emily G. in Lynnfield, MA

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Sandra B. in Williston, VT

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Steven S. in Millbury, MA

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Amanda H. in Pawtucket, RI

"I found SchoolSpring to be an invaluable resource. While it took some time to get used to an entirely new manner of doing business, having been out of the teaching job application needs for some time, I was very pleased with the results and found the time to upload all documents into SchoolSpring to be satisfying in the end."
Lynne B. in Winooski, VT

"Thank you!"
Chelcey W. in Hamden, CT

"SchoolSpring is a very effective tool for finding a job."
Amy H. in Groton, MA

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Marion K. in West Boylston, MA

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Vincent O. in Haverhill, MA

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Missy P. in Rumford, RI

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Torrie K. in Gwynn Oak, MD

"I am so happy with your website. I found the first listing with [my new employer] on your site, and it led to the exact job that I was hoping to find. I have recommended you to some of my friends who are also looking to get into school districts with hopes they will have the same experience."
Kristina L. in Norwood, MA

"The Extended Search Results feature of SchoolSpring has been a great help to my job search. Without it, I would have know found out about the openings at [my new employer], even though it is a town over from where I worked this past school year."
Jaron H. in Baltimore, MD

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Brianna L. in Leominster, MA

"Your help was invaluable in setting up my resume and sending prospects. Thank you."
B.G. in Enfield, CT

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Daniella N. in Chapel Hill, NC

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Danielle B. in Raleigh, NC

"I applied through SchoolSpring, was called the next day, and was hired on the spot."
Susan C. in Corsicana, TX

"This website is fantastic! Everything is organized and employers have easy access to my information. Thanks to SchoolSpring, I have been able to teach music all over New England! Thanks!"
Samantha P. in Nashua, NH

"I interviewed on Monday August 8th, got offered the job on August 9th and started August 10th. It was very short notice, but the school is a great place to work and the students are amazing and I am very happy with the results."
George H. in Greeley, CO

"I found the job on SchoolSpring and they called me for an interview a few days later! I will be teaching middle school general music and chorus and I could not be happier! Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Stephanie V. in Sunderland, MA

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Kaitlin T. in New York

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Meaghan L. in Newport, VT

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Susan H. in Whitman, MA

"You are doing a fabulous job! Thank you."
Nicole B. in Salem, MA

Christine C. in Holbrook, MA

"I did not find the job I took through SchoolSpring, but I did find the greatest number of positions here. I will definitely continue to look here for future jobs."
Dainean N. in Aspen, CO

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Jane B. in Quincy, MA

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Caitlin W. in Brookline, MA

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Cheryl C. in Wilbraham, MA

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Caitlyn S. in South Boston, MA

"Thank you for your assistance. This website was great and it was easy to apply for positions once the porfile was completed. I have passed the website info on to a couple of people who are still looking for jobs."
Jacquelyn J. in Enfield, CT

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find a great job! I have been looking to relocate and it can be hard to find a job as an out-of-state candidate. SchoolSpring allowed to post all the information I needed, and to show employers all I have to offer."
Carol M. in New Bedford, MA

"Thank you for having a user-friendly, organized, and helpful site."
Sarah G. in Narragansett, RI

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Anna V. in Silver Spring, MD

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Elise Z. in Moorestown, NJ

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Matthew C. in Fayetteville, NC

"I am employed!!! Thank you so much. SchoolSpring.com made the difficult process so much easier to target specific jobs in my field. I even used my profile to find out if I was hired or not after interviews which made the process that much more definitive. So, I could not be happier and I want you to know that because of the concise descriptions and access to many jobs at once, SchoolSpring was a tremendous advantage. Thank you again so much!!!"
Laurie C. in Upton, MA

"I had applied to many positions through many other websites. This one worked! Thank you so much!"
Susan C. in Shirley, NY

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Krystle D. in Northampton, MA

"Thanks for your help. I will use you again when the need arises."
Susan K. in Mississippi

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John S. in Bethlehem, NH

"I was able to send a short letter of introduction to the principal asking him to review my SchoolSpring resume and this helped me get noticed!"
Emily B. in Attleboro, MA

"I found a job last year through this site and now I am returning to graduate school full-time. This site was very helpful."
Amanda T. in Boston, MA

"I found out about the opening on SchoolSpring and the rest is history. Thank you!"
Steven U. in Old Orchard Beach , ME

"Found a position in Euless, TX. Keep up the excellent work!"
Paul S. in Tylertown, MS

"I was able to find a job with Alexandria City Public School District in Virginia and I am very excited to be starting there!"
Trevor B. in Rensselaer, NY

"I was able to find the perfect new job using SchoolSpring. Thank you for this job search site. It was easy to use and an effective way to find the right teaching position for me."
Luci D. in Georgetown, MA

"Great aervice. I wish that there were not multiple services, yours is the best by far."
Steven T. in Danville, PA

"I used Schoolspring for about 3 months in order to search for a teaching position. Meanwhile, I was also applying to schools using other methods. I went on a total of 4 interviews. Each interview was due to a SchoolSpring posting. I recently received an offer to teach full-time and I could not be happier! Thank you SchoolSpring!!!!"
Kristin C. in Brighton, MA

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource in finding a job in education!"
Lizet M. in Bayport, NY

"I LOVE SchoolSpring and the automatic link to EdZapp. It was a simple matter for me to receive the SchoolSpring job alert email (often several each week), scrutinize the posting, tweak a cover letter, and send in my application within a very short period of time. I will recommend SchoolSpring to any teacher seeking employment. Thanks!"
Karen S. in Colorado

"SchoolSpring played a huge part in helping me find a teaching job. I constantly received e-mails with available jobs and was fortunate enough to be contacted for interviews for several of the jobs."
Jennifer B. in Towson, MD

"I actually got a teaching job through a job fair. SchoolSpring was great, however, in helping me to see what is out there."
Brenda G. in Methuen, MA

"SchoolSpring helped me find a job ... couldn't be happier!"
Tucker B. in Lubbock, TX

"Thanks for your help! I did get one interview because of a SchoolSpring referral."
Gail M. in Alexandria, VA

"I really liked the daily notifications for prospective educators... if it wasn't for SchoolSpring, I wouldn't have heard about many of the jobs for which I applied. The site is very well-organized and I had a good experience."
Meredith J. in Longmeadow, MA

"I used SchoolSpring to upload all necessary documents which lead to a quick interview and quick job offer. Thank you so much!"
Marilyn R. in Cranston, RI

"SchoolSpring was a helpful way to organize and streamline the interview process. Thanks!"
Daniella T. in Boston, MA

"Your system is great- love it."
Laura M. in Acton, MA

"With SchoolSpring I got an average of 1-2 interview offers per week, and found a job within 10 miles of my home within a month."
Bruce M. in Southbridge, MA

"SchoolSpring always kept me up-to-date and aware of jobs that were open. Without SchoolSpring I would not have gotten my new job. Thank you so much for such a great tool."
Sara G. in Belchertown, MA

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Michael S. in Marblehead, MA

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Brittany F. in Salem, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring.com for all your help! I applied for a job and not even a week later I was hired!"
Seana M. in Fitchburg, MA

"[My new employer] found me on SchoolSpring and contacted me! I totally owe my new position as a second grade teacher to SchoolSpring. Thank you so much. You all are a blessing."
Conda A. in Douglasville, GA

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource for my professional portfolio development as well as the job search process."
Molly S. in Cumberland, RI

"This site has by far the best searching options and listings. In my search I used several teacher job listing sites. This was the best."
James T. in Ontario, OR

"I just want to say thank you to SchoolSpring.com for helping me find an awesome job. Thank you :-)"
Susan H. in Lakeville, MA

"Thank you. It's taken a while, but I believe I'll be happy at my new position. I've told several people about this site."
Debora T. in Shiloh, IL

"I found a tutoring job on SchoolSpring.com that led to a full-time teaching position!"
Christina R. in Durham, NH

"Got a job, finally, thank you so much for being the vehicle that helped get me there!!"
Linda T. in White River Junction, VT

"SchoolSpring, in my opinion, is the most worthy, comprehensive, job agent available for educators and educational leaders. It is clearly user-friendly for job seekers and employers. There is simply no better way for a candidate to create a representative employment portfolio for applying for jobs electronically. After the first few months of using multiple employment sources, I used SchoolSpring exclusively. The application I submitted to my current employer was sent via SchoolSpring and I am thankful for the outstanding service I received at no cost. I will continue to recommend SchoolSpring."
John B. in Milford, MA

"I got a job!!! I am very happy with SchoolSpring and would highly recommend it. It saved much money on postage, special resume paper and allowed me to apply to many positions without recreating the wheel each time."
Heather C. in Holden, MA

"I thought my job search was going to take a while, but SchoolSpring made it VERY easy! Thanks!"
Rhonda B. in Peru, NY

"Thank you so much for your help! I have been trying to find a job for three years. This web site has helped. Even though the school didn't use SchoolSpring, by posting other education jobs that you found online, I found this job! Thanks again!"
Thelma P. in Northwood, NH

"Thank you! After applying I was contacted the very next day and had an interview by the end of the week and now the job is mine! Thanks again!"
Lizabeth C. in Mount Kisco, NY

"Thank you. I have found a full-time teaching position. SchoolSpring was a big help."
Kimberly M. in Baltimore, MD

"SchoolSpring is easy to use, organized, and a great tool for the job search and interview preparation."
Diane W. in Taunton, MA

"Great web site for finding employment!"
Rosemary T. in Southborough, MA

"Thank you, SchoolSpring!"
Pauline S. in Florence, MA

"Found my new job through SchoolSpring. Thanks for the connections and the help."
Lucinda P. in Wimberley, TX

"I submitted an application through SchoolSpring.com and was contacted for an interview. After my second interview I was offered a position. Thank you SchoolSpring, I would not have known of so many listings without the aide of this website!"
Stephanie P. in Keller, TX

"Thank you for your amazing website that is such a time saver for finding education jobs!!"
Elizabeth B. in Kingston, RI

"SchoolSpring has been very easy to use and very resourceful when I'm finding jobs. Thanks SchoolSpring for your help!"
Stephanie F. in Westwood, MA

"Such a great site! It is so easy to upload everything once and then just click a few buttons to apply to a job. Thank you so much!"
Rachel S. in Attleboro, MA

"This was helpful website for a new teaching looking for positions. It's easy to use, and the job alert emails were great."
Jennifer E. in Brookline, MA

"I got a few interviews via jobs posted on SchoolSpring. The service provided me with many opportunities to apply to. Thanks!"
Drew M. in Bay City, MI

"I actually found this job on my own but I had quite a few interviews and follow up using the SchoolSpring site. It was a great resource in the job seeking endeavor. Thank you."
Marie K. in Leominster, MA

"I recently was interviewed and offered a job for a job I found through SchoolSpring. This was the first time that an interview was offered to me through SchoolSpring.com. I had applied to dozens of positions but it only took one. So if you are applying through SchoolSpring.com and you are not having success, be patient. If you are a good candidate someone will find your application eventually but then its up to you when interview time comes around."
Andrew W. in Oreland, PA

"I found out about the job opening here on SchoolSpring, I applied, they contacted me for an interview, and I was hired! I appreciated the constant listings of new job openings all over the state, giving me more options. Thank you!! :)"
Bea H. in Miami, FL

"Thank you so much!!!"
Jason M. in Hudson, MA

"Got the job through Schoolspring, couldn't have been happier with SchoolSpring.com"
Laura G. in Hingham, MA

"I am filled with gratitude for what SchoolSpring has done for me. The ease in the job application process was so helpful during an extremely stressful time. I was able to gain employment after going to an interview and the principal suggesting I meet with the superintendent. The meeting was successful and I received two job offers as a result. Thank you!"
Kristen D. in Globe, AZ

"I am very excited about my new teaching job and in general, once I had taken the time to upload everything on SchoolSpring, it was easy to apply to jobs that used this site. I also liked the email updates."
Alexa G. in Boston, MA

"SchoolSpring made finding my new job possible and easy. Thank you."
Bethany C. in Peru, NY

"The SchoolSpring service has been invaluable for me. I am very pleased with the interviews and recent job offer. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Patti P. in Ipswich, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring! I saw the job posting, applied, was contacted immediately, and offered the position on the same day I interviewed! Can't wait to return to Kansas! Twenty days and counting!!"
Marian M. in Las Vegas, NV

"SchoolSpring is a great website. None of my paper applications that I sent netted me interviews, but this website got me 3 interviews, the last of which has landed me a great job teaching science. This website is fantastic, and I would recommend it as the first stop for anyone looking for a job in education."
Patrick G. in Lunenburg, MA

"I recently was offered a job in Florida. I will be teaching third grade. SchoolSpring was so encouraging with all of their e-mails and updates. Thank you!"
Nicole T. in Lock Haven, PA

"SchoolSpring found me my job! They came up with more jobs than I was able to find by spending a LOT of time online! What a time saver! Every day there was a new report of available jobs! Thank you so much for being such a high-quality support for those of us in the nerve-racking position of hunting for a job!"
Kathryn C. in Unity, ME

"When I found SchoolSpring.com, it was a little daunting at first, [but] the benefit of having instantaneous feedback, such as knowing when your resume has been viewed, and being able to select when you had your interview were a welcomed change to other job search sites. I received a job offer after going through SchoolSpring.com."
Kevin Z. in Southampton, MA

"Schoolspring was a great website to have all my information in and to apply to jobs. Even though the job I received was not on SchoolSpring, it helped me get many interviews for jobs and helped me in my job search."
Meghan L. in Lincoln, RI

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource, and has shown me to a prolific number of leads, allowing me to respond quickly as openings occur. While I did find this job on my own, I am still very happy with this site, and would highly recommend it for job search purposes."
Chloe B. in Oakland, CA

"It was great getting automatic email alerts every day."
Laura D. in Sudbury, MA

"I found a job through SchoolSpring! Thank you!!"
Karen B. in Newtonville, MA

"SchoolSpring made applying for jobs so much easier! They email you when a type of position you are looking for becomes available and to apply it's as easy as a click of a button! I highly reccommend this site for any educator!"
Rachael P. in Holden, MA

"I will be working for Colorado ISD as a Special Education Teacher. Thank you SchoolSpring.com for your efforts."
Nancy A. in Fort Stockton, TX

"SchoolSpring was a great help for me as I was seeking full-time employment as a music teacher! The job alerts specific to my discipline were wonderful. It was a definite advantage to have SchoolSpring in this process."
Joseph S. in Bozeman, MT

"Great resource. I found my job outside or SchoolSpring, but it was a wonderful tool."
Gerri B. in Abilene, TX

"Total props to SchoolSpring! I would never have known [about my new job] otherwise, despite being in my old home area."
Robert C. in Baltimore, MD

"Thank you SchoolSpring for connecting me with King Philip Regional Middle School! SchoolSpring made everything so easy on both ends and now I can enjoy the rest of my summer knowing that I have a fantastic job. Without SchoolSpring, I doubt I would have even known about the open position. Thank you Schoolspring!"
Christine D. in Allston, MA

"Thank you so much! I set up my search agent, got a job alert email to my phone, and since I had my account set up and recommendations online, it took less than 5 minutes to apply for the job! THANK YOU SCHOOLSPRING!!!!!"
Nan C. in Newburyport, MA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring I found my job after just a couple of weeks!"
Ana A. in Rehoboth, MA

"I went in for the interview, and was hired the same day! SchoolSpring was the first to let me know this job was open, and I am so happy to have been finally hired as a music teacher! Thanks to SchoolSpring!"
Shannon L. in Worcester, MA

"I have been an active member on SchoolSpring for five years. It is a great way to get your resume out there. I was hired for multiple long-term maternity leave positions. Each employer found me on SchoolSpring. The job that I accepted for the 2011-2012 school year also found me using SchoolSpring. I can't say enough good things about it! It really helped me find the job that I was looking for!"
Jessica N. in Northborough, MA

"Thank you for providing support in the job world to both job seekers and employers - I found my new position through your website. Thank you for your help - I will recommend you to friends!"
Kimberly U. in Columbia, MD

"I submitted an application through this website. They called me for an interview and I met the staff. I was called back for a second interview and was called back 3 hours after with a job offer!"
John D. in Lunenburg, MA

"Thank you for this service. Your online searches provided a convenient and thorough manner to apply for educational positions. I appreciated the ability to save vital information from previous applications, and at the same time being able to make necessary changes with new applications. I very much appreciated Schoolspring each Sunday when I wanted to apply for the newest openings in school administration."
Richard J. in Stowe, VT

"SchoolSpring made it easy to keep track of my applications, interviews, and progress!"
Michelle K. in Fitchburg, MA

"SchoolSpring has been very helpful in always being available and very clear on how to create and update your applications and accounts."
Sara D. in Florence, VT

"I used this site to research areas in Montana and Colorado. I applied to several different schools in both states and received many phone calls. I interviewed at six schools and actually had two job offers. I then had to make a decision between the two offers!"
Shelly E. in Idaho

"SchoolSpring was a great resource in my job search!"
Wendy M. in Jeffersonville, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I had more success using your website than I ever did by applying independently. It also saved me time and I loved being able to see the status of my applications instead of wondering if I was floating in limbo. I will be sure to recommend you if ever I have a friend in need."
Ryan J. in Watertown, MA

"I am just SO happy. I found [my new job] through SchoolSpring! All of my hard work paid off, so thank you!"
Sara D. in Allston, MA

"SchoolSpring is a great system. You kept me alerted to job openings. I appreciate what you do."
Warren U. in Waitsfield, VT

"Thank you for all of your help. Your weekly listings were absolutely helpful!"
Emily P. in Potsdam, NY

"Thank you for providing this fantastic site for teachers. Like online dating, it provides both active seekers and employers the chance to customize both search and qualifications. I will miss receiving exciting emails each day, but will be continually grateful for its availability."
Sabrina L. in Brighton, MA

"Great job, this helped me, I was called for an interview within a few weeks of posting my applications and extremely happy with my new position."
Heidi N. in Springfield, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring for helping me find my new job working with Autistic students. I couldn't be happier!"
Kimberly D. in Essex, VT

"Although SchoolSpring didn't provide my new job opportunity it did prepare me for the interview through previous interviews that I went on through them. I found the process of applying for jobs through SchoolSpring easy and there have been many job openings."
Roberta W. in Lynnfield, MA

"You guys helped a lot in my search process. Even though I found a new position within the district, I appreciate how SchoolSpring covers so much territory and helped me get my name out there. Keep up the great work!"
Michael L. in Westford, MA

"SchoolSpring was instrumental (no pun intended, since I accepted the position as a music teacher) in my success and I am so excited to start teaching."
Alison M. in Sudbury, MA

"I found this listed on a job alert email from SchoolSpring. I'd already posted my résumé and information, so applying only required completing the application essays. The interview process was pretty tough, but at every step they had my information in front of them through SchoolSpring. I knew where I wanted to end up, and fortunately, they agreed. A huge thank you to SchoolSpring for your service. I am thankful I wasn't having to comb newspapers and pound pavement to find a great school job."
Austin F. in Fletcher, NC

"I love working with SchoolSpring! It makes job hunting, organizing information, and keeping track of it all very simple. I also love the job alert emails. I wasn't really looking but up popped a job in my area, five minutes from home, and on a whim, I applied. Next fall I will be minutes from home! Thank you! "
Stephanie B. in Saint Albans, VT

"Found my dream position just perusing through the listings one day. Jumped at the opportunity to submit the paperwork and heard back and was quickly hired."
Paul S. in Caldwell, NJ

"Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful service! I have been hired as a special educator, and can't wait to move from California to Vermont. And buy a snow shovel!"
Lynne H. in Ridgecrest, CA

"I loved the daily [job alert] emails. They definitely helped a lot with my search. "
Lyndsey B. in Edison, NJ

"SchoolSpring works!!!!!"
Christopher H. in Enosburg Falls, VT

"SchoolSpring always kept me in the loop of current job postings. I was able to find my dream job by using the information that SchoolSpring provided me. This web site allowed for me to get multiple interviews with various school districts around the state. What a wonderful job hunting resource."
Keith K. in North Chelmsford, MA

"Thanks for connecting me to my new job! Come the fall, I'll be teaching 4th grade in Burlington, Vermont!"
Katie Z. in Wynnewood, PA

"I found your website to be a great tool to find a new job. It took more than two years, but in a very competitive job market SchoolSpring was a huge help. I wouldn't have been hired without your website."
Charles H. in Elko, NV

"Thanks to your website, I found my dream job!"
Julia L. in Chicago, IL

"I found my new job through SchoolSpring! I had been searching for jobs in Texas. We decided that we would relocate, and I immediately changed my search agent settings. I kept reading my job alert emails, and one day an opening popped up. Now I have my dream job in Colorado, too! I'm so glad that I kept checking those job alerts."
Rebecca W. in Carrollton, TX

"I found SchoolSpring to be a wonderful resource for administration positions in the New England region. I would recommend your company without reservation. Thank you."
Larry W. in Olympia, WA

"SchoolSpring allowed me to apply to jobs in an easy and convenient way. It was great being able to have my references posted entirely electronically. The email alerts helped me stay on top of my job search! Thank you for creating a great website service and allowing educators to use the basic option free of charge!!"
Ashley D. in North Bethesda, MD

"I found my job through standard search processes, but I appreciate learning about all of the other opportunities that came through SchoolSpring."
David D. in Cave Creek, AZ

"Accepted a job offer, thank you so much for putting my information out there."
Aurora C. in Dallas, TX

"I got the alert from SchoolSpring that [my new employer] was hiring, and I filled out their application right away. They didn't have the application through SchoolSpring, but it was so easy to have much of the material that I submitted so nice and easy to access through your site. I interviewed and was offered the job!"
Julie F. in Marlborough, NH

"Schoolspring was a great way to find an out-of-state job!"
Edie D. in North Kingstown, RI

"SchoolSpring notified me of many job openings relevant to my field. If I am ever in need of a teaching job again in the future, I will be sure to use this site!"
Carolyn S. in Centereach, NY

"I am very happy with SchoolSpring's service. Once I had eveything uploaded it was extremely user-friendly. I looked forward to my weekly job update email and I thought it was fairly comprehensive of the available offerings in my regional search. Thank you for the service, SchoolSpring was a critical component in this job search."
Andrew R. in Westborough, MA

"Thank you for helping me to find my dream school!"
Susan P. in North Kingstown, RI

"I am extremely happy with the assistance SchoolSpring has afforded me. I have been looking to get into a school system for two years with no luck. I was recently hired as a Long Term Substitute and happy with my employer but continue to look for a permanent position."
Alissa R. in Peabody, MA

"I had never heard of Tuxedo Park School until receiving a job posting for it through SchoolSpring. Thank you for informing me about a great place to work!"
Christine K. in Hamilton , NY

"I appreciate your service. This was the only job I applied for and I was able to land it. Thank you!"
Mark M. in East Calais, VT

"Although I did not find my job through SchoolSpring I found it to be the most descriptive, well-organized and helpful site, period. Should I be looking for a teaching job in the future I will only consider SchoolSpring. I enjoyed receiving rapid feedback from the vast majority of the districts that I applied to. It was nice to know that someone, at least, opened your application."
Nathan S. in Whitehall, WI

"I really appreciate this service and would probably use it in the future. Thank you for your service."
Coriean M. in McHenry, IL

"The site is great! Although I did not find a job through SchoolSpring.com, I did find many leads, so thank you!!"
Lisa R. in Naperville, IL

"Using SchoolSpring made my job search much easier. I loved being able to change my cover letters to match each school, while the basics were already in the database. We were moving to another area of the country and SchoolSpring was a one stop place to organize my job search. Thank you!"
Linda D. in Lancaster, PA

"I've been wanting to move my career forward from assistant principal to principal and the only way for me to search has been through SchoolSpring.com. Because of your services, I secured a position in Vermont, the place of my dreams. I'm on my way back from the interview, acceptance, and signed contract as I write. I can't thank you enough!"
Chance L. in Barrow, AK

"SchoolSpring has been a vital component in my job search. Having educational listings grouped together by community has simplified the process. I particularly liked the 'status' component. Without the tracking application that SchoolSpring offers, one never knows for sure if an application has arrived. Thanks for a great service."
Noreen A. in Quincy, MA

"I got a temporary job as a teacher in a psychiatric hospital. That job became permanent when I signed my very first teacher contract over the summer! I LOVE my job! I like to keep getting the SchoolSpring job alert emails just to help my friends find jobs so they can be as happy as I am!"
April-Marie L. in Windham, ME

"After submitting many applications, I was contacted almost immediately by Jackson County Public Schools. I was called in for an interview and hired as an Elementary School Counselor the next day. Thanks SchoolSpring!!!"
Rebecca N. in Baltimore, MD

"I found a job at a private school. Thanks for this site - I think it's great!"
Katie O. in Salem, MA

"I was offered a position at the school where I was working as a paraprofessional. The position may not be funded next year so I'm lucky to have SchoolSpring to help look for positions for the upcoming school year!"
Holly L. in Centennial, CO

"I'll be teaching American History at the high school. Awesome. SchoolSpring was a big part of my ongoing search effort. I won't forget you!"
Steven B. in Lee, MA

"I have been working for the Worcester Public Schools for 2 years now! Thank you, SchoolSpring!!!"
Anne A. in North Brookfield, MA

"SchoolSpring was easy to use and allowed me to quickly apply for teaching jobs as soon they were posted. The daily e-mail reminders kept me in touch with new postings. The site was recommended by another student in my graduate teaching program. She was hired from SchoolSpring too. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Kristina K. in Salem, MA

"Thank you so much! Without SchoolSpring, I wouldn't be teaching in such a wonderful school!"
Donna B. in West Greenwich, RI

"This was such a great way to find a job!"
Susan B. in North Providence, RI

"I received a notification from SchoolSpring one morning, called the employer immediately, and had an interview the next day. End of story, I was hired. Great tool!"
Elaine B. in Weymouth, MA

"Thank you for the updates and ease of access to schools hiring within my area of expertise and geographical area!"
Sherri S. in Hudson, NH

"Very helpful! Glad I joined."
Tammy R. in Mechanicsville, VA

"I was hesitant on submitting an application online, but did. Within a few days I was contacted and started working as a full-time Substitute Teacher/Paraprofessional almost immediately. I love working there and all the challenges which come up everyday! Thank you SchoolSpring for making looking for jobs easier to do!!"
Lillian C. in South Hadley, MA

"I went in for an interview on Thursday and started work on Friday. It's a great place to work with wonderful kids, great staff and supportive administration. Thanks, SchoolSpring for making this process pain free."
Scott R. in Pawcatuck, CT

"I love my new job! Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Erin W. in Quincy, MA

"I have been remiss taking this long to thank you. Last August I was dreading the return to my previous teaching position. Through SchoolSpring, I learned of a position within my local school district. The SchoolSpring application process was beyond simple and within a week I had my absolute dream job. Thanks and keep up the great work."
Martin M. in Weymouth, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Kathleen H. in Lincoln, RI

"SchoolSpring was a great resource and I have recommended it to friends. Although, I hope I won't need it anytime soon, I know that if I need to look for job in the future, it will be first on my to-do list!"
Patricia H. in Brewster, MA

"I've used SchoolSpring for about two years now and the level of support and quality of information was outstanding. I received postings daily without fail. Highly recommend the site to anyone in education seeking a job."
Clement S. in Campton, NH

"Found this job without SchoolSpring, but still love your service!!! It gave me lots of ideas on who was hiring, and where I might find THE teaching job."
Bridget B. in Northglenn, CO

"In this economy, job searching has been a long and hard road. I applied for every job that SchoolSpring sent me that met my search criteria. I had many interviews and finally my persistence has paid off -- I found a great job. Finding employment opportunities at schools in a timely manner would have been much more difficult without SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Theresa D. in New Canaan, CT

"Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me find a great position after an October move!"
Kayla T. in Albion, RI

"I was intimidated when I first looked at the website..... having to upload all of my information, answer job questions and get reference letters, etc. However, it went very quickly and I was working in less than 2 weeks! Once everything was loaded, it was super easy to apply for jobs and SchoolSpring is now my favorite way to look for a job."
Jennifer B. in Hampden, MA

"After a year of searching, I stumbled accross this job in the e-mail job alerts sent to me. I applied through SchoolSpring and was called a couple of days later for an interview! I start Nov. 1st!"
Michelle D. in Wareham, MA

"I was just offered a secretarial position. It was great to be able to post all of my application, resume, cover letter, and everything else they were looking for through SchoolSpring. The only problem that I had was cutting and pasting the essay answers. Thank you for this wonderful site."
Neilda H. in Southwick, MA

"I would like to thank SchoolSpring for providing an easy to use and effective interface for teachers and schools to use to find each other. Today, I accepted a maternity leave position at Amherst Regional High School. I am so excited to work at such a great school. I would not have found about this great position without SchoolSpring."
Jaron H. in Baltimore, MD

"I am so impressed and pleased with SchoolSpring and how easy you make searching for a job in a very difficult market. The daily e-mail job postings I received did so much of the searching for me! I was called for an interview for a position that I learned about and applied for through SchoolSpring, interviewed on a Friday morning and was offered the job that afternoon! Thank you, SchoolSpring!"
Jamie B. in Plymouth, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I couldn't have done it without you."
Tim A. in Plaistow, NH

"SchoolSpring is a fantastic vehicle for teachers looking for school positions. This made it easy for me to remain employed full-time while searching for other opportunities. I start my new teaching job tomorrow."
Merritt L. in Massachusetts

"I applied through SchoolSpring, which HR received and then called me for an interview. It was a lot easier to apply for jobs, when all my information was already stored in my file on SchoolSpring. I just had to refresh the cover letter."
Sharon M. in Townsend, MA

"SchoolSpring definitely got my resume out there, along with my references. It made it so easy for me to not have to ask my references to repeat their letters."
Na-Young K. in Northampton, MA

"Within 2 weeks of applying, I had a first interview, a second interview and a job offer! It is the job I have worked towards for the past 4 years and I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks!"
Amie M. in Worcester, MA

"I had great results with SchoolSpring. Four interviews were scheduled in the first month I was responding to applications. I am very happy with my new position - it's everything I was looking for and SchoolSpring made the process very manageable."
Charlene C. in Middleboro, MA

"Thank you for this site! It has been very helpful."
Jennifer B. in Glendale, AZ

"All thanks to SchoolSpring!"
Maggie L. in Westborough, MA

"Found a great job as a Special Educator, through SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Brigid O. in Waltham, MA

"Love your site, easy to find jobs in a tailored search. Will recommend to others!"
Julie L. in Prudenville, MI

"Some people believe that employers don't actually hire people from SchoolSpring, but that's not true! I logged onto SchoolSpring on a Monday and found a 6th grade teacher posting and I applied. The next day I was called by the principal to come in for an interview. On Friday I got the phone call offering me the job. I started the next Monday and LOVE my job. YES- people really do get hired from this site!!"
Andrea S. in Holbrook, MA

"Was hired this fall as a special ed. kindergarten assistant. Love my new job!:)"
Kera H. in Vergennes, VT

"I was contacted for an interview by my new employer shortly after I submitted my application through SchoolSpring. I am delighted by the convenience, access, and speed of SchoolSpring."
Cheri H. in Leominster, MA

"I was hired as a part-time permanent para sub. After two weeks I was offered a full-time position and took it. It is wonderful to have SchoolSpring as a tool in looking for a job. Thank you for all of your help."
Diana S. in Ludlow, MA

"You have been my main source for search, but not only one. If necessary, I HOPE NOT, I will use you again."
Debra B. in Newton Highlands, MA

"SchoolSpring was a great website that I checked daily for new job openings. It was easy to use and easy to apply to any jobs that were posted. Thanks!"
Rachel B. in Fiskdale, MA

"Each morning began reading the waiting email from SchoolSpring informing me of the most current jobs openings. My response to interesting, potential positions could be accomplished with little wasted time. I knew my submitted materials would be presented in a professional manner to employers seeking my service."
David M. in Lake Placid, NY

"After months of sending out job applications and interviewing, I was still without a teaching job the first week of September. I was completely frustrated. Last Friday, a 6th grade ELA job was posted on SchoolSpring and I applied right away. That same day, my application was viewed and only half an hour later I was called to interview. I interviewed on this Monday, was called to meet with the Superintendent on Thursday and will be starting my new job next Monday! SchoolSpring made the whole process quick and I couldn't be more thankful."
Meredith T. in Arlington, MA

"I check schoolspring.com every day for new postings. This is an amazing website and so helpful for those actively looking for employment. I will continue to use and recommend SchoolSpring.com."
Sara D. in Cranston, RI

"My new employer uses SchoolSpring, so I was able to submit the application with ease, and that was helpful when I was deciding whether to apply or not."
Jean J. in Brighton, MA

"I found my new job on SchoolSpring and I absolutely love it!"
Erica S. in West Hartford, CT

"Just keep up your good work; get more and more districts to buy into your system to avoid lots of duplication of effort."
Martin K. in Winchester, MA

"Just happy to finally be back in the classroom. SchoolSpring was very useful, so thank you."
Rachel J. in New Bedfird, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring. I think your service is fantastic. I particularly love how you can lock down your references and not have to keep bothering people with requests."
Gillian H. in Fairhaven, MA

"I received a call from an employer to whom I didn't even apply. Since my info was accessible on SchoolSpring, I was called in to interview for the position and it all moved pretty quickly from there!"
Jill A. in North Brookfield, MA

"I found SchoolSpring a useful tool for keeping track of many school systems. Thank you for your help in my job search."
Seth D. in Boston, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I got the job opening email notification through SchoolSpring, went to an interview, then again to a second interview and finally hired! Thank you again SchoolSpring! You guys are awesome!"
Haruo S. in Holden, MA

"Thank you for having this great website and resource for people like me. I have been searching for a job in education for over 5 months. I have mailed and applied online over 80 applications, sent out many resumes, and looked everywhere. SchoolSpring was by far the best resource for me. Again, thank you and keep providing this great service to the people who work in the best, most rewarding profession."
Christopher B. in Worcester, MA

"Wow, what a fantastic resource. SchoolSpring was so easy to use and quickly returned some job possibilities immediately. I was referred to SchoolSpring and the very next day I was invited to interview for a job. The next day the job was offered to me and I accepted. I've been searching actively for over a year on my own. I've referred two of my friends who are a teacher and a librarian to your site and they hadn't heard of it yet. Thank you for this wonderful help just when I needed it."
Tracy M. in Eliot, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me get my new job. Your site was very helpful."
Shawn C. in Brookline, MA

"I have been very pleased with your help and assistance. I shall recommend you to anyone looking for a teaching position. I thank you very much for your help."
Forrest U. in Pahrump, NV

"Thank you for making my job search and application process so painless! I was able to apply for my current job with just a few clicks, got an interview the following week, and was offered the position the same day as my interview! I found the perfect fit in my new school system, I love the other teachers I'm working with, and I'm excited to get to know all of my new students. Thank you for your help!"
Michelle A. in Hudson, MA

"I was hired last September as a long-term substitute, after applying on SchoolSpring. When the permanent position opened up, it was posted internally. I applied for it and was hired at the end of the summer. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for providing this service!"
Robin H. in Suffield, CT

"SchoolSpring has been good with valuable links and leads"
Cathy D. in Old Greenwich, CT

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Jessica Massanari S. in Belmont, MA

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Kathleen J. in Easthampton, MA

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Molly D. in Arlington, MA

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Danielle B. in South Hadley, MA

"SchoolSpring makes it easy for employees and employers to apply and hire. The benefit is that once you are set up that often times applying is just a click away, but the fact that it's so easy means more people are more apt to apply, so you are competing against more people. I'm just grateful someone liked what I had to offer on paper and decided to seek me out. It's hard to read those emails when your application is declined, but the old fashion way led you to just never know. Many districts just simply blew you off if they were not interested. It may be more competitive, but SchoolSpring made my job search easier."
Elynne E. in Quinebaug, CT

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Kathy W. in Salt Lake City, UT

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Sarah A. in Asheville, NC

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Elizabeth A. in Jamaica Plain, MA

"At first I found SchoolSpring frustrating as I never heard any positive replies from employers. However, once I realized that there were incomplete pieces in my profile and took the time to fill in all the sections and answer all the questions, responses picked up. Then it was a matter of aligning my background with appropriate positions, not applying for everything, but only positions that would be a direct fit. Now I realize that you have to pick the specific school systems you want to work for and tell the employers why. Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my way!"
David P. in Chelmsford, MA

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Ashley N. in Chicopee, MA

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David M. in Whitinsville, MA

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Sarah M. in Beverly, MA

"Thank you!"
Raymond M. in Brimfield, MA

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"This was by far the best job seeking site for teachers. I was able to search open positions in my area and I was automatically notified of new positions. Sending my resume and cover letter to schools was so simple that I was able to apply for several positions each day. I also got immediate feedback from the schools which was helpful in narrowing my search. Other websites had little or no notification of teaching positions in my area and some websites wanted me to pay them money just to have access to their job databank. SchoolSpring was my go-to website for my job search. One of the notifications I received was for a position that wasn't my first choice, but the SchoolSpring application process was so easy that I decided to apply for it anyway. I received a call for an interview. I fell in love with the school almost immediately, the faculty and atmosphere of the school was a perfect match. If this website was difficult to navigate or required hours to apply for openings, I would have never found and applied for the teaching position that I now have. Thank you!"
Ericca L. in Holden, MA

"I have successfully found a new job!"
Courtney W. in New Haven, CT

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Mary S. in Wakefield, RI

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Marie W. in Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you Schoolspring! "
Rachel C. in Amherst, MA

"I am so excited to have this new teaching position. Thank you for the many leads."
Norma R. in Keller, TX

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Taylor B. in Gloucester, MA

"I only wish that Ohio would simplify things and use SchoolSpring throughout the state!!"
Michele R. in Essex Junction, VT

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Susan A. in Brattleboro, VT

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Elaine J. in New Hampshire

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Patricia J. in Marathon, FL

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Victoria C. in Merrimac, MA

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Emily N. in North Berwick, ME

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Mary K. in Peabody, MA

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Marge R. in Lexington, VA

"I found [my new] job through this website. SchoolSpring has definitely been my saving grace in finding a job. Throughout my job search I had only one wish: that every school would participate! Even when I had to send in applications to schools that don't participate, all of my information was right here, even a cover letter template. It made it so much easier to keep track of application materials I might need."
Samantha B. in Warwick, RI

"I mailed out countless resumes on fancy paper and used a TON of printer ink. What an expensive process! I got an interview from a SchoolSpring listing and GOT THE JOB! I couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have even known about this opening. To get a job right out of college is amazing. This was my first interview and I landed the job. THANK YOU SCHOOLSPRING!"
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Sarah O. in Andover, MA

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Brian H. in Anderson, MO

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"Terrific website, made the application process effortless, thanks!"
Julie C. in Lunenburg, MA

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Jordan L. in Norridgewock, ME

"I had a phone interview based off of my SchoolSpring application and got hired the next day!"
Meghan K. in Eau Claire, WI

"Thank you so much for all your help... this resource is especially helpful for teachers looking for out-of-state jobs!"
Theresa L. in Brookhaven, NY

"Thanks, SchoolSpring!"
Abigail A. in Burlington, VT

"I greatly valued my early morning e-mail message with the list of jobs that had been found over night. Your data collection techniques appear to be very thorough. Thanks for the help. I will very happily recommend SchoolSpring to my teacher friends and colleagues."
Jamieson C. in Culver City, CA

"Wonderful service. I appreciate the timely and accurate postings. Thank you!"
Andrea K. in Dover, NH

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Bryan L. in Idaho Falls, ID

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Jeremy W. in Westwood, MA

"If you don't think it happens "online", I'm here to say, it can and does! My resume was submitted via SchoolSpring and was then chosen by the district. There were literally hundreds of applicants but my resume and information was clearly presented on SchoolSpring which helped the employer to sort through all the "paperwork" and find the right people to interview. SchoolSpring was a wonderful access vehicle."
Kimberly S. in Acton, MA

"Have been employed by Munday ISD in Texas to teach World Geography and World History!"
James G. in Temple, TX

"Thank you for your online job search process. I never had to speak to or meet anyone until the day of my interview. I just showed up and they were expecting me. We had the interview. They loved me and I loved them. Thank you for making it so easy and thank you for being so reliable in your postings. I really appreciate all of the help."
Diana H. in Exeter, NH

"SchoolSpring has been consistent in forwarding teacher assistant jobs to my email! I really appreciate this! Thank you SchoolSpring."
Eleanor I. in Rhode Island

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Ryan R. in Gilbert, AZ

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Joti B. in Westborough, MA

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Stephanie G. in Cranston, RI

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Kristin K. in Newton, MA

"SchoolSpring was an excellent source for my Minneapolis-area job search. Through a SchoolSpring listing that I applied for, I was offered a teaching position."
Mark M. in Ohio

"I sent out tons of applications through SchoolSpring! It was a great tool during my job search. I got a few calls for interviews and then one day I got the job! It definitely pays to put yourself out there and apply for jobs in places that you normally wouldn't think to go. That's what I did, and it worked out great! I can't wait to start my new job!"
Sara F. in York, NE

"I found the job posting for a school psychologist position [in Arizona] on this website. I applied, got a phone interview, and was hired within 2 weeks! I hadn't seen the posting on any other website, so I have this website to thank for helping me find my new job!"
Michal O. in Centreville, VA

"Found out through SchoolSpring and applied. The process through SchoolSpring was seamless! What an amazing service!"
Jennifer W. in Newton, NH

"Love the site! I have used this to find great job leads and I have passed this information on to friends in the market."
Jacqanai S. in Park Forest, IL

"SchoolSpring kept me up-to-date on job openings which I found very helpful. Thank you."
Edie C. in Chester, VT

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David R. in Essex Junction, VT

"Great site! Thanks so much for the help!"
Montgomery H. in West Chester, PA

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Gretchen M. in Burlington, VT

"I applied using SchoolSpring Plus and it made my life so much easier. I also made sure to send the school a hard copy of all my documents, but getting that online application to them as soon as possible made all the difference. I was able to go to the school for a tour and then come back for an interview all before I graduated. I had the job secured the week before my graduation from my masters program. I could not be happier!"
Amy S. in Newmarket, NH

"Thanks for all the ideas and postings!"
Susan F. in Roeland Park, KS

"Thanks for all your help. I am a single mom and was hired two days prior to layoffs. Hooray!!!!!!!"
Pamela B. in Methuen, MA

"Very easy to apply on SchoolSpring."
Amy H. in Weston, VT

"I'm thankful to SchoolSpring for being my eyes across the nation because without them I wouldn't have been able to apply for half the jobs as I wouldn't have known about them. Keep up the good work!"
Dave S. in Yankton, SD

"Thank you SchoolSpring, this web site is the best. My new employer saw my profile and contacted me. We set up an interview and the rest is history."
Donna C. in Taunton, MA

"Thanks SchoolSpring, for being my agent! Wouldn't have found this opportunity without you!"
Tamara P. in South Burlington, VT

"After interviewing with two schools, I received two offers! Even in this terrible economy it is possible to obtain your dream position!"
Amanda D. in Atkinson, NH

"Thanks for all the technical assistance... As a person who considers himself a technophobe, your site was easy to use."
Jesse S. in Plainfield, VT

"I got a job teaching Kindergarten this fall!!!! Thank you SchoolSpring, you stand head and shoulders above other online teaching job websites. SchoolSpring is a well organized and streamlined site, it made applying for jobs simple. It was invaluable to know that all the Vermont teaching jobs were listed on one site, there was no need to search any other resource. To all my colleagues searching for a job, keep your chin up, be persistent, and know the key to getting a job is experience, experience, experience."
Caroline B. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring works! Use it! Good luck :)"
Joseph C. in Bayville, NY

"SchoolSpring made the search for my first administrative post easy. Rather than spending my time putting together application packets, I was able to more thoroughly research potential school districts and find a spot that best fit my needs."
Zachary M. in E. Dummerston, VT

"I was notified about this job through e-mail alert and applied the very first day after it was posted. Had it not been for SchoolSpring I would have never known about this job! Thank you!"
Heather M. in Whittier, CA

"I accepted a great sixth grade position in Massachusetts and I am so excited to start teaching in September. SchoolSpring made the searching process simple and easy- Thank you"
Christi D. in Tiverton, RI

"I have accepted a Principal position in Massachusetts. I am excited to be stepping up to this level. SchoolSpring made it so easy to apply. Thanks for having everything so easy to use."
Edith A. in Stafford, VA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring job alerts I was offered three different positions and accepted a job as a substitute Spanish teacher. Not only did SchoolSpring provide opportunity but you also gave me choices. Keep on sending the alerts. I intend to keep working with your help!"
David P. in Lynn, MA

"Thank you very much for this opportunity, this is my first "real" job. SchoolSpring ROCKS. "
Leandre K. in Hewitt, TX

"I appreciate the ease of the process and the results of the job search process. Thank you for your assistance."
Nancy C. in Lyndon Center, VT

"Thank you very much for the service you offer. I am thrilled to report that I applied for a job I saw posted on SchoolSpring, was contacted, interviewed, and GOT THE JOB! I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, your site to other educators who are seeking new positions. Keep up the good work!"
Suzanne S. in Brimfield, MA

"I have used SchoolSpring to apply to several schools. I have interviewed with many, and had to choose from three job offers. Great site...easy to use, and a terrific way to find good jobs."
Kristin H. in Morrisonville, NY

"This site was great! Thank you, you made it so easy to apply for jobs in a tough market!"
Sarah G. in Slingerlands, NY

"I was interviewed and hired by Rutland Public Schools in Vermont. They called me on Thursday, I interviewed on Tuesday and was hired on the Thursday after!!! "
Tiffini M. in Richmond, VA

"SchoolSpring helped me find schools that were in my area and had great opportunities. Thanks to SchoolSpring for helping me find a great school to teach science."
Christopher L. in Gardner, MA

"The process went so smoothly and quickly! I applied for a position on SchoolSpring and was called the next week to set up an interview. After the interview, I was offered the job two days later! Praise to SchoolSpring for allowing all parts of my application to be submitted in one place."
Natashia J. in South Burlington, VT

"The process was painless!!!"
Marek J. in Brookline, MA

"I just wanted to thank you for the great website. I was able to find a wonderful position as a counselor last fall with your help. I can't tell you how much time I save by going to one place to find so many opportunities for employment. I moved from Michigan to Colorado to get the job and I've enjoyed every day in the Rockies."
Bob C. in Colorado

"SchoolSpring is fantastic! I submitted my resume and it was great how I received notice that the district received it, and then that it was reviewed by someone in the district."
Tracy S. in Peabody, MA

"I applied through SchoolSpring and found a job in education. Without SchoolSpring I wouldn't have been able to find this job on my own!"
Annemarie M. in Winooski, VT

"The day after my profile was posted I started sending out applications. It is soooo simple! The following day proceeding my applications I had an interview. Now I am employed full time as a TA and an enrichment instructor."
Kari P. in Cambridge, MA

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Caitlin M. in North Chelmsford, MA

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Scott D. in Hartford, CT

"Thanks as always. Your postings give me hope."
Sue H. in Revere, MA

"Thank you for helping me get in the door! I have taught in other states but it is much more difficult to get a teaching job in Massachusetts without an MA license. I found my current employer here on your site. THANKS!"
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Cassandra C. in East Greenwich, RI

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Jessie E. in Danvers, MA

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Elwood G. in Shirley, MA

"I am blessed and grateful to be working at an elementary school in my community. I love the job, commute and flexibility! I recommend this site to many teachers, family and friends who also enjoy working in education."
Kim J. in Brockton, MA

"In September 2008, I started my job search. I signed up on all the general job search websites and another education job search site. I got so many job leads from SchoolSpring that I soon stopped checking the others. With SchoolSpring, I could scan in all of the appropriate documents that school districts needed. I was hired as a long-term substitute teacher for the 08-09 school year and offered a full-time contract for 09-10 on the last day of school. Now I am happily employed as a Learning Disabilities Teacher. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Lucinda D. in Concord, MA

"Thank you for this great service! It works! A co-worker told me and a friend about this great site and now we have both found wonderful new jobs. My co-worker is still looking, but I assured him that something will come up on SchoolSpring soon. Everything happens in threes!"
Jean M. in Westborough, MA

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Michael H. in Chapel Hill, NC

"I had been using SchoolSpring long before I graduated to search for a job. It helped me organize all of my information and raised my awareness of job availabilities. It was a difficult time to search for a job but after just graduating from college in May 2009 I was given a Spanish teaching job in my town."
Katie A. in Farmington, ME

"SchoolSpring was very helpful to my job search. I have found that most school positions are advertised online at this point, rather than in the paper."
Jesse Ann W. in North Thetford, VT

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Martin K. in Winchester, MA

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Catherine A. in West Townsend, MA

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Jeannie D. in Brooksville, FL

"We recently moved from California to Rhode Island. One of our new neighbors told me to look for school district work on SchoolSpring.com. I did not have any clue how to get started finding a school job in my new state. I found a library job at Portsmouth High School posted and I applied. The website is very user-friendly and very up to date. Thank you for your help finding a job. I am very happy at my new school."
Jacqueline K. in Bristol, RI

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Kevin S. in Homewood, IL

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David J. in Three Rivers, CA

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Richard C. in Monticello, UT

"Thanks, SchoolSpring for making my job search so much easier!"
Gail W. in Clinton, MA

"I was hired as a Reading Tutor. I was alerted to this job through SchoolSpring in august. Your site allowed me to see the job postings as soon as they were available and I was able to respond in a timely manner. Thank You!"
Rosanne S. in Sharon, MA

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Lori B. in New Hampshire

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Debra H. in Ashfield, MA

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Daiva N. in New Bedford, MA

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Jill S. in Austin, TX

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Jennifer F. in Framingham, MA

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Liz R. in New Jersey

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Lynn W. in Chelmsford, MA

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Amy M. in Somerville, MA

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Kevin K. in Weymouth, MA

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Margret F. in Plattsburgh, NY

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Samuel O. in Albany, NY

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James P. in Worcester, MA

"Got the job through their school website application process. SchoolSpring was helpful, though, in finding out about certain jobs that were open."
Kristin K. in Brighton, MA

"This site was extremely helpful in finding the jobs that appealed to me and allowing me to apply for them quickly and easily. I'm thrilled with my new position. "
Brian C. in Vernon, CT

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Lori F. in Wyoming, RI

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Tulani T. in Pawtucket, RI

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Cheryl W. in Cumberland, RI

"Thank you!"
Julianne D. in Wrentham, MA

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barbara d. in St Louis, MO

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Thomas W. in Tewksbury, MA

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Susan B. in Marblehead, MA

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Rebecca M. in Cranston, RI

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Loren S. in Middleboro, MA

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Erin L. in East Falmouth, MA

"Elaborate system that works. I enjoyed the organization and ease of use. The email messages of current openings was also helpful."
Theresa S. in Avon, MA

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Michelle A. in Johnson City, TN

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Timothy W. in Newton , MA

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Meghan A. in South Hadley, MA

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Stephen S. in Grafton, MA

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Merredith R. in Johnston, RI

Deborah D. in Westfield, MA

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Amy B. in Jamaica Plain, MA

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Kimberly C. in Glendale, CA

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Jennifer B. in Levittown, NY

"I am thrilled to be starting my new job as an 8th grade science teacher! SchoolSpring is an excellent tool that allowed me to submit all of my application materials online and search for teaching positions throughout the state. By setting up my own profile and search criteria, I was constantly notified of open positions, and applying for positions was simple and efficient. Thank you for all of your help!"
Courtney L. in Worcester, MA

"It was helpful using SchoolSpring. The profile is easy to set up, research, and contact employers. It was great getting e-mails listing new openings in the different towns that matched my criteria."
Kimberly M. in Monponsett, MA

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Kimberly E. in West Springfield, MA

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Melinda L. in Sandwich, MA

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Robin W. in Hatfield, MA

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Donald M. in Plymouth, MA

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Carol K. in Silver Lake, IN

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Marybeth R. in Hingham, MA

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Meghan C. in Salem, MA

"Although my job was not found through SchoolSpring, I recommend others to use it. It gives a prospective teacher a wide range of options and exposure. And being able to download the various documents required for an application package is a huge time saver."
Kristin H. in North Chelmsford, MA

"Appreciate all you do greatly. I felt very well appraised of openings through your e-mail alerts and the "Job Search" feature. Thanks so much!"
John C. in New Hampshire

"Thank you for the job alerts. It helped to keep me positive while searching even when there seemed to be no available situations that could work for me."
Madelyn M. in Dumont, NJ

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Lynne S. in Carbondale, CO

"I love SchoolSpring!! I was on vacation in Utah when I applied for a job in Vermont. I am a first grade teacher in a super school thanks to your search engine! It is such a great way to know your options! Thanks. "
Lise B. in Pownal, VT

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Kathleen P. in Southbury, CT

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Susan P. in pepperell, MA

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Robin M. in Wilton, NH

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Nancy S. in Southwick, MA

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Courtney S. in Reading, MA

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Graham K. in Mansfield, PA

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Thomas K. in Westminster, MA

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Courtney S. in Norridgewock, ME

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Matthew K. in Greenville, OH

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Ashley N. in Saratoga Springs, NY

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Patrick A. in Shakopee, MN

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Bryan D. in Saint Albans, VT

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Shelly K. in Medford, MA

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Laura L. in Westford, MA

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Jaimee F. in Allston, MA

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Polly F. in Lena, WI

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Jill T. in Londonderry, NH

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Kimberly R. in Warwick, RI

"Thank you for making it so easy to see what communities are hiring to make the job search easier. Teacher candidates need all of the help they can get."
Susan J. in Beverly, MA

"Easy to search for jobs and apply for them! "
Sarah C. in Jefferson, MA

"I applied, interviewed, and was offered a position as an Intensive Paraprofessional through the SchoolSpring website. I am very pleased with this site and am looking forward to beginning my new employment at the start of the 2009/2010 school year. Thank you!"
Kristin H. in Essex Junction, VT

"SchoolSpring made finding a job so much easier! The daily postings really helped and provided some opportunities at locations I would not have originally thought of."
Dawn F. in Stevenson Ranch, CA

"Thanks for your assistance"
Linda R. in North Hero, VT

"I really can't thank you enough - in this ridiculously tough economy with towns and cities laying off all kinds of public servants (including teachers), I was very nervous about finding a position as an English teacher. However, thanks to SchoolSpring I was hired by my new district within a month of getting my master's degree. Again - thank you!"
Jonathan M. in Brighton, MA

"I was able to apply for a Kindergarten position while on vacation! The day we returned home I got the call for an interview. A week later, I have the job!"
Betsy S. in Vergennes, VT

"I was moving from Florida to Vermont and someone suggested using SchoolSpring.com. It was perfect for me as I was transitioning from one state to another and the Internet was by far the easiest method for job hunting. It seemed that appropriate matches were sent to me and I found the exact job I wanted!"
Shannon R. in Fairfax, VT

"I found myself looking for a job due to budget cuts. I never knew about SchoolSpring, but Thank God! It was nice to have all the information in one location. Though it was time consuming to have to enter my transcripts by hand, once that was done the application process was so easy. In a matter of weeks I was hired. Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Jodi R. in Hudson, NH

"Found my dream job in WV! After a long summer, I was able to get exactly what I was looking for in a school and district. It would have been next to impossible without this site. Thank you."
Dustin R. in Watsontown, PA

"Connected with a great school and principal. The team I am joining is excited to have me on board and had a great first meeting with them. Thanks to SchoolSpring for great communication between schools while I was looking for employment."
Susan M. in Essex Junction, VT

"Thank you SchoolSpring! I was hired to Work as an ESL Teacher in West Springfield. Your updates and postings provided me with the most up-to-date information on the local job market for my field and I was able to find a fabulous job at a great school."
Kimberly C. in Chicopee, MA

"SchoolSpring was a great, efficient way to apply for jobs in my area. I am thrilled to have accepted a full-time third grade teaching position. Thank you!"
Amy O. in Woburn, MA

"I found my "dream job" through you!! Thank you for your up-to-date and accurate postings! It's been a pleasure and quite rewarding to have worked with you!"
Sue S. in Westbrook, ME

"Dream job!"
Jonni N. in Reading , VT

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Vincent H. in Port Jefferson Station, NY

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Shalini S. in Fall River, MA

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Zulema T. in Los Angeles, CA

"I was hired at Washington Middle School in Meriden, CT. I will be teaching 8th grade language arts. I am so thankful and excited for this experience!!"
Amy P. in Newington, CT

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in notifying me about the elementary teacher opening at Lowell Community Charter School. I am grateful to have a teaching job!"
Laura F. in Pepperell, MA

"THANK YOU so much for everything! I am finally under contract with a school, thanks to months of searching for jobs through your website. You made looking for work SO easy and efficient. I absolutely do not know what I would have done without SchoolSpring. You have helped me achieve a major life goal of moving to VT, thanks to the job I landed!"
Gillian T. in Brooklyn, NY

"I think you all do a fantastic job, and I would certainly use you in the future."
Katharine R. in Los Ranchos, NM

"SchoolSpring proved to be very helpful throughout my search for employment."
Kevin R. in Blackstone, MA

"I usually prefer the old fashion paper method for sending important documents however, I really enjoyed using SchoolSpring! I especially enjoyed the up-to-date emails with employment opportunities and was amazed at how easy it was to use. I really liked having to create just one actual application packet that could be submitted so quickly. This not only saved paper but also saved precious time! I would highly recommend every teacher seeking employment create a profile on SchoolSpring because it is so user-friendly, efficient, and a guaranteed success!"
Danielle F. in Danvers, MA

"Great web site! Thank you."
Victoria B. in Brookline, MA

"I used SchoolSpring.com as my primary method to search for a teaching position because it has job listings from a variety of different websites. I noticed a job listing on this website on a Thursday and had landed the position less than a week later."
Tyrone B. in Ninety Six, SC

"SchoolSpring is a wonderful service. I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching."
Janet B. in Groveland, MA

"Interviewed with Oliver Ames in Easton and instantly knew that it was the perfect fit. They knew it too, and we signed a contract shortly after. Hooray!"
Casey B. in Providence, RI

"Hired in my own backyard after months and months, since last summer, of searching. It is a relief to find a position in my area and my specialty. Good luck to all you job seekers, never give up!"
Robert C. in Walterboro, SC

"SchoolSpring.com served as such a helpful tool, letting me know in what areas the need was the greatest and where to apply most immediately. Thanks!"
Michaela C. in Brighton, MA

"I got the perfect part-time job through SchoolSpring... I can work and also keep up with my family. Thanks, it has been a blessing."
Jennifer F. in Carolina, RI

"Thanks for all of your help! I found out about the job through you!"
Kristen K. in Maine

"This has been a very helpful website in locating jobs. I truly appreciate all the hard work the employees do in compiling the information needed in order to make the job search go smoother. Thank you!"
Noel H. in Cleveland Hts., OH

"I applied to a position online through SchoolSpring. Within 3 hours I was notified that they had opened my application and 40 minutes later received a request for an interview! I interviewed early in the morning and was offered the position that afternoon! Thank you for helping me find the exact position I was looking for!"
Angela M. in Lyman, ME

"I was glad to be able to apply online to so many places and job opportunities. I was also glad to constantly receive job alerts and updates from the system. I think this is one of the most helpful programs ever made to serve the public. From the bottom of may heart: Thank you!"
Salvador G. in Orlando, FL

"I found the posting for my now current position on Schoolspring.com, filled out the application and waited. I was ecstatic when I received a call for an interview and then soon found out I got the job! I'm so glad I did my hunt on SchoolSpring.com. The process of filling out everything here helped prepare me for my interview and review all my work. I used this site as supplemental to state websites for teacher position postings and found it a winning combination!"
Itza M. in White Plains, NY

"Thanks for always keeping me up to date with new jobs!"
Alison N. in Port Saint John, FL

"Hired by local school for one year, still looking for 2010-2011, keep sending available jobs for now! Thanks"
Claudia W. in Enosburg Falls, VT

"I very much appreciated the emails from SchoolSpring and the ease of online applications! "
Laura N. in Framingham, MA

"SchoolSring was a superb source for information about openings - and exercise in gathering my application materials. In the end my success in finding a position was dependent on connections I had made, facilitated in part by SchoolSpring. Thank you!"
Emily H. in Brattleboro, VT

"I received a job alert from SchoolSpring for Director of Buildings and Grounds for Bellingham School District. Well, about a week later I got the call for an interview. About 2 hours [after the interview] they called to offer me the position. I'm going on my 3rd week working there and I love it."
James T. in Bloomingburg, NY

"I was very pleased with the prompt posting and notices I received by e-mail from SchoolSpring. Thank you."
MaryJane Z. in Middlebury, CT

"I'm so happy with SchoolSpring! They really came through with daily email and helped me to narrow down my search. If I ever find myself in the position of job seeking again I would most certainly use SchoolSpring to find the perfect job for me."
Erica M. in Bellows Falls, VT

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in securing 2 jobs for me. The alert messages kept me abreast of what was out there and the search capabilities allowed me to visit the school sites to better prepare myself for applications and interviews. Thanks!"
Suzanne S. in Bethlehem, NH

"SchoolSpring was my primary source for find available positions and submitting my applications. Thanks for creating this fantastic online resource."
Kristina S. in Norwich, VT

"I learned about this job because of the emails SchoolSpring sent me, so thanks!!!"
Dana H. in Arcadia, FL

"SchoolSpring found me the perfect job... again!"
Jason B. in Burlington, VT

"SchoolSpring helped me find a lot of the jobs I applied for, including this one! Thank you for posting so many jobs that were not posted on other education job posting sites!"
Kaisa L. in Hudson, WI

"Great site. Thanks so much, takes the guess work and leg work out of sending out resumes."
Kathryn H. in Springfield, VT

"I got my job through SchoolSpring. I found the site easy to navigate and easy to use quickly as I checked out new opportunities on the fly. I'm looking forward to this new position."
Laurie A. in Norwood, MA

"I am so glad that I discovered SchoolSpring.com. I had been looking on my own for a part-time job for several months, but saw very little advertised. The job I am taking is a perfect fit for me and I doubt that I would have known about it if it hadn't been for this site."
M. C. in Westminster, MA

"SchoolSpring made getting all my information together easy! The data is easy to input and the navigation is simple to follow. Employer job descriptions and links to the employer web sites make it easy to research school philosophies. I have never found it so easy to track my applications and to follow up. Thank you SchoolSpring for being my assistant in my job search. You made the process painless!"
Pollyanna S. in Wayland, MA

"I had everything in order, references and job history, so the turn around was VERY FAST! I am excited and encourage others to use SchoolSpring to keep their materials in order for fast use!"
Jennifer S. in Bolingbrook, IL

"Just finished my first full year! Thanks to SchoolSpring, I have found my dream job!"
Sarah W. in New Freedom, PA

"Communication was fast and efficient. Very professional."
David C. in Lyndonville, VT

"Being proactive and following up on as many leads given by SchoolSpring was very helpful to me. I had a couple of offers and had the opportunity to choose what was best for me. Thank you very much for your support and wonderful and prompt follow up and updates."
Maria F. in Worcester, MA

"Wow-I could not be happier with the way that SchoolSpring facilitated the process of looking for work in a new state. I do not know what I would have done without SchoolSpring! Bravo to offering such an efficient and effective means to bringing the right people together. Thanks for the AWESOME service you provided me along the way! Cheers SchoolSpring!"
Gillian T. in Brooklyn, NY

"I must thank you for the excellent job you have done for me in providing me countless opportunities to interview. You have made the task of seeking a job much much easier than it used to be. I have recommended you to three people so far. They tell me they have found opportunities as well. Your service is essential as teachers and schools can find good teachers easily that will give American education a head up. It needs help and your service is essential. Again, thank you very much."
John Z. in Milton, VT

"SchoolSpring made the application process really easy and also helped me manage the applications that I sent out. This process was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be!"
Lauren D. in Danvers, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for the daily emails and allowing me to use this site free of charge. I found a job as a middle school inclusion teacher. "
Amanda D. in Fitchburg, MA

"Excellent, helpful service. It's great to have everything in a "permanent" file which is easily accessible and can be used in the future. Thank you for helping me find my perfect job!!!"
Michele R. in Essex Junction, VT

"I prepared my information at the end of one week, set up an interview the beginning of the following week and was offered the position the following day. Holy Cow! "
Cheryl L. in Wheelock , VT

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me to receive a perfect position. I was thoroughly happy with SchoolSpring. It made my searching so much easier. Thank you for all your help and I hope that others take advantage of your services. Again, thank you for all your help."
Sharon E. in Rochester, MA

"I am currently the Special Education Director for the Robert M. Hughes Charter School in Springfield, MA and I couldn't be happier. I found this job posted on Schoolspring.com, and I thank you for all your help."
Brian C. in Springfield, MA

"SchoolSpring was so easy to set up and instrumental in me finding and securing my new job. THANKS!"
Kathleen T. in Johnson, VT

"I received the listing on a Tuesday, applied Wednesday, and interviewed on Friday!!! So happy to find a job so easily!"
Joanna R. in Plymouth, MA

"Fantastic! I got notice of the job in my email. Applied, had an interview a few weeks later. Got a FABULOUS job offer right out of school! I am so so excited for next year! SchoolSpring worked for me! Thank you for making this so easy for me to find a job! "
Erica F. in Albany, NY

"SchoolSpring.com is the number 1 most helpful website for those people trying to find educational careers. Thanks!"
Jennifer M. in Rutland, VT

"Granville is a wonderful school and I'm so excited to start in the fall! Thanks to SchoolSpring, this website made it a thousand times easier and cheaper to find and apply for jobs."
Deborah G. in North Clarendon, VT

"Searching for a job across the country is no easy feat. I was searching from Oregon. SchoolSpring kept me informed about positions I was qualified for in my target states of Vermont and New Hampshire. I had several interviews and was hired! It would have been much more difficult without this service."
Julie B. in Sandy, OR

"Posting my information on SchoolSpring made finding a job easier. Thanks!"
Rachel F. in Rumney, NH

"SchoolSpring was instrumental in helping my husband and I fulfill our goal of relocating. I was also registered with another more exclusive teacher placement agency and found SchoolSpring more useful in finding jobs in desirable places."
Jennifer G. in Columbia, MO

"Within days of signing in to SchoolSpring I had two interviews scheduled. I am recommending this job search program to all of my co-workers and friends looking for new jobs in teaching."
Michael M. in China Village, ME

"Thank you, SchoolSpring! You made finding a job in Vermont from out of state as easy as it could possibly be!"
Corey M. in Woburn, MA

"Thank you for making this such a smooth process."
Julie M. in Boulder, CO

"I found SchoolSpring very helpful!"
Jessica P. in South Bend, IN

"My wife and I are incredibly excited to relocate to Baltimore. Our jobs did not directly result from SchoolSpring, but it was SchoolSpring that initially sent me notifications about employment opportunities in Maryland, which inspired us to consider Maryland and seek out employment opportunities there."
Nicholas S. in Mount Pleasant , MI

"SchoolSpring was exactly what I needed to find the perfect position! I couldn't be happier!"
Jillian D. in Watertown, MA

"Thank you for all of your help. I found your networking and utilities helpful to my job search. I will definitely use this site again and recommend it to all of my friends."
Kyle G. in New York, NY

"In March, I filled an immediate opening for a chemistry teacher. I am pleased with the current position and signed the contract for next year. Yay!"
Lynn S. in Massachusetts

"Through SchoolSpring.com I was able to apply for this job and after an interview and demo lesson I was offered the position! This site was extremely helpful!"
Jennifer L. in Marlboro, MA

"I found the perfect job as an elementary school librarian. Thanks!"
Beth W. in Williston, VT

"I was able to find a job with the ELL Dept in Worcester. Thank you!!!"
Sara O. in Worcester, MA

"Hired 2 weeks ago by Brighton in Vermont! YAY!"
Aimee B. in Atlanta, GA

"I found this job through SchoolSpring, and actually found out before other teachers at the school knew! It was the first job I applied for, and the first official interview I ever had. During the interview, I was told that if there was one candidate that rose above the rest, that person would just get the job. I WAS THE ONE CANDIDATE!!! This was the only job in the area for MILES that would have worked for me!! THANKS SCHOOLSPRING!"
Sarah J. in Appleton, WI

"SchoolSpring was very instrumental in getting the job because it was not posted in the Boston Globe. I liked the notification from SchoolSpring when a potential employer looks at your application. Thank you."
James M. in North Andover, MA

"I love the new place I work at. Everything is going great. Thanks for all your help!"
Marie S. in Ohio

"I received an email that Palos was hiring, filled out their application and was called for an interview! The rest is history!!"
Heather J. in Lemont, IL

"Great website! Thanks for the help."
Natalee M. in Boston, MA

"I appreciated the ease of applying for jobs once my profile was created on SchoolSpring. Though the job I accepted was not listed on SchoolSpring it was valuable for me to see what jobs were available and to give many the opportunity to offer me an interview."
Gretchen M. in Evanston, IL

"I am fortunate enough to have accepted a job with the Lower Kuskokwim School District at the Ayaprun School in Newtok, Alaska. I did receive an email through [SchoolSpring] alerting me to the opening. SchoolSpring was very helpful to me during my search for a teaching position."
April A. in Eugene, OR

"Thank you for making the process of application so easy! "
Monica S. in Franklin, VT

"I felt that SchoolSpring was great at getting me job possibilities and exposure to many school in the region. I had several interviews and offers. Thank you for your service!"
Susan C. in New Haven, VT

"I enjoyed getting job updates from not only my current geographical area but other areas as well. At times there were postings for positions that never had occurred to me, but were a good fit for my skill set. I will be starting a new job in July. Thank you for your support."
Becky H. in Framingham, MA

"Essex (VT) found me through SchoolSpring. I was searching for an administration job from Vienna, Austria with the intent of returning to the USA and SchoolSpring couldn't have made it easier!"
Elizabeth B. in Austria

"By putting my resume on SchoolSpring.com and using it as a search engine for teaching jobs I was found relatively quick by my employer. This is a great way to find potential jobs as well as getting your name around the state and beyond!"
Leah W. in Hays, KS

"I think SchoolSpring is one of the best things to happen to education. The easy to use site and clarity of it all make it an incredible tool for the new or experienced educator."
Chris M. in Stowe, VT

"I accepted a paraeducator position at the school of my choice. I could not be happier. Thank you for making the process easier."
Mara H. in South Burlington, VT

"Found out about this job through SchoolSpring. The constant email updates about job openings were so helpful. Thanks for all the help!"
Aaron G. in Normal, IL

"Thank you so much. This is an unbelievable system. It is the only one where the job agent works so well, truly targeting areas of interest. I love how easy it is to search your database, and how efficiently your notification system works, and how easy it is to click on a link in the email to get to the job listing itself. Your website is a tremendous resource. "
Manya B. in Hartsdale, NY

"Thanks SchoolSpring! Great, convenient service. SchoolSpring Plus made applying for multiple jobs a piece of cake! You helped me find my new job!"
Vito P. in Carson City, NV

"I found the position of Band Director 7-12 on your website. I think your website is extremely useful because of the number of school systems that are posting here."
Patrick B. in Rock Hill, SC

"After finding many opportunities on SchoolSpring.com, I found a job that after sending my resume seemed very interested in me immediately. After an initial interview on the phone I found myself two weeks later making the 10 hour drive for a second interview and I was offered the job two days later. Now I'm heading to a new part of the country and excited about this new chapter in my life!"
Emily F. in Elmwood, WI

"I have been a SchoolSpring viewer for the past 2 years. Although I did not apply for any positions online, I felt informed regarding the job market and qualifications desired for school principals. I was recently hired as an elementary school principal and feel that I was more informed and better prepared for the interview process as a result of having read the numerous job postings/descriptions over the past couple of years. Thanks for the service."
Jeffrey M. in Fairbanks, AK

"I filled out my profile, cover letter, and resume on SchoolSpring, and only two weeks later I was offered a great job at Acorn Childcare! Thanks for providing a site where teachers can showcase their experience and expertise properly."
Heather H. in Ringwood, NJ

"Thank you SchoolSpring for keeping me informed about current jobs related to my certifications. I am happy with my position at Waterboro Elementary School as the Computer Room Integrator. Once again thank you and keep up the good work."
Dorothy M. in Waterboro, ME

"I have accepted a position as an acting assistant principal at the elementary level. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for helping me organize my resume electronically. It's been a pleasure and a privilege working with you! "
Cheryl H. in South Burlington, VT

"I submitted my application and followed up the next business day. Within an hour and a half I was interviewed and then hired 24-hours later. Always remember to follow up!"
Eric D. in Poultney, VT

"Your web site is great it is so easy to send in resumes and the follow up is wonderful. Keep up the good work."
Sandy O. in Ansonia, CT

"Thank you for your service. I am now thankfully employed!"
Gloria P. in Nashua, NH

"You guys are the BEST. Thank you very much. Often received job alerts really encouraged me a lot. Thank you again!"
Haruo S. in Holden, MA

"Thank you SchoolSpring for handling all my documents in a professional manner. At my interview, the administrators were passing around my SchoolSpring Placement folder. I was impressed with how good it looked and how they seemed to be impressed with the organization of the file. I will definitely get back with SchoolSpring.com for my next job search."
Christine S. in Saco, ME

"I did find my job through SchoolSpring. The employer contacted me through your service this past summer! Thank you for the help!"
Ellen L. in Groton, MA

"I was asked to interview for the Agawam Public School system after sending my resume and applying through SchoolSpring. I was hired a few days later. This website made it possible for me to get my foot in the door at a school so I can continue working towards my goal of becoming a school guidance counselor. I love my job with Agawam and I am so glad I posted my resume on SchoolSpring.com!"
Jennifer E. in West Springfield, MA

"After searching and searching for nearly two years... I was hired and can't wait to start my teaching on 11-24-08. I will be a partner teacher with my friend which makes it even better! I would like to thank SchoolSpring for continually posting openings in my certification."
Robin B. in North Haven, CT

"SchoolSpring.com played an important role in me being hired by Hartford Public Schools. Had it not been for SchoolSpring's frequent job alerts, I wouldn't have known that Hartford School District was searching for a School Psychologist. This resource is highly recommended."
Darrick B. in Springfield, MA

"I was hired in as a preschool teacher at Paulding Elementary School in Paulding, Ohio! I did my methods and student teaching at this school last year, and was offered a job this summer! I suggest for those of you still in school to try to do your method and student teaching with the same teacher. It really creates a great impression!"
Carrie C. in Defiance, OH

"As a magazine editor making a midlife career change, I found SchoolSpring to be the perfect vehicle for me to find a school that was a perfect fit. Now I'm a new teacher with 20 years of life experience in the world that I can share with students. It's hard to break into a brand new field, but SchoolSpring made it possible for me."
Michael P. in Franklin, MA

"Schoolspring was very helpful, thanks!"
Anne C. in Burlington, VT

"THE ONLY job search website from which I got ANY interviews (2). My second interview led to a job! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
R. Roth in Conneautville, PA

"I applied for a middle school teaching job through SchoolSpring. I did not end up getting that job, but the elementary school in the same district had an opening soon after and I was the only one that they wanted for it!"
Katelyn G. in Clayville, RI

"Wonderful site!"
Nicole H. in Winooski, VT

"Thank you for your service. The SchoolSpring PLUS+ service netted more calls from employers than any other method I've used."
Robert B. in Harrisburg, PA

"I really appreciate your help in trying to find a job for me. Your website is definitely a good resource for those who are looking."
Joan B. in West Whately, MA

"Your program is excellent and professional. I felt connected during my search and you uncovered many opportunities for me that I am sure I would not have found on my own! Thank you again very much for your assistance and HOPE!"
Gwynne J. in Wrentham, MA

"Thanks for your help!"
Kyra B. in Brighton, MA

"Thank you so much for helping me find my job! :)"
Kelley H. in Brighton, MA

"[SchoolSpring] helped me stay up to date with my resume and cover letters. This website is also great at sending me the latest new job opportunities. Thank you."
Molly R. in Brighton , MA

"Pivotal in securing my new job."
Pamela H. in Belchertown, MA

"This site was very helpful in finding a new job!"
Nathan D. in East Hardwick, VT

"Thank you for the ongoing information regarding special education jobs available in my area. I was hired in August and have been thrilled with my new opportunity, especially after working for twenty-nine years in one local district."
Joanne H. in Acton, MA

"SchoolSpring contacted me as soon as the position became available - I'm not sure I would have found out about this job without SchoolSpring. Thank you!!"
Mary Ellen F. in Westford, MA

"I checked SchoolSpring listings regularly and found my new job! Now, I continue to use SchoolSpring to advertise when we have positions to fill."
Maribeth B. in Lenox, MA

"Thanks for your help!"
Michael C. in Milford, NH

"...one significant aspect of filing for jobs through [SchoolSpring] helped me make the correct decisions in submitting for my new job. Don't delay, especially in this part of the hiring season. Also, have your certificate, references and transcript in electronic form. Being able to send all the information employers are looking for in the blink of an eye can really impress the person on the other end."
Gregory G. in Brockton, MA

"Thanks for getting me back on track after 10 years away from the job market. So much has changed with the Internet. SchoolSpring made it easy to get back into it and it was easy to follow the procedure. Thank you! "
Tanya L. in Halifax, MA

"I have recommended SchoolSpring to all the teachers and education students I know looking for positions. This method makes sense."
Endsley K. in Sturbridge, MA

"I was hired by Bedford Public schools to start their integrated preschool program! I found the job on SchoolSpring. I am very happy!"
Jayme S. in Billerica , MA

"Your site was very helpful. Thank you."
Bonnie B. in Wisconsin

"SchoolSpring definitely helped me find a job. It was helpful to have the reminders for openings because it's difficult to constantly check when you're already busy doing so much to land a job. I got my job from a SchoolSpring posting, and it was the easiest process I've been through yet."
Megan C. in Dansville, NY

"I completed the SchoolSpring application on-line and was subsequently hired. Thank you for the great and regular communications via e-mail, and for the opportunity to contact my references via e-mail."
Cynthia W. in Gloucester, MA

"Thank you so much for all your support. I received an interview through your company. It went well but it was not what I was looking for. I was very happy with all support and information that I received in looking for a job."
Kimmarie C. in Hudson, MA

"I started my search a year ago. Without your help, I would not have known about some of the openings that had occurred. Thanks so much for offering this service!"
Joanne M. in Littleton, NH

"Thanks for your help. I will use you again when the need arises."
Susan K. in Westminster, MA

"Your site does an excellent job searching for jobs. Although I didn't find my job through your website, your site certainly helped out a lot, I was just very lucky to find a job close by."
Ann S. in Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you for your highly efficient program and positive responses. Made job searching fun!"
Elizabeth A. in Bristol, VT

"I think [SchoolSpring] is a terrific resource for job seekers. Those automatic e-mails are fantastic--every time you heard about a job in my field, I heard about it, too. Thank you sincerely."
Jane E. in Bridgeport, NJ

"I want to thank you for the service that you provide. It was helpful to have all of the information at my finger tips. Thank you for your help."
Bobbie M. in Waltham, MA

"I Was hired using SchoolSpring. Thank you! I am now teaching part-time 6th grade and part time special education."
Lindsay P. in Wakefield, RI

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I had several job offers and got to chose the one I wanted."
Linda T. in Gorham, ME

"Thank you for your excellent job network services."
Robert L. in New York, NY

"SchoolSpring has given me the opportunity to see openings that were available. It was extremely helpful to see the new postings everyday! Though I didn't get my job through SchoolSpring, it definitely kept the doors of opportunities wide open! Thank you!"
Janelle S. in Saco, ME

"Your site is most helpful - all you need now is to get more school systems on board. "
Michele L. in Hope, RI

"Great way for current and future educators to find positions to stay in the education system. Thank you for helping me find a position!!!"
Kimberly L. in Bristol, VT

"It was my very first time applying for a Spanish Teacher position and quite frankly, I didn't know where to begin. SchoolSpring made it very easy for me to seek employers with their comprehensive approach. Most of my "paperwork" was completed in a couple of days and I just got a teaching position! Christine [in customer service] was also very helpful when I was looking for computer support and responded to all my calls and questions promptly! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!"
Rebecca G. in Bourne, MA

"SchoolSpring was terrific in helping me find a job. It took some time uploading my info, but from then on it was smooth sailing and easy to apply for jobs. I will definitely use it and recommend it in the future!"
Garrett G. in S. Paris, ME

"Found my job through SchoolSpring! Thanks!"
Brendan O. in Burlington, VT

"I am grateful for this website. If it hadn't been for it I would never have known that there was an opening at Polk County High School. Thank you for making it available to me."
Rebekah A. in Roxboro, NC

"You sent me some links to check out and this was one of them. I sent over my resume and letter and got 3 letters of reference together last Monday. I heard from them Wednesday, went on an interview Thursday and started [the next Tuesday] on a trial basis. After interviewing three other applicants, I was offered the job! Thank you for sending me the info. I am happy I signed up with you. I will let my unemployed friends know about your website."
Barbara B. in South Berwick, ME

"I am very pleased with SchoolSpring! It is one of the primary reasons that I will be teaching in Vermont. It is so much easier to have my entire packet available online for prospective employers than to need to physically send out a packet for each application. Thank you very much, SchoolSpring!"
Robin B. in Farmington, ME

"Your website was great. The daily updates were helpful. You should try to have all towns in the area post openings. Thanks!"
Michelle E. in Quincy, MA

"I found SchoolSpring to be very helpful. I liked receiving daily updates from potential employers. I thought the format used to update "My Account" was easy and user-friendly."
Ann C. in Swansea, MA

"Through SchoolSpring I found and applied for a position of Paraprofessional. I was called the next day, interviewed that week and was hired the next day. Thank you SchoolSpring."
Tricia B. in Tyngsboro, MA

"Schoolspring was very good with providing information about the area I was looking for jobs in, both geographically and subject-wise. I found a short-term summer job through the service, which gave me some additional funds and some very good experience while I was hunting for a permanent job. I would use this service again."
Louise A. in Merrimack, NH

"I used SchoolSpring.com to find my current job. I was extremely happy with the detail of application and resume information. I loved being able to get onto the web site daily to see my information and change and save easily. I loved being contacted by SchoolSpring email alerts immediately when a job was posted. When and if I ever need to find another job I will definitely use SchoolSpring again. Thank You."
Jessica H. in Plymouth, MA

"Thanks to SchoolSpring I have found a wonderful job in a great school district!"
Abbie A. in Chicopee, MA

"I just used the "View Applications Sent" feature of SchoolSpring Plus+ and must say it is the most impressive application packet I've seen. It far exceeds my own attempts at putting application packets together."
Robert B. in Harrisburg, PA

"SchoolSpring was a great way to apply for jobs from out of state. I appreciate that you included a link to the school website as well as a map so that an applicant could find the school. "
Leslie B. in Northfield, VT

"I found this position during a point in the season when I thought I would have trouble and I wouldn't have found it without SchoolSpring."
Bethany J. in South Berwick, ME

"Was hired as a Kindergarten teacher for September!"
Diane D. in Agawam, MA

"I found SchoolSpring to be a very effective way to learn about jobs that interested me. Once I put together my application, it was very user-friendly. It made applying for new postings quite simple. I also appreciated the [email] updates coming directly to my inbox. Several districts of interest used this site and I felt well informed about what positions were out there in my specialty."
Julie J. in Wellesley, MA

"I was just hired on Aug. 15th as a new social studies teacher at Wheeling Middle School. "
Michele S. in West Virginia

"It was so easy to apply to SchoolSpring jobs once all of my info was downloaded. This is a great tool for schools and teachers to use!"
Ashley J. in Northford, CT

"I found my dream job here. I am very pleased with SchoolSpring, and with my new job."
Aaron C. in Rockport, ME

"Your site makes job hunting and applying quick and easy! Thanks!"
Heather L. in North Berwick, ME

"SchoolSpring is a terrific organizational tool during the incredibly stressful time of job seeking."
George H. in New Hampshire

"There is nothing to complain about. Very happy by the way SchoolSpring made my job search easy."
Raji R. in Westford, MA

"Although I did not find my current job through SchoolSpring I did find many jobs through this website. I loved the searching tools so that I could check multiple states at the same time and most of my interviews came from applying on this site."
Rebecca B. in Hastings, MI

"I found this job on SchoolSpring! I applied and was hired within a few weeks. This website made my job search easier and far less confusing!"
Molly D. in Revere, MA

"While I didn't end up finding this position through SchoolSpring, it was a great resource during my job search. Thank you for your help!"
Margo S. in South Boston, MA

"Great service. Thank you!"
Karen M. in Portsmouth, NH

"I would never have found this job if not for SchoolSpring.com! Thank you so much for making it easier to find a job in this tough economy. :-)"
Sabrina S. in Warwick, RI

"Thanks for keeping your listings so current, for being so easy to use, for the friendly help I got when I called with questions."
John D. in South Hadley, MA

"I found my new job in the SchoolSpring extended search results. I am working at an all year program in Utah. It is great, the school is so supportive and understanding. Even though I moved all the way from Michigan I feel right at home here."
Andrea J. in Mount Pleasant, MI

"SchoolSpring got me my first teaching job! It is remarkably easy to use and lets you save your resume and all your information so you just have to click to apply to multiple jobs."
Aaron E. in Portland, ME

"I found [my new employer] on here! Thank you for such a great service."
Kristen W. in Manchester, NH

"Thanks for the updates- you made my search less stressful!"
Carrie H. in Hillsboro, NH

"This was my first year looking for a teaching job and SchoolSpring made the process so simple. Everything was centrally located and easy to understand. I loved receiving an update of jobs that matched my search criteria. Once I found a job, submitting my application was simple. It was also nice to receive messages about the status of my applications. I was informed when my application was received by the school, reviewed by the school and if they were interested in meeting with me to discuss my qualifications. I am ecstatic about my position for the 2008-2009 school year and recommend SchoolSpring to every educator I know."
Melissa M. in Bradford, MA

"Thanks so much. This website is perfect for people job searching in the area that they are living in and are NOT living in (that was my case). Thank you, thank you, and thank you."
April W. in Seattle, WA

"I found an awesome company through SchoolSpring.com! Relocated across the country and couldn't be happier!"
Ian D. in Canton, OH

"I would like to thank you for helping me through this otherwise difficult time. Your service enabled me to find a job that I believe will be rewarding and challenging. I will be teaching middle school mathematics and science at Avon Middle School. The whole process went smoothly, and I feel that was in part due to SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Kimberly L. in Fall River, MA

"I was just offered a job with a school system I found and applied for with SchoolSpring. Thank you!!!!!"
Rose Marie F. in Westford, MA

"SchoolSpring.com is the easiest way to find a job in education. I am very happy with the site and all it has to offer and it's all free!"
Joseph C. in Grand Isle, VT

"I found my new job through your website! I will now be teaching starting this fall. I would not have found this job without your website. Thanks so much!!"
Ralph Deffendall in Corpus Christi, TX

"I am happy to say that I will be teaching 2nd grade this coming year and your services made it possible. Your SchoolSpring Plus layout was greeted by interviewers with words like 'professional' and 'impressive.' Your services allowed me to get interview opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise."
Darrell B. in Mesa, AZ